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  1. Cooper Kupp 2018 Outlook

    They gonna IR slot him? Not quite sure how teams usually roll in these situations. Keeping him rostered either way (I'm in a keeper league) but Makes a difference with my lineup rules as far as whether I can pick up another player to replace him.
  2. Kerryon Johnson 2018 Outlook

    You two are seeing something completely different than I am. He's had three clunker games out of 10 (Jets, GB, MN). Two boom games. Five other games not a ton better than the three clunkers. 10-12 points average there in my league. 75% of this thread is people complaining about how he's inconsistent and not allowed to breakout because of his coaches. I probably HAVE to start him next week so I hope you're right but still, I'll feel a lot better weeks 14-16 if I see that he's truly turned a corner here.
  3. Kerryon Johnson 2018 Outlook

    Two great games out of ten so far this year. Sure low double digit scoring in a handful of others but generally not exactly blowing the doors off the building. Due to usage mostly for sure. I dunno at this point in the year with the playoff hunt I'd like more pop consistently out of a RB flex starter.
  4. Kerryon Johnson 2018 Outlook

    Corner turned? Or another case of fool's gold where KJ will go back into his shell next week? This time of year its hard to trust players like this until we see it a few times.
  5. John Brown 2018 Outlook

    I mean, can't get a whole lot worse than Flacco at QB. I'd say its a wash at worst, maybe an upgrade now that defenses have to spend an extra guy focusing on QB scrambles
  6. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 9

    Pick 3 flex PPR please T.Cohen at BUF M.Ingram vs LAR C.Sutton @ HOU J.Brown @ PIT So basically which one would you bench
  7. Kerryon Johnson 2018 Outlook

    I hear ya, its just that at this point in the season unless you have destroyed your league so far pretty much every week is getting into must win territory. Hard to feel confident deploying this guy when every week feels like 60-90 and 0TDs
  8. Kerryon Johnson 2018 Outlook

    Oh I guess I consider the "Season" to be 13 weeks since if you don't make the playoffs who cares. Guy has 5 weeks left to prove he belongs in lineups otherwise do you really wanna trust someone with 1 TD on the year when it really counts?
  9. Courtland Sutton 2018 Outlook

    Josh Gordon wasted his athletic prime and at his current age trying to make a "comeback" was obviously never going to fulfill stupidly lofty expectations. Sutton is just getting started in an offense with way fewer other options to take away targets. Also he was already making noise. Major differences.
  10. Kerryon Johnson 2018 Outlook

    I feel like we all keep talking about the fact that we can't wait for his second half league explosion yet here we are well into the second half and he's still fairly middling. I'd love to have this guy in my weekly starting lineup but right now he's still just depth. One rushing TD all year.
  11. Tarik Cohen 2018 Outlook

    Just wanted to say thank you for my new league "*** talk" GIF added to my arsenal. I'm playing my rival this week so it'll be used early and often (hopefully). Seriously though - I dunno about this game. Chicago gets out to an early lead and it's a run (Howard) game and all defense.
  12. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    10 team 1 point ppr. TE is flex not mandatory. Gave Gronk, got Kupp
  13. One point PPR league and we don't have to start a TE (it's basically a WR/Flex). Old team in signature...Gave Gronk and got Kupp straight up. Seems kind of equal to me - Gronk looks bad now but could Gronk it up after his bye. Kupp been injured but it young and upcoming.
  14. Cooper Kupp 2018 Outlook

    Just to help you gauge I was able to trade Gronk straight up for him in our league (to the guy who is a Pats fan in the group). We don't have to start TE so Gronk is basically valued as a WR/Flex. It's a PPR league too.
  15. Stefon Diggs 2018 Outlook

    I suppose the silver lining here is that there's a bye next week so he has time to get healthy down the stretch? Of course that means they might sit him this week just for that reason too. Sigh.