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  1. He has fornette , brate,dh Moore and goll day with newton at qb
  2. Gordon and pats You can always go Jones if reportd are not gleaming during SD warm ups thanks for mine and good luck
  3. Should I start j Gordon at 12 then flex Keenan if Melvin Gordon sits at 3 or just roll with chargers if I win i am in playoffs if I loose I can clinch next week or clinch this week if a specific team looses big money league 4 playoff spots
  4. I could start flash st 12 then flex Keenan if Melvin sits ??
  5. It sucks comversly our commissioner drafted AB b cooks and jimmy graham and trades 3/4 times and got zeke OBJ julio olson hilton d cook also gas 60 plus FA moves and got Michel when someone had to drop he was 0-5 now 1 week away from playoffs for big money Wouldn’t be upset if someone blocked him using this method
  6. Start Davis and coutee mine please
  7. I’m rolling Winston in my league but would go Watson with standard scoring thanks for mine
  8. Melvi. Over Breida even with ? If you had a sure plug in I’d question it more mine please
  9. Given Melvin’s injury scare win and I clinch playoff in 12 team with only 4 playoff spots
  10. I already gave my kelce vote but I’d ju was on table why he counter ? id offer Chubb his choice of te And Ridley ir another back for green and kelce
  11. I’d start Landry and cooper start doyle would not pick up everret yet if i had ti drop doyle or jok rhanks foe mi e and good luck
  12. Sanders because he has done it all year and clear #1 thanks for mine and good luck
  13. I’d roll Howard out there and then it’d s tos up Lewis or Edwards . I’d say Lewis by s hair just for guaranteed touches thanks for mine and good luck
  14. Thanks guys its not close if you take out the fact winston could get pulled early Stafford averages 40 pt per game and that seems to be his ceiling of late .