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  1. Rain, away, and against one of the best defenses with big corners who can shut down Mike... this is tough. I’m even leaning Marcus Murphy over him LOL I need points
  2. Such a toss up. Going with Butker or him tonight... leaning Butker because the game is at home and I see the Chiefs leading the way in scoring most of this game.
  3. Mahomes for me, and it’s not even close. Prime time game at home in an expected shootout. He got you this far there’s no way you bench him
  4. Kicker question... week 15 so i gotta ask! Tonight - Butker or Badgley?? Butker at home but missed a couple FGs last week, maybe lost some confidence of coaching staff... Badgley went hard last week, gained confidence
  5. Butker or Badley tonight??? tough decision for me... Chiefs prob lost some confidence with the Chiefs coaching staff last week and Badgley probably gained some. I think it'll be a high scoring game. Who will have the more FG opportunity??
  6. Sounds like Coaches' Speak to me... This just tells me that he didn't practice today and probably won't practice at all this week, which will ultimately lead to him sitting this Sunday... fire up your Samuels!
  7. 1000% starting him after sitting him for Jameis last week. Can't wait... McVay is gonna want to get Goff's confidence back up right before the playoffs (Gurley's too). 26/34 - 377 yds - 4 TDs... book it
  8. with Spencer Ware out, I might have to roll this dude out there...
  9. Evans is the type of receiver that Jimmy Smith plays well against. Big and physical... Evans typically dogs the small corners. It's hard to bench Evans but his target share has been trending downward and I don't see Tampa putting up many points in Baltimore.
  10. I think the Chiefs will try to serve the Ravens a bit of their own medicine. Everyone knows Ravens are gonna come out there and run the ball and burn some clock. The only way to stop that is by doing the same on offense. Ware should definitely be more involved in the game plan this week (hopefully not RBBC). Also, after 2 weeks of film against Lamar Jackson, KC should realize they can stack the box on defense. Lamar isn’t doing anything with his arm
  11. Same boat, don't know what to do. Shoot me
  12. I think I'm going with Winston over Goff this week, and then dumping Winston after that... good matchup this week, terrible matchups after that
  13. Sounds like a lot of you are facing off against a Samuels owner in Yahoo
  14. Same debate for me this week. Jameis vs Goff.... Will likely come to a Saturday night decision
  15. Spencer Ware has been working as the third down back (receiving) or the Chiefs a good amount this season. He will be the workhorse without a doubt. Having said that, I might have to add Williams as a handcuff for him down the stretch.
  16. What do we think about him in Standard? Volume should be there but how many yards can he log?
  17. Sammy did not play last week and it seems highly unlikely he plays this week. Reek is putting up a 60 burger on monday
  18. Was stoked when I traded for him two weeks ago. Since then he's put up 2 duds. At this point, I lost a lot of confidence in starting him but luckily the rest of my team is able to pick up the slack. Highly debating looking at Corey Davis as an option over him. Been looking good since the bye, similar target share, and what seems to be a safer floor
  19. I don't really see him as a Boom or Bust type of player. His floor seems to be around 7 pts... his ceiling is unmatched. He's the type of player you want to have on your team as a wildcard who can win you games. Build around him with more consistent players and you're fine.
  20. The Rams offense is matchup proof. McVay will find ways to put up points regardless of their opponent, and tbh - Seahawks defense doesn't scare me one bit. Goff's only limitation is Gurley getting into the end zone through the ground or a blow-out early.
  21. I wasn't really referring to it in a talent sense (although I think Mack is very talented)... it could just turn out to be a similar situation to Mack this year. Missed a number of games to start the season, obvious talent, and a clear path to touches