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  1. I am a OKC fan and seriously doubt a dip in production or minutes for Jerami at all. Just kind of wanted to get a feel for what others thought. Patrick Patterson not playing anymore as I also assume is the real winner here for the team.
  2. Just dealt DSJ for him straight. Seemed like a no brainer. Anyone think Markieff Morris cuts into his production a bit?
  3. Very true statement. I don't think it really matters with Serge Ibaka. He's still gonna get his run. We already went through this in the games Jonas was starting. It didn't really shift anything for him. If anything he tends to be more aggressive and efficient as a backup. I could be wrong but I honestly doubt it. Gasol/Pascal/Ibaka should get all those minutes. That's enough for Serge to produce.
  4. He's 58th. 75 is a small drop from that. If he even drops. He'll be fine. He'll be playing some PF also. I don't understand the sentiment on that. He's played PF the majority of his career. You can expect Gasol/Ibaka/Pascal to get almost all the minutes at those 2 spots as should have been expected.
  5. Well so much for that. I think Ibaka's value is fine still. He's still a big part of the puzzle there. He can play 20-25 minutes or 35. The production is usually about the same. He's usually more aggressive when he's a bench guy to negate the volume loss. He'll still be top 75 or so.
  6. Safe drop? Kinda don't want to as I like his skill set. It's been fun to watch him get better this year.
  7. So I play in a league where 6 teams make the playoffs. ESPN fantasy. The intention is for the 1st 2 rounds (weeks 21 and 22) to each be 1 week and the finals to be 2 weeks (weeks 23-24) Everybody in the league knows this and we've played this format for years. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to set it this way this season. I know for a fact I have before. ESPN looks to have tinkered things a bit from years past. Can I add in week 24 in addition to 23 after the final 2 have advanced? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I'm pretty sure that's what I said. The guy wanted suggestions on moving PG and what has been offered. I was offered this trade and did not accept it. The guy is mired in injury and his team is falling apart. It might be worth a spin in that case.
  9. To a degree sure. His rebounding and assists numbers have also been historically low in his career. He just doesn't put up much volume anywhere. I still like him a lot as a real life player. He became overrated quick in fantasy though. If he's not a stud FG% guard he's pretty much just another guy. And it pains me to say that.
  10. He's been playing "ok" basically. I'm fine with him doing what he's been lately. Having said that my 3rd straight year of owning him will be the last. He has to really be firing on all cylinders to meet value. If his great FG% from a guard isn't there he's basically just a fringe starter at best. His steal rate from last year looks like an anomaly as well.
  11. He's actually #4 overall per game which is astounding. I got him in the middle of the 2nd round and I am a rabid OKC fan so most in my league know not to bother. I was offered Beal/Whiteside (post Wall injury) for him. I could see Beal outdoing him the rest of the way or it being really close anyway. If you are the gambling type something like that could be a huge payoff.
  12. In the same vein I just now moved Okafor straight for Millsap. I might 100% regret it or it may be a huge steal. That playoff schedule is huge if he can get going.
  13. Time share for sure. He can be pretty productive in 15-20 anyway though. He was just outclassed by a better player tonight. He missed 2 or 3 really easy ones or it is a very nice boxscore.
  14. Yeah i'll put it in the "I was thin at PF and now I'm not" thread next time. Every time I open a thread when I do visit here I find senior members discussing the team they have on player threads. Most of those then proceed to scold newer members for doing the same thing they are already doing. Probably for years. I've pretty much figured out that newer members are generally not welcome. Solid information and knowledge around here though.
  15. I know people sometimes frown on this kind of talk in the thread but my PF's have been my weak link all season. 20 roster spot league and my rotation has been Ibaka, Vonleh, Marv Williams and Isaac. The super needy PG team in the league offered Aldridge for Teague and Satorasky this afternoon. Took it without blinking and go to set my lineup and see the eligibility. Go freaking figure. I guess I'm loaded at PF now ha.