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  1. Must add for next week - 3 games in first 4 days
  2. I dropped him last week, its feels amazing!
  3. Dropped in my league - thinking about picking him up... but he is struggling this season!
  4. Just traded for him! Horford injured and will be getting plenty of rest I suspect. Let's go!
  5. Just look at the Cavs depth chart... He is worth an add IMO PG 1. Collin Sexton 2. Matthew Dellavedova SG 1. Alec Burks 2. J.R. Smith SF 1. Rodney Hood 2. David Nwaba
  6. Thank god he is OK Although what is going on with his FT's!?
  7. Recently traded for him and regretting it big time!
  8. This is a joke... 3 weeks out with a bruised knee, something fishy going on
  9. Needs to come off the bench... cant handle it with the big boys
  10. Will he play tomorrow or do they have to pass Physicals?
  11. Out with groin injury again, is he drop city? Who people dropping for if so?
  12. You'd think he is coming back from a broken shooting arm
  13. B2B this weekend... let's be real he isn't playing again this week.