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  1. I would make the trade b.c you get the 2 best players out of it.
  2. I just posted the exact same question 2min ago...didn't realize. I was leaning towards Lamar or Mitch Trubisky if he is starting
  3. 6pts per TD pass. Subject says it all....also Trubisky is on waivers clearing tomorrow I could put a claim in but I am 9/10 priority.
  4. I thought about this for the last 20min, its def not a clear yes make that immediately and in the end personally I don't think I make that trade. Would rather have a more substantial RB coming back or a more solid WR than Dez.
  5. I like Cam's ROS schedule so I would keep Funchess regardless, allen robinson healthy is probably similar to Dez ceiling b.c you have Brees throwing him the ball. I would take a flyer on Dez if you never plan to use Robinson again.
  6. Odell, humphries Gordon, Zeke Doyle Not sure about the trade situation, if you can get Diggs for that cheap jump on it!
  7. QB Fitzmagic RB Barkley RB Chubb WR AB WR Woods TE Kittle FLEX Mack D/ST Bears Bench as listed above plus Brady
  8. 10 team full PPR Current flex Mack Bench Josh Gordon, Chris Thompson, MVS, Kerryon Johnson, Baldwin, Jack Doyle Playing the highest scoring team for 2nd place and we are both 6-3, we both need to win out and hope 1st's luck runs out as he is 8-1 but 6th in scoring. No byes 1st round but bracket is looking to be considerably easier as #1. WHIR
  9. My league has Cowboys D/ST at 9 points even with 21 spot for Titans. My league also had Vikings -9 VS Rams earlier this year. Did you end up starting them?
  10. I got lucky and Jack Doyle was dropped and I picked him up last week. Is Vernon Davis available?
  11. I would play them, Titans average 15 points per game and Dallas D is legit shutting down running games which is a already a weak spot for Titans with Henry running like he has lead cleats on. TLDR Titans are almost at dumpster fire level on offense, play them b.c every 'point for' matters.
  12. I am attempting to gameplan streaming for weeks 14-15, a couple solid defenses with good matchups on the WW are Lions and Broncos. Which would you give the edge to?
  13. Absolutely hold on to CT over those 3 scrubs. When he is healthy CT is high end rb2 in PPR, those others should remain on the WW