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  1. I was just offered Chris Carson and Baker Mayfield for Lamar Jackson and Justin Jackson. I have Penny as well. Half point ppr. Too good to turn down?
  2. I think it would be reasonable to think a lot of his value would be in the passing game. Low end RB2/flex radar I'm thinking.
  3. Bingo. I do kind of enjoy Mike Gallagher. I do however think he overlooks his own methodology on a consistent basis to get 'his guys'. I think it's pretty obvious he throws his own logic out the window when he becomes infatuated with certain players. Lately he's been talking about taking Bam in the 2nd. I love Jrue as most do. I think I have to give the edge to Kemba here personally. I view him as much safer. That's just me though. I also think playing with a way better roster might unlock some things we haven't seen from him before.
  4. He limped off after his 12 yard run and looked to be in quite a bit of pain. There is no way he wouldn't have checked back in at some point if that wasn't the case.
  5. Certainly a slight concern that he didn't at least get in a limited practice today.
  6. This usually isn't the type of deal I would be interested in. I think the combo of particular players/upside did it for me. Julio/Cooper/Lockett are still a good trio and I also have the AJ Green stash in this league.
  7. I took this deal. Figured i'd shoot for the upside over the safety of Thielen. Gotta take risks sometimes.
  8. I was for sure high coming into the year. Little less so after that game haha. Just trying to gauge some opinions on Lockett vs Thielen ros.
  9. I would think you could certainly do better for Engram. I would hold.
  10. So I drafted Jameis and Kyler Murray...I'm always a wait guy at QB and usually find whoever to plug in at worst case. No big deal. However, I received an offer of Lamar Jackson and Tyler Lockett for Adam Thielen and Jameis Winston. Usually i'm not one to do a deal like this but I was super high on Lockett all offseason. Should the one game of lack of targets scare me off of this 'downgrade'? 0.5 ppr. I have Julio and Amari locked into my top 2 WR spots. This is a 3 WR league.
  11. Was offered David Montgomery for Matt Breida 0.5 ppr. Too good to not accept?
  12. I doubt this is the case but to me the Steelers don't look particularly interested in playing this game. Very lethargic out there. Extremely vanilla play calling. Weird.