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  1. This rollercoaster is maddening as usual... Bench him and he goes off, start him and he mostly goes off the rails... Lineman missing and London angle killing me but not really a great backup plan unless I unleash the Janitor errr Gardener vs the Saints mostly stingy defense... Watching Winston is painful most of the time so sitting thru the whole early London game to himself on my tv is a recipe for a crummy fantasy Sunday getting off on the wrong foot... Maybe the police will locate Mike Evans after someone sees him on the "Have you seen me" flyer & he will actually be in the game this Sunday to help Winston get some stats...
  2. When Eddie Lacy was in his prime for those couple years the Packers constantly threw the ball on 1st and goal from inside the 5 hard line.. It was so frustrating... Its just what Rodgers does and it won't change with Aaron Jones because Rodgers is still the qb calling his own number most of the time in the red zone... New coach, same Rodgers..
  3. The Patriots are also mad lazy with Michel play calling wise... Sunday at the goal line they ran him right into the defense which 99.9% of peeps watching knew wouldn't work... Next play they bring in Burkhead and run a much more effective movement play that Rex walks in on which I could have scored on... I called it the second I saw Rex was in the game, that they would do something better than they do with Sony.. I yelled at the T.V., cursed at cornball herb McDaniels, and went outside to vent knowing they just don't call anything but lazy, predictable plays for Sony... They treat Michel like Brandon Jacobs and Burkhead like Ahmad Bradshaw so unless/until they get a tiny bit creative it's not going to get much better.. I'm holding out hope that if the cold weather ever shows up maybe they run a bit more and Sony can take advantage of that, but until then it's just hope he gets the Blount goal line chances and saves his early season gamedays with tds..
  4. They also have Travis Homer... Homer posted a top 3 rb performance at the combine, running 4.4 in the 40 with a 40" vertical.. 5'11" 210 lbs and was their best rb during the preseason.. Travis may not make an impact this year, but if Penny & Carson were somehow taken out of the equation I could see him closing the year on a run as a fantasy "factor back" like we have seen numerous times over the years... He is the main reason I haven't yet added Prosise to the end of my bench, but if word starts to circle that C.J. may get a shot without an injury to Carson then yeah he could be a great add since we have seen him do pretty well when healthy and given a shot to lead...
  5. I'm sure I'm in the same situation as some other deep roster owners who had Hunter Henry as a starter and Andrews on their bench week 1.... Crazy part is if Henry didn't get hurt week 1 I'm sure most of us would have started Henry again in week 2 instead of Andrews... Too many injuries happen to speculate rest of season outlooks, but Jackson seems to use Andrews enough to make him consistently startable and maybe much more than that if everything works out injury wise...
  6. Hoping Pitt tries to feature Diontae Johnson a bit since they are playing Seattle and the Seahawks took D.K. right before Pitt was gonna take him... Since D.K. will be out there a lot on Sunday I'm hoping Pitt tries to show they also got a future cornerstone piece in Diontae.. The waiver wire gems will most likely be backup running backs taking over for injured starters which sux but it's the way season long leagues are...
  7. As someone who has kept Hunter even thru his lost season this one already killing the dream of having a top 5 TE this year sux.. And I also drafted with someone who used a freaking magazine to draft so naturally they drafted Herndon not knowing he was out for weeks.... My wire looks like this - Jimmy Graham, Vernon Davis, Eifert, Will Dissly.... Gross.... As a sidenote I'm thinking the bolts are gonna be down to throwing to Travis Benjamin a bunch here soon with no Henry, Williams already banged up, and Allen/Ekeler about to be overworked... Paging Antonio Witten we need you to come catch 3 passes a game please.. Where is Ladarius Green when we need him?!!
  8. This year same story as last for me... Scam falls mad rounds again and I take him once more hoping all the summer puff pieces about his health and his weapons would pan out... "No brainer qb1 this week vs Rams" "Return to top 5 status this year" I used mega herb Winston over Newton this week and it was STILL actually the right move.. Newton isn't learning a new system and he does have weapons.. He has just been overrated of late & I read jarring things like - "Cam is a readable guy," said Rams linebacker Cory Littleton, was held to a career-low minus-2 yards rushing. Newton didn't complete a pass of longer than 17 yards Newton had a costly helmet malfunction on a third-and-7 play in the first quarter after the Panthers had returned to the field following a timeout. That resulted in a delay of game. First how did they not have the play & the audible figured out during the timeout, and 2nd does anyone think a longtime nfl starting qb worth banking on wouldn't just call a play he favors to try & pick up the first instead of waiting too long like a rookie or scrub? Now the Rams traveling cross country to play didn't matter as much in a fresh week 1 so maybe it was over stated a bit and the Talib factor killed Cam again so there is a glimmer of hope it was a terrible one off performance... There will no doubt be better days, but the threat of a repeat of yesterday is also too on the table for many of us to think Scam is worth counting on most weeks..
