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  1. Fournette is a straight monster when he's healthy.. Not only is he a big dood who sheds arm tackles and can drop a db flat on his back, but contrary to people's feelings about him the facts state he is world class fast... 40 times in shorts as a college bodied athlete are fun to talk about (especially Bo Jackson's greatest ever, advanced alien-like, 4.0/4.1) but doesn't mean as much on nfl Sunday's in full pads and in an nfl training regimen... Fournette had the TOP TWO fastest Game speeds clocked with the ball in his hands in during the 2017 season... Fournette hit a faster speed than any Tyreek Hill / Zeke / Kamara / McCaffery / Gurley / Barkley run/catch from this past season.. He was less than 300 yards away from leading the nfl in rushing in 2017 and he missed more than 3 games... He's been held back by a terrible qb , a horrific O-Line, and injury.. He has legit top 5 upside and could become most owners rb1 if it goes right for him this year.. The IF'S for him depress his value, but Foles + Less awful O-Line + health aren't that much of a stretch to pull off so he could end up on a lot of title winning teams as one of the best draft values..
  2. Par for the course today for me with Leo... Signed - Someone with the Barkley / Fournette / Amari trio of turds today..... On the plus side at least Boyd got injured after he scored double digits... I was all set to keep Leo but unless there are major changes (coaches, qb, offensive line, wrs, tes) he's just played his final game for me ever... What a mess the jags have devolved into after last year's promising season...
  3. I was debating the Rivers vs Cam start all week... Was digging around the local Panthers news articles and came across the "Broom & Wine" article.... Saints players sent Cam a broom and some wine after they swept the Panthers last year to clown him... Cam has kept them in his locker and wants to send them back to the saints... Cam is a prime-time "look at me" kinda guy and will go down swinging Monday night with all the cameras on him in what is more personal than a normal game... I benched Rivers yesterday and I am rolling with Cam in what I hope is a return of the Superman rushing tds we know he's capable of... Come Tuesday morning Cam will either be hero or zero and we are really counting on the former...
  4. Anthony Lynn should have almost wrapped up the coach of the year award last night... An orphan team, playing in a tiny stadium, for a city that has a raiders fan base who have hated the Chargers for decades... No Bosa, No Verrett, no Hunter Henry, lose Gordon, now lose Allen, all while sticking together and pulling off come from behind wins in daunting road games at Pittsburgh and (obviously) in K.C... To be 11-3 with all that going on shows how Lynn has kept them together when a season like that usually goes off the rails... If they lose to Baltimore and Denver he won't get it, but if they finish 12-4 or 13-3, Lynn absolutely deserves coach of the year, but they will probably give to Peyton, Reid, Mcvay, or even someone like Gase because, well because NFL..
  5. I have it even tougher than some... I have Rivers tonight or Cam on Monday Night... My opponent has CMC.. So I either roll with Rivers and hope for a good game, then bug out all Monday night while CMC racks up points... Or roll with Cam so I have a horse in Monday night's weekend finale and if CMC catches tds and gets yards ill get those points too... If Rivers were to be meh tonight we would be in big trouble and already hate football for this weekend... But if Rivers goes off like he did week 1 vs K.C. then all of us with him in our semi-final lineups may be looking at week 16 rankings come Tuesday, with our championship battles on the horizon..
  6. Ok so I'm up against a monster team & need a bit of input on who people would start... Ppr league, 6 point tds for everything, 5 point bonus at 100 yards rushing/receiving or 300 yards passing... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rivers - A Thursday game at K.C. with Berry back, and mad questions about the Chargers running game, but it may be a shootout... Or Cam - At home on Monday night vs Saints in a Cam Superman type of effort needed to stay close, but he may have a dead arm and he hasn't really run for yards or tds lately.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And pick your best 4 out of this lineup... We start 1 rb, 1 wr and 3 flex.. Barkley is #1 of my 5 so I need 4 more... Can be up to 3 rbs or 4 wrs in this group below, just some combo to make 4 total players... Fournette Aaron Jones Sony Michel James Conner (If he plays) or Samuels (if he doesn't) Amari Lord Gordon ARob Boyd Golladay -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And as a bonus which defense would you rather have for this week? Seattle at S.F. - I used Seattle vs them in Seattle 2 weeks ago, they did ok but Mullens did wreck them thru the air and now it's in S.F.. Or Atlanta at home vs Arizona - Atlanta's defense sux but Arizona's offense may be even worse and it's a home game for Atlanta... Thanks everyone who checks this out and has some input...
