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  1. Yahoo scoring question- Keenan INT?

    Well there's no precedent, so I don't know how we could have had the foresight to change it. I don't think an offensive player has had an interception in 15 years (Randy Moss) and I think I read it's only happened 3 times ever
  2. Yahoo scoring question- Keenan INT?

    Doesn't that seem ridiculous to you? By that logic, JJ Watt shouldn't get credit for a TD catch on the odd occasion he lines up offensively, but in my IDP league, he does. It's the same in hockey- if a goalie gets you an assist, you do not receive credit for it
  3. Yahoo scoring question- Keenan INT?

    It should be credited to both the DST and the player himself. If Rivers throws a pick and Allen makes a tackle, he gets 1 point, despite turning into a defensive player. How is this any different? I feel wronged
  4. So Keenan Allen had an interception on a Hail Mary at the end of the first half. I've seen offensive players get credit for tackles after turnovers, wide receivers (Sanu) get credit for TD passes. Shouldn't Keenan get 2 points for an interception? It would literally mean the difference between me winning and losing my matchup this past week.
  5. Are you benching those guys or starting them? I need to start 3
  6. Goff or Foles WHiR

    They'd rest Wentz if he was healthy, but I think they'll want to get Foles a few reps as they enter a bye week. Otherwise he'll have gone 3 weeks without playing any real football. Foles for me. But Goff isn't a terrible start.
  7. 2017 Team Defense and Kicker thread

    Panther, lions, patriots or Steelers this week?
  8. 0.5 ppr Facing Julio, Gurley, Ingram and Hopkins so need to nail this!
  9. Ship line up help...whir

    I think I'd grab Juju and start him over Lewis. With Brown out, he's going to see a lot of targets. Dede and Cole are solid plays, too, with Lee out. I'll even say that I like all 3 of those available QB's over Goff, but it's pretty close.
  10. NE home to Buffalo (possible weather) CAR at TB Lions play at CInci Steelers visit Yates and Houston
  11. Set My Lineup

    I'd avoid Adams. It's back to Hundley this week and you don't want to count on one of your guys going up against Rhodes. I like Bortles over Goff this week. It's close though. Just feels like the Rams are going to lean heavily on Gurley. Yes, SF has been better of late, but it's only really the run that they've been stopping. A bit of a dart throw, but this is Jimmy G's toughest test yet and I worry about Goodwin being able to separate from Ramsey/whatever safety help he gets. Wright has seen double digit targets the last two weeks if I'm not mistaken. It's not a sexy move at all, but I'd consider it, especially against Cleveland. Rest of the team looks solid. Good luck! Thanks for mine
  12. What move defined your season?

    Totally agree. The only thing I'll add is that I do wish missed PAT's, as well as FG under 30 or 40 yards were penalized. Every other position is prone to point deductions, why not kickers?
  13. What move defined your season?

    Drafting Carson Wentz in round 11 to "back up" Derek Carr. lol Grabbing Devin Funchess for 3% of my FAAB Sticking with Keenan and Alshon after slow starts And this flies under the radar, but picking up Butker in week 4. The only more productive kicker per game was Zuerlein