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  1. Damn. This kid brought me to the playoffs just to bring me down on the first week LOL.
  2. He's killing it. (my po week literally)
  3. what do i do to this guy? Only chriss is the meaningful pick by this time and that isn't meaningful at all
  4. where is this guy telling us he's not 1st round material?
  5. He's back on a 10-day deal! HAHA memories of this guy
  6. middleton hitting 4 straight threes. then bricks on normal games
  7. marquesse is dumb so shump maybe the better pick. could be better 3&D than ennis.
  8. Aren't there any news on a whiteside trade?
  9. waivering later. should be a good hold with 444 po sked
  10. Would be ok if he could just rest this week + the all star week.
  11. Can't wait for him to play with zing next year!
  12. Someone to look at. Please fix the title it sounds like a shoe name
  13. This guy is really killing it. I can't help to remember guys who says this one isnt a first round pick worthy. This is top 5