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  1. Dalvin Cook 2018 Outlook

    I couldn't get him in my draft to back up Cook, but I got lucky. The owner dropped him last week and picked up Lindsay for rb depth so I scooped him up.
  2. Dalvin Cook 2018 Outlook

    Agreed. I'd rather see Cook sit now and get healthy for next week
  3. Dalvin Cook 2018 Outlook

    My point was that if you own Cook and he was available, he should already have been added. Obviously if another owner already has him, you can't add him
  4. Dalvin Cook 2018 Outlook

    Cook owners should already have added him.
  5. Survivor Football 2018 Season Thread

    If you were ever going to use the Browns, this would be the week.
  6. Fantasy Football Resources 2018

    That s not enough! Lol
  7. Larry Fitzgerald 2018 Outlook

    This. The Ellen DeGeneres lookalike is garbage. Bradford isn't much better
  8. Survivor Football 2018 Season Thread

    Easy week 3 if you roll with Minn.
  9. Survivor Football 2018 Season Thread

    My thoughts exactly. I'm rolling with the Saints and Rams with the 2 entries I have left as well.
  10. Jonnu Smith 2018 Outlook

    Yea that's what I'm hoping for too. A td would be a bonus.
  11. Jonnu Smith 2018 Outlook

    Anyone brave enough to start this guy this week? Big risk...decent reward. It's either him or Kyle Rudolph for me. Rudolph is very touchdown dependant.
  12. Survivor Football 2018 Season Thread

    Im looking at SD, NO and the Rams this week.
  13. James White 2018 Outlook

    If Michel and Rex Burkhead don't suit up I'm starting him over R Freeman in my flex. I've owned J White for years and you just have to pick your spots for him as a flex. In fact, if Michel suits up but R Burkhead doesn't, I will still start him.
  14. Survivor Football 2018 Season Thread

    Ravens and Saints are the only 2 I'm contemplating taking for week 1. If the Ravens can't beat the lowly Bills at home, and if the Saints can't beat the Bucs with Fitzmagic starting at home, then who can they beat?

    K Allen gets injured and M Williams has a breakout season.