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  1. Jeez, he has a questionable tag, he must be touch and go to be active and even if he is, he will get limited action. No one has ever had a questionable tag and come in and played well, ever. #sarcasm
  2. His usage yesterday was incredibly frustrating. Thankfully when he was given the ball he went beserk.
  3. Kessler is one of the worst QBs in history. How does he keep getting work? Fournette can't even get close to the end zone with this piece of s--- killing every drive.
  4. Yeah I stopped doing my mock drafts after that TD. Decent score considering he's only run for 15y.
  5. Those who started Allen are currently doing mock drafts for next week season.
  6. Up by 19 points, you'd think Tevin Coleman would get some run... think again.
  7. 2 runs so far for Allen... 11 for Murphy. Ya ok.
  8. 1 run for 1y before the TD. Hope he can make it a respectable score with a couple of TDs.
  9. Any danger of Atlanta not being crap this week?
  10. The Cowboys would be a contender if they didn't have this piece of s--- throwing the ball.