  9. Can Barkley overcome the Giants terrible team & opponents defenses at the same time.. How will my original muse Lord Gordon play & how will my potential new muse D.K. begin his rise... How about Fournette will he make it thru games without getting banged up early as usual.. What about Amari's health & continued attempt at some sort of consistency... Baltimore's defense after losing a few good players... Do the Texans free Duke Johnson to become the dominant monster I saw as he became THE U's overall best rb ever... Will Aaron Jones be the top 5 rb he attained for a minute last year, or will the new coach be like the old coach and force Jamaal Williams onto the horrified masses... Can Bruce Arians reign in the wild Winston & get him to his ceiling... Can Sony pick up where he left off in last year's playoff run where he was a straight monster... Will Hunter Henry or Mike Williams be Phil's red zone bae.. Is Cam finished as a top end fantasy qb or was the shoulder the main reason he slipped last year.. Which kicker sux enough that the team calls Carli Lloyd and begins that ball rolling..
  10. I have been streaming defenses many years before the "experts" started pushing that narrative... In my league defenses actually matter & can score a ton of points with a monster game... Fully expected to stream this year too as in the past 8 years or so I didn't even draft a defense or kicker & just picked one up the night before game day... This year however we were in our 20th & final round when my pick came up.. Noticed everyone pretty much skipped over the Ravens D who were ranked 3rd so I felt almost obligated to grab them and see what's up... I will resume streaming asap but as someone who never drafts a defense sometimes you have to adapt to your draft situation..
  11. The Fournette vs Damien Wiliams vs Aaron Jones vs Sony Michel "keep two" decision has been wearing me out all off season... So much potential for monster seasons from this group, with an equal amount of wtf did I keep this dood over the others for... I've had Leo since he arrived in Jax so I know how frustrating it is to own him and watch him leave games early or miss games... I also know he is a straight monster who could lead the league in rushing like he could/would have his rookie season had he not missed those games... If all the info is true that Leo has cleaned up his personal life & been pushing himself to be the best player he can be peeps who had a shot at getting him are gonna regret not having him on their team this season... Plus he looks like he will catch more passes this season than any other... Foles & that defense give Leo the best chance of his career to go full beastmode & I think he is being undervalued for what he may become this year...
  12. No comp rd draft value... It's keep 3 & a rookie who for me is Saquon.. James C. is pretty much locked in even with the Samuels timeshare worry unless someone offers compelling reasons he shouldn't be... Amari I am leaning towards because I'm most likely already keeping 3 rbs... So it is coming down to Fournette vs Aaron Jones vs the others.. Both have plus' and minus' so im trying to see who peeps here would keep.. Damien Williams could end up out producing both of them if the Darwin Thompson scare proves to be less of a burden than we suspect at the moment but Jones/Fournette seem to be better positioned to shine if they stay healthy and involved...
  13. So I can keep 3 of these doods.... Which 3 is the question... (1pt PPR with 100 yard bonus') James Connor Aaron Jones Amari Cooper Leonard Fournette Damien Williams Sony Michel Josh "Lord" Gordon Thanks y'all I appreciate it..!!
  14. Fournette is a straight monster when he's healthy.. Not only is he a big dood who sheds arm tackles and can drop a db flat on his back, but contrary to people's feelings about him the facts state he is world class fast... 40 times in shorts as a college bodied athlete are fun to talk about (especially Bo Jackson's greatest ever, advanced alien-like, 4.0/4.1) but doesn't mean as much on nfl Sunday's in full pads and in an nfl training regimen... Fournette had the TOP TWO fastest Game speeds clocked with the ball in his hands in during the 2017 season... Fournette hit a faster speed than any Tyreek Hill / Zeke / Kamara / McCaffery / Gurley / Barkley run/catch from this past season.. He was less than 300 yards away from leading the nfl in rushing in 2017 and he missed more than 3 games... He's been held back by a terrible qb , a horrific O-Line, and injury.. He has legit top 5 upside and could become most owners rb1 if it goes right for him this year.. The IF'S for him depress his value, but Foles + Less awful O-Line + health aren't that much of a stretch to pull off so he could end up on a lot of title winning teams as one of the best draft values..
  15. Par for the course today for me with Leo... Signed - Someone with the Barkley / Fournette / Amari trio of turds today..... On the plus side at least Boyd got injured after he scored double digits... I was all set to keep Leo but unless there are major changes (coaches, qb, offensive line, wrs, tes) he's just played his final game for me ever... What a mess the jags have devolved into after last year's promising season...