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  1. 2018 Rookie RB Class

    If the browns think one of the qbs is the best of this bunch they need to take that qb at #1.... Yes Barkley is really good (even if he runs a lot like Rawls - arms flailing, choppy, and out of control looking at times) but having the right qb is critical to their future... Gordon, Coleman, Njoku, and maybe Pryor are a really good core of pass catchers dying to get a competent qb.... Duke Johnson and a free agent like CJ Anderson/Gilleslee/Blount/Gore etc. plus a young rb or two a few rounds into the draft would be the perfect setup if they nail the qb pick at #1... If they take Barkley at #1 and then the Giants take a qb who eventually ends up being the best in this class, then Indy trades down and another team takes a good qb, leaving Cleveland with the third pick of the qbs they may not come away from this draft with a stud qb and then having Barkley and all those pass catchers won't matter much... Gurley with no competent qb was a mess.. David Johnson is about to be a mess if they don't land some competent qb.... If Darnold slays his pro day for all to see then the Browns fans need to suggest/insist they take him at 1..... Out of the final four teams left this year in the playoffs only Fournette was a coveted rb (and without Jacksonville's stellar defense they wouldn't have made it that far) but the other three had competent qbs and pieced together backfields.... I like Barkley and I own the #1 Pick in this August's draft so I'm a bit biased, but I'm hoping he doesn't go to the Browns because if they end up with another meh rookie qb it will hurt his career big time so I'd much prefer to see him on the Colts with a "healthy" Luck etc... Adding Chubb at 4 to go along with Garrett would be a great combo for their defense, and having a good qb to constantly get Lord Gordon the ball would help the offense tremendously... I'm also in the "Duke can do more" camp so I'd like to see him on a good passing offense reach his ceiling... If you put Zeke on Cleveland this past year with Kizer would they have been a playoff team? No... If you put a healthy Wentz on Cleveland this past year would they have been a playoff team? Maybe.... Maybe is better than no in my eyes... Without Bell the Steelers were still pretty good with Dwill... Without Ben the Steelers would be trash so unless you think Barkley is gonna be way better than Leveon Bell they need to get the best qb in this draft and go from there.... I'm pessimistic and feel like Cleveland will screw this up but maybe they pay attention to other teams and see that some of the better franchises (Eagles, Pats, Saints, Packers etc.) rely on good qbs, good pass catchers and complimentary backfields...
  2. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    If someone could edit this Vader to put Lord Gordon's head in helmet on his shoulders, or even better just put a Gordon Jersey on Vader it would be the most used pic/gif by Gordon owners everywhere and may actually break the internet.... The Return Of Lord Gordon should be glorious... Now hopefully Kizer is eating his creatine soaked wheaties to be able to launch the ball 75 yards in the air or so since Gordon said he also wants to be involved in that kind of short passing game.... If Kizer cannot produce with the deadly Gordon/Coleman/Duke trio then he really doesn't belong on an nfl field... Crazy that we enter the final week of most people's regular season in fantasy and because of Lord Gordon's return the anticipation feels like week 1 all over again..!!! Can't Wait....
  3. Austin Seferian-Jenkins 2017 Season Outlook

    I have ASJ and this this week sets up nicely for him volume wise with the Patriots scoring at will... Problem is Hoodie does well erasing the other teams top option, and it appears that is what ASJ will be to him this week.. Sure Mccown could still force passes to ASJ and hope for the best, since they will be getting dump trucked and all that, but I am still feeling like his td odds are long given the extra attention sure to be coming his way, and I can't see him pulling an Ed Dickson either and blowing up yardage wise.... So the best to hope for is a bunch of catches for minimal yards and no td which isn't looking too promising... I may pick up and use Derby who I think has a good chance to shine again vs the Giants, just to avoid Hoodie and his top option limiting minions....
  4. Roger Lewis 2017 Season Outlook

    Damn that was funny, give that man a hand!!!! Or at least a few fingers....
  5. 2017 League Settings Central

    It may sound strange or dumb to some people but all it would take is one year playing our way, and I think the fantasy community would embrace it for the most part, just as ppr was strange and dumb to some people back in 1998, when now it's almost strange/boring not to play in some sort of ppr league for a lot of peeps....
  6. 2017 League Settings Central