  7. 183 rushing and 3 tds... 7 catches, 52 yards and a td... Faulk did that on a 1-5 team as he was getting close to the end of the line in 2002, once the greatest show on turf was no more... Somewhere a young Saquon was saying "One day ill be that talented to do stuff like that on a crummy team"
  8. Nobody in my league wanted Cam this year.. People were passing him over round after round.. I finally put him out of his misery, even though I hated to do it, and drafted him which immediately led to laughter and everyone clowning me for finally taking him even though they all know I've always thought he was overrated... I felt so dirty for taking him that I thankfully took Rivers later... Cam has been ranked top 5 and a lot of times top 3 by the "experts" every week... The Cam obsession by some experts is real... Even when it was apparent CMC was taking Cam's rushing tds away, making Cam way more reliant on his actual meh passing ability to get his points, the experts never waivered.. The only reason I didn't try to make a trade for a qb was Cams playoff schedule looked glorious... He's now a dead leg on our roster centipedes and that "I knew this dude would disappoint me" feeling we all feared we would have ended up becoming reality... So naturally he rushes for 2 tds and throws for 300 and 3 making him the #1 qb this week, and everyone who benches him will REEEAALLY hate him... haha
  9. The only thing keeping me interested in starting Jones this week is the Rodgers "We can run the table and get in" talk from two weeks ago so at least I know they haven't given up yet like the Jags have with Fournette suffering because of it.... A smart coaching staff would unleash Jones this game and give him 18+ carries and like 8-10 targets to keep Chicago close to the line and then kill them with play action... Instead it may/will be a nominal Jones up the middle on 1st for 3 yards before Rodgers is right back in the shotgun and under pressure all game because he "is the captain now" and would rather it be 100% in his control even if it is detrimental to their chances... I have a few other choices I could use instead of Jones but I'd hate to not use him and then for some crazy crazy reason this coaching staff actually gets it right and he is the most productive packer this week...
  10. For me it's either Rivers with his banged up running game and Peters returning... Or a dead armed Cam Newton who has a nice matchup but is so meh at this point... Or pick up Josh Allen and let my title hopes rest on that steaming pile in Buffalo... Naturally Rivers plays on Thursday to make it infinitely harder for us to make the call this week... Still think I may go rivers and hope we get a repeat of week 1 when he blew up for 400+ yards vs the Chefs, but it's super creepy and will probably cost us... Just for fun here is the team of death I'm facing, who just went over 200 points last week again, making it 5 times this year he's done that... Brady CMC Zeke Chubb Evans Hilton Gronk Would anyone consider playing Cam over Rivers, or gulp Allen over both of them? This is a tough spot for us Rivers owners and it could be glorious or could be a disaster, seems like there is no in between....
  11. Nawww I don't want him backsliding into "that life" again by going back to a meh organization like lions/cards... San Fran with Jimmy g and Shanny would be ok though.... I'd much rather Gronk retire, and Edelman slow down in his advanced age, while Gordon becomes the "man" next year now that he will be part of the inner circle after this season of acclamation... Even though Brady is dying before our eyes he still threw that laser 40 yard td yesterday so Gordon catching more slants and a bunch of 20-25 yard sideline throws with room for yac would work, especially if Gronk goes and Brady starts leaning on Gordon for redzone tds... If Gronk were to retire and James white ever got injured Gordon would be an instant redzone monster and no doubt chase 15 tds with all the opportunities he would get in that scenario.. Next week vs Pittsburgh I think he has a good stat line to help people trying to get into their title games in week 16....
  12. Wait what? Lol -Signed A flash owner since July 12, 2012....
  13. No way that would happen.... ever... Like... ever .... Four catches? What happens after this first quarter stat line? C'mon man be realistic...
  14. I guess all these writers have amnesia... Everyone was singing a much different tune when Kelly was actually playing... Here is a bit from August - The No. 176 overall pick is now 46/197/3/4.3 for the preseason, and has added six receptions. Kelly appears locked in as Todd Gurley's primary backup, and would be an instant RB2 with room to grow were Gurley to go down with injury.
  15. Haha I actually took a screenshot of Boyds line after that td catch before they took the points back... Wanted to see if those extra points would have cost me last week..... Here it is in all its glory before they took it away....