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  1. Considering joining a big (3+) keeper/dynasty league, preferably through ESPN since that's the format I am familiar with. Also hoping the league would be fairly new to be competitive. I also do fantasy basketball if anyone has a spot in a basketball league as well.
  2. Help Set My Lineup week 15 ! WHIR

    Thanks for mine. QB - I'd go Rodgers, Saints should be up big somewhat early then it will turn into Ingram/Kamara ground pound the rest of the game so Brees options will be limited WR / Flex - I'd go with Gordon and Goodwin. Gordon has looked good his 2 weeks back regardless of matchup and Goodwin has been pelted with passes since Jimmy G took over
  3. PPR League. In semifinals this week, favored by a decent amount but struggling with some start/sit options.. Need 1 RB: Dion Lewis @ Steelers Rex Burkhead @ Steelers Joe Mixon @ Vikings (if healthy) Need 1 WR: Jordy Nelson @ Panthers (if Rodgers is healthy and plays) Dez Bryant @ Raiders Devin Funchess vs. Packers Need 1 FLEX from any of the above guys not chosen
  4. 2 QB league. Pick 2 of the 3 guys on my roster for this week! Matt Ryan vs. Saints (tonight) Jameis Winston vs. Lions Tyrod Taylor (if healthy) vs Colts
  5. rank there 10 players... 100% WHIR

    Kamara Perine Evans Julio Green Anderson Funchess Williams Jones
  6. Need to pick 2 of my 3 QBs to start this week.. Matt Ryan vs. Vikings (have Julio as well) Tyrod Taylor vs. Patriots Jameis Winston @ Packers
  7. Thinking of trading Kelce with the team's terrible play of late, thinking of going for Ertz so it would be as small a downgrade as possible. Thoughts?
  8. Need to Win for Playoffs WHIR

    I wouldn't use Dak, he's been nothing since Elliot got suspended, Dez too http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/686137-goff-or-carr-for-playoffs-whir/
  9. Doctson for Maclin??

    I'd take Doctson http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/686137-goff-or-carr-for-playoffs-whir/
  10. Drop Sanders for Gordon?

    I wouldn't drop Coleman for Gordon, Coleman has at least been playing the last 2 years (injuries excluded) Sanders has been somewhat better with Siemian too so roll with him http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/686137-goff-or-carr-for-playoffs-whir/
  11. Lynch/Walker/WR for Julio?

    I have Julio and it would take much more than that to get him. But if you are trying to get him, offering Dez in there would almost be a steal for you if he took that. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/686137-goff-or-carr-for-playoffs-whir/
  12. Need a win to make playoffs! whir

    Thanks for mine. Team 1: Looks fine to me Team 2 A: I'd try to grab Perine, feel like last week will look similar the next few Team 2 B: I'd stick with Engram, TE is usually a security blanket for a QB and they will probably need it
  13. playoffs start next week, which should I go with? Goff: vs. Philly, @ Seattle, @ Tennessee Carr: @ KC, vs Dallas, @ Philly

    It is a keeper league too. Keep 1 and currently have OBJ on IR I'm planning on keeping unless Fournette would be better
  15. Flex Help!! WHIR

    I'd go Lewis, he's on fire http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/685384-quick-trade-help-whir/