    Ok so I have something to add to this topic check this out... Something I can't believe hasnt caught on more while time has passed and fantasy football has exploded... We started our league in 1998 and it was a h2h ppr league (ppr was almost unheard of at that point lol).. I always hated the fact that some random schedule generator had so much bearing on who made the playoffs.... In 2004 I was the 2nd highest scoring team, but every week it seemed I played the one team who would outscore me, and I went 4-9 and missed the playoffs... I left the league and swore I'd never play in a league like that again.... So in 2005 I started my own league and one of my owners and I came up with a plan that we use to this day which should be much more of a standard everywhere but it's not.... It's a 10 team league where 6 teams make the playoffs... So the two division winners are seeds 1-2, the next two teams with the best records (regardless of division) are seeds 3-4... But the final 2 seeds go to the two teams (out of the six who aren't already in the playoffs) who have the best Breakdown/All-Play record, which is your team vs the 9 others every week.... So when you lose 160-155, and someone wins 115-108 you still pick up 2 breakdown (on cbs) or all play (on mfl) wins since you outscored both teams from the other game.... In my league if your team is all injured and sucky the first half of the year while your record is whack (say like 2-6) you are still not out of it if your team comes alive down the stretch, whereas in a straight h2h league you would pretty much have to go undefeated thru your final 5 games just to have an outside shot at 7-6 which is really hard to do... Last year I was 5-8 but got into the playoffs anyway since my breakdown was better as i was losing heartbreaking high scoring shootouts... The hybrid system has worked out great for us for over a decade... It keeps owners really invested until the end because so many times it's come down to the final week and a few breakdown wins deciding the playoffs...
  7. Alfred Morris 2017 Season Outlook

    I think the Cowboys have kept McFadden in bubble wrap to keep him off the trainers table... If Zeke gets suspended, Dmac comes in as healthy as possible to bridge the gap until Zeke gets back.. Morris may be the guy but if I had a deep-ish bench and thought Zeke would be suspended, I wouldn't just get Morris, I'd get both to see how it shakes out...
  8. Adrian Peterson 2017 Season Outlook

    Maybe they figured Peterson would be better than someone like a DWill if they legitly had to lean on him in the event of an Ingram injury or game scheme shift... Peterson running behind that horrifically awful line last year in Minnesota plus losing Teddy to throw their offense into early season disarray may have been to blame for his crummy output before his injury.... It was only the previous year that he led the nfl in rushing.... I'm thinking the Saints saw him as the highest upside "maybe" and figured if they were gonna make a run at the super bowl then having Peterson gave them their best shot at catching "Randy to the Pats" lightning (who was also written off as Dunzo while languishing on the Raiders).... It hasn't worked out how anyone wanted it to so far (besides maybe Ingram lol) but perhaps they had a plan in August of running a more traditional offense a bit with Peterson to protect the defense and Brees went out the window as soon as the Vikes were lighting them up in week one... Like Tyson said "Everyone has a plan, 'till they get punched in the mouth."
  9. Adrian Peterson 2017 Season Outlook

    Maybe they at least brought Peterson in as insurance for Ingram who played 16 games just twice in 6 years coming into this season... Maybe they thought by adding defensive guys, getting Ginn to (lol) replace Cooks, Fleener with a year to get more assimilated into the offense, Sinead and Michael Thomas' continued ascension that they had a real super bowl shot while Brees tries to squeeze out some more greatness before riding off into the sunset... If Ingram were to go down and it became Peterson as the thunder and Kamara as the lightning maybe the Saints figured they would be ok without Ingram.... At this point I'd rather see Peterson get traded to a rb needy team who would use him, but I doubt the Saints would do that considering if Ingram were to go down I don't think Kamara could be a three down back, nor would they want to have him and his bright future absorbing so much abuse in a potentially lost season....
  10. Adam Humphries 2017 Outlook

    Humphries shouldn't be as productive as he's been... Djax deep, Evans everywhere, tight ends and backs short, should leave scraps for Humphries yet he has done pretty well considering... With the bye week blues and some injuries clouding outlooks I could definitely see Humphries easily being useable.. As a side note his yards per catch so far is eerily Edelman like so he's pretty productive when he does get the ball and if it continues he will be rostered in every league soon enough so it's worth a shot to be first to get him now before people are after him more heavily....
  11. Adam Humphries 2017 Outlook

