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  1. I'm just train jumping for now. Waiting for the conductor to find my hiding place and shoo me away
  2. I joined the DW train this week but if people are waiting for some major breakout this weekend...especially against the Ravens...that's ultimately not the right point/attitude IMO. I'm guessing Shady will play and take a majority of the work for one thing. The hope here is you have a hold that flashes as soon as this weekend and gradually takes on the role after they realize 1) Damien is a stiff and 2) Shady called and he wants his 2016 form back. Hold but don't start for now (unless by some surprise Shady is out and you are in need of a risky flex)
  3. Also just got him in a trade straight up for Gurley. My apologies he's going to suck now. But really - dude has way too much talent + he had illness issues early as documented in this thread + Arians offense. I don't think he's really going to play 2nd fiddle to Godwin all year. Each will have their games but ultimately this guy has a lot of TDs to score rest of the season.
  4. 10 team, 1 point PPR. I have McCaffery, Kerryon, Gurley, Chris Thompson, T.Cohen, Darwin Thompson as my RB I have Julio, Kupp, Larry Fitz, Mike Williams, Gallup, and Valdes-Scantlng as my WR If I can get the Evans owner to pull the trigger should I do it? I like Gurley as my RB2/3 overall but worried about his schedule and rollercoaster usage.
  5. Meh too many people cutting broad strokes here. I'm disappointed too (I started him but still won my game this week anyway no thanks to Ekeler)....and I paid particular attention to AE. I don't think he's built to be a lead back but he was not getting any playcalls or blocking that benefitted him at all. The line didn't open holes when he got handoffs, whenever he had a pass in the flat he had a defender in his face immediately, and there were a lot of times he was open and Rivers didn't check down. Jackson seemed like he had way more holes to work with, possibly because they only really started using him late in the game when the Pit D was obviously gassed.
  6. ARGH. Love the player when he's on the field but the guy is made of glass. Please someone tell me this isn't serious and lingering into the FF playoffs.
  7. Thr chargers have the WC basically on lockdown. They ain’t gonna roll out Gordon early
  8. Complete dart move but one that could easily win your league if it pays off. Gurley is pretty robust so only real shot is if they sit him week 16 I think?
  9. He's a better Woodhead. I picked him up off the WW on a hunch on Saturday. Giddyup everyone...possible league winner here.
  10. I also highly doubt you see him back week 15 anyway. A "few weeks" would put him back week 16 and that's assuming all goes well and they want to push him back (if they're still fighting for the WC, which is probably less than 50% chance). Keep in mind he was already battling injuries to his other leg.
  11. Chargers basically have WC locked up. I’m betting they play it careful with Gordon. Maybe see him back limited week 17 to get warmed up for playoffs
  12. They gonna IR slot him? Not quite sure how teams usually roll in these situations. Keeping him rostered either way (I'm in a keeper league) but Makes a difference with my lineup rules as far as whether I can pick up another player to replace him.
  13. You two are seeing something completely different than I am. He's had three clunker games out of 10 (Jets, GB, MN). Two boom games. Five other games not a ton better than the three clunkers. 10-12 points average there in my league. 75% of this thread is people complaining about how he's inconsistent and not allowed to breakout because of his coaches. I probably HAVE to start him next week so I hope you're right but still, I'll feel a lot better weeks 14-16 if I see that he's truly turned a corner here.
  14. Two great games out of ten so far this year. Sure low double digit scoring in a handful of others but generally not exactly blowing the doors off the building. Due to usage mostly for sure. I dunno at this point in the year with the playoff hunt I'd like more pop consistently out of a RB flex starter.