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  1. Buffalo this week. Steelers next week. On to week 9.
  2. I have him in every one of my DFS lineups so....yea I've jumped on. Lol
  3. You'd have to be pretty desperate to play ANY Giants
  4. I still have the Pats so I'm using them this week. I'd like to save them but I already used Dallas and Balt, and they are the only 2 that I feel confident in other than the Pats.
  5. He has a ton of buzz in the DFS world. I'm playing him in a bunch of lineups and need him to not put up a stinker.
  6. Damien Harris will probably be active and lurking. Just saying
  7. Lol yup. Dalton gets Arizona at home in 3 weeks I think and he should put up some stats
  8. I had to pick him up this week but not thrilled about it. I had both Brees and Ben Roethlisberger and he's the best available on my waiver wire. I picked up Dalton too but I like Staffords matchup better.
  9. I hear ya but my thinking is...Atlanta is known for being terrible against pass catching RBS. I think Sanders and Sproles will have some catches but, I'm hoping Sanders shines.
  10. I'm starting him over Kerryon and Duke Johnson and am hoping he breaks out this game. I live in Philly and there's a lot of hype on him this week.
  11. I have to sit him in favor of TY Hilton in my flex. Gane script just tells me that it should be a Michel game
  12. Trust me, I WANT to be wrong. I have White in all of my leagues. Lol
  13. What your missing is that they wont be in as many 3rd downs with AB on the field. There will be a lot more bigger plays and less 3rd and long situations. I've owned white for 3 years and love the guy so trust me, I hope I'm wrong. It's just subtraction by addition. Ab will take target's from ALL of the pass catchers.
  14. I cant see how it will be good for White. Michel yes but, White is a pass catcher and with AB on the field, the targets and usage will definitely go down
  15. Yes. As a James White truther, after this week it will be hard to insert him into a lineup.