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  1. I'm sorry, I'm going to be benching him. Just read a report, winds are gusting over 30 mph and will be for the majority of the game. Thanks to Cousin's fixation on Theilen, he'll go to him on short routes as the deep passing game will be practically impossible to connect on. Again, I'm just speaking out of my a** probably but I'd rather not eat another 6 point game two weeks in a row when I have other good viable options. I think i'm making a mistake here but It's a win or go home game for me.
  2. So are we starting him or going other options?
  3. Haha. Hoodie is surely ******** with KC and us aswell. Take out Michel, Put in Barner. Wheres Waldo (White)? CLASSIC HOODIE.
  4. LESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSf***ING GO!!!!!! michel!!!!! YES, HYPED OWNER HERE. Royally ****** by DJ, Unforuentte and Cook!
  5. Lol, Just run michel every play. Guareenteed 5+ yards. KC Cant stop him.
  6. Keep ******** Michel in... god.. stop subbing him after every other play. Dude already got 23 yards on the ground on 3 carries..
  7. Well, what a turn around for Baldwin... a TD would be nice tho.
  8. Is baldwin injured.... or is he even playing? what the hell man..
  9. I cant bear this... Murrray in my flex. SIgh.
  10. Serious here - Upside RB2 with RB1 Potetional based on game flow? Cant take White out of the question now. That's bradys WR1 Lol.
  11. Story of my life with RB's... starts with Leonard Unfourentte, DJ, Cook.
  12. FREE ******** MOTHER ******** SONY FREE THE BEAST FREE THE MONSTER FREE THE MONSTER AMONG MEN LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Sony is lucky that was a flag... he almost got brady taken out LMFAO. Oh boy, GOod job SONY... UGH
  14. f--- this JAGoff. This unfourentte pathetic of a player does not deserve to be on my team. Rant done. Coming from a DJ, LF and Cook owner.