    Kelce, Michael Thomas, and Hopkins were the guys Hoodie wanted to erase and did a pretty decent job doing so.....
  12. Doug Martin 2017 Season Outlook

    If he is over his major injury and has learned the playbook for his new team he should play a decent amount of snaps Thursday... Wait what he already knows the offense well and isn't coming back off a major injury? Yeah well then they will probably use the poop out of him... They want to win football games, and the best way to do that is with Dougie which what they may/will do.... Martin should be a rushing / receiving threat from the get go since it's gonna take a boatload of points to beat New England (especially coming off a loss just ask new Orleans) in which Dougie "is" Fresh should be a major part of if they want to try and pull off a win....
  13. Chris Carson 2017 Season Outlook

    I was reading into what the coaches were saying early september and they thought that with Rawls being banged up a lot they would use Lacy to close out games they were winning by a decent enough margin to try and keep Rawls as healthy as possible.... They even said as much after last week that Lacy is the 2nd half game closer... Then of course last night Carson was still getting carries in a blowout because Pete felt like he wanted to show off Carson during the prime time game... Fantasy points or not, knowing what they think they had in Carson (and maybe not in the others) he should not have been risked for some meaningless stats (for the Hawks) and now they paid the price for their actions... Sux for everyone involved..
  14. Thomas Rawls 2017 Season Outlook

    Yeah like a J.D. Mc"kissit suckas" waiver wire gem and big bertha lacy will probably mess up those of us who went with Rawls in drafts and also had Carson.... I've been one of the Rawls backers who hoped for his best, but settled on the fact that Carson was now a useable fantasy rb.. I hope Rawls gets a shot again, but if Seattle makes a move for someone like Jonathan Williams I'd be sure to get him too.. Knowing within a few weeks he could be center stage in the Seattle three ring circus backfield... Plus now keeper leagues got beat because we didn't get to see Carson do enough to say you'd keep him for next season, whereas someone like Dalvin Cook you more likely will keep... As much as I think the pre ankle injury Rawls has slim chance of showing up, at least there is a chance and at this point it's all the way off the cliff with this guy, so here's to the first overwhelmingly glowing review from Pete Carroll this week about how Rawls looks healthy and ready to go!! What a mess..
  15. Aaron Jones 2017 Season Outlook

    Apologies in advance for this being long but two things I'm interested in are being discussed here and I wanted to chime in on both.... I see most everyone in here saying picking guys up mid game is whack, but maybe they also play in a league where waivers run once a week and then it's first come first served which someone like me finds equally as terrible... During the week things change daily with practice injuries/demotions/promotions and other teams in your leagues dropping guys that owners besides yourself would then want, so the 1st come 1st served part of it is reason enough that I wouldn't play in that league (and I'm an up to the second fantasy addict that would destroy a lot of leagues by being first to wire so often!) ... So the most fair way to do it is to run free agency bidding nightly Tuesday thru Sunday (for unlocked players who haven't played yet) so everyone gets a shot at all the players then it just comes down to how much free agency money owners are willing to toss at said players... Life happens and gets in the way of up to the minute monitoring for most people so running it nightly gives everyone a chance to catch up during the day at some point which almost everyone who's invested in their team does... I've actually witnessed the ultimate hypocrisy where a league wanted to be an auction draft league so everyone got a shot at everyone, but then they didn't run their free agency that way nightly which was crazy to me that their train of thought on players deviated so much from their draft thought process... But to the topic at hand, as far as Aaron Jones goes it's running a sort of parallel to a past Packers backfield I remember all too well... One year Brandon Jackson was all set to be "the man" in the Packers backfield and was a pretty high draft pick in fantasy that year. . He gets injured and the backup comes in which everyone had stashed in case Jackson went down... He promptly gets injured (neck injury it was a shame) and they bring in some third stringer... The third stringer explodes and the Ryan Grant era begins.. I'm not saying it's the same thing because it's pretty impossible for Jones to replicate what Grant was able to do for a time.... But for all of my fellow Jamaal Williams owners who were just waiting for Ty to go down, only to go from excitement to misery last night while watching Jones score, it was giving me flashbacks of the Grant year for how we had Jackson's back up taking up a roster spot as we waited, only to see some other owner end up with Grant and ride him to glory...