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  1. 10th season CBS Keeper, 1 opening

    Invite has been sent
  2. 10th season CBS Keeper, 1 opening

    Still looking for that owner to take team. Rizzo,Devers and Springer are just few names on team. New owner needs to pay within 48 hours.Currently 12 owners are paid.
  3. Head to Head point based. Weekly Lineup. $50 will need to be paid by new owner within 48hrs. 16 teams/4 divisions. 8 Keepers this season. Team won league last year so this team has last pick in draft. Owners loves to trade in league. Previous owner had leave because of personal issues at home. Team is strong on hitting and average on pitching. If you are interested leave email and I will invite to look around. Also each team has 6 matchups a week.
  4. 10th yr CBS Keeper $50, 1 open

    Getting ready send now
  5. Weekly lineup. Team won league last year, had to leave because of issues. Solid team. 16 teams/4 divisions
  6. CBS Draft Master League Weekly, $65

    10 spots left
  7. $65 collected through League Safe with majority vote. Collect $780 minus $150 site cost= $630 payouts with 12 teams. Top 6 makes playoffs and bottom losers bracket. 1st= $346.50 2nd= $220.50 Losers Bracket Winner $63 H2H point based league. Weekly Lineups. Draft 50 players and that’s roster for season. Competitive scoring. Roster C,1b,2b,3b,SS,LF,CF,RF,utility,5 starters,4 relievers and 32 bench. Extended draft with 8 hour timer and will start after league filled and paid
  8. I’m interested in moonlight league opening. email is
  9. I’m interested in team 4.
  10. New CBS Keeper $65 LeagueSafe

    12 teams
  11. New CBS Keeper $65 LeagueSafe

  12. 1 needed for money league!!!!

    I’m interested in league.
  13. New CBS Keeper $65 LeagueSafe

    It is H2H categories is category is a win and 2 matchups per week so possible you can go 24-0
  14. $65 paid through League Safe. PAYOUTS PERCENTAGE IS AFTER CBS IS $150 1st-55%($346.50) 2nd-35%($220.50) Consolation bracket winner 10%($63) Minors Batters 250 at bats or less career Pitchers 100 innings pitched or less career Keepers Can keep up to 15 players which includes minors. Each player kept will have 5 to salary each year kept. Draft will be extended auction on couchmanagers which will be completed 2 weeks or less,usually less. 5 nominations per owner.Players will up for 12 hours and resets to 6 hours if outbid less than 6 hours. Weekly Lineups. FAAB for waivers. Active Players 18 18 Reserve Players 12 12 Injured Players 0 3 Minors Players 0 10 Total Players 30 43 C 1 1 No Limit 1B 1 1 No Limit 2B 1 1 No Limit 3B 1 1 No Limit SS 1 1 No Limit LF 1 1 No Limit CF 1 1 No Limit RF 1 1 No Limit U 1 1 No Limit SP 5 5 No Limit RP 4 4 No Limit BATTING NAME SETTINGS LOB Left On Base OPS On Base plus Slugging Pct R Runs RBI Runs Batted In SB Stolen Bases TB Total Bases PITCHING NAME SETTINGS ERA Earned Run Average HD Holds K-BB Strikeouts Minus Walks QS Quality Starts S Saves WHIP Walks + Hits / Inning