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  1. Cause Kelsey is 1 a in a tier in his own Henry will either have worth it not but Waller should be able to bet you an upside player better than mclaurin since te is so thin
  2. Marquis brown is a we for ravens Malcom brown is rob for stl id go with both stl guys personally thanks for mine
  3. Definety is trsde for Kelce ud drip mclauirin to activate Henry thanks for mine
  4. It’s standard scoring plus point per completion Goff vs 49ers L Jackson vs cin im a bit worried ravens coast and it took 5 tds for Lamar to put up 55 Ltd in our league where as Goff put 69 up last home game
  5. Evans or eckler Evans for me vote mine please
  6. Drop someone beside Gordon for crowder mine please vote
  7. I’d drop diggs for Mixon but not before trying to trade Sutton or diggs to better your te if time allows Vote my poll please
  8. Def not trade 2 bit . Trade one a bit more fair but pass .I would hold vote on mine please
  9. I’d do it leaves you at streaming te though vote on mine please
  10. Could you vote on poll please
  11. Go for it with Adams you replied to mine can you vote on poll please
  12. Lock and loaded ready to go don’t change Mine please