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  1. Jarrett Allen 2018-19 Season Outlook

    +1. then you see guys drafting allen 40ish in yahoo mockdrafts lol
  2. Wow! Run don't walk!!
  3. Rotoworld Summer H2H Mock Draft

    how did i became jay14bay? who's that anyway
  4. bk and chriss gets traded to the rockets for ryno and some unknown guy
  5. WCJ or Mitchell Rob?
  6. Brandon Knight 2018-19 Outlook

    Now who will start? the rook?
  7. kemba's 13th on xrank i think haha
  8. @Kenny Mack that you bro? with the heat logo?
  9. damn for xRanks they have jrue 15th and donovan 17th crappppp
  10. he's seriously became a new beast last season. is there a lot of guys here that would "definitely sure" to draft him late first round? 9-12 range? If so, how high are we on him meeting his ADP? There's definitely dame, jokic, cp3, butler, westbrook, kawhi in that range.
  11. Mikal Bridges 2018-19 Season Outlook

    i do believe on this also. this kid is really good to be playing on the teens. We've been so hyped with chriss for the last 3 years but he's really a total trash. As for bender, he is what he is and i see the darko-kinda bust on him.
  12. Rotoworld Summer H2H Mock Draft

    i hope mr @BoogieNights gets a lot of free time to review our teams
  13. AD gets the MVP!!!