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  1. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    Yep, he's joins the "never again" list. Will be offering him up for next to nothing to all other 13 teams in my league this week.
  2. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    This guy is the absolute worst.
  3. Dalvin Cook 2018 Outlook

    Lol at ppl still thinking this is a cramp.
  4. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    Surely you don't risk starting him this week, with his late match, especially after last season's ducks and drakes incident.
  5. Martavis Bryant 2018 Outlook

    Another WR that Carr won't throw to.
  6. Matthew Stafford 2018 Outlook

    Some of the worst QB play I've ever seen.
  7. Week 1 Waiver Wire Thread

    Any D playing the Jets
  8. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    He won't stay get/fit. He's a headache. Trade him while you can.
  9. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    Hamstring in the 1st half of the 1st game of the season. Just wow.
  10. Week 1 injury thread

    How the f--- do you do a hammy in the 1st half of the 1st week of a season. ******** disgraceful medical staff.
  11. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    Did you get that one down Bart?
  12. Keelan Cole 2018 Outlook

    Is this the new CMike thread?
  13. Chris Ivory 2017 Outlook

    4 inside the 3.
  14. Greg Olsen 2017 Season Outlook

    I'm eating crow