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  1. I don't think benching Keenan tonight is a bad idea. he's obviously not 100%, and the matchup doesn't get much tougher Damienl Robby ANderson Juju if he starts otherwise Pettis
  2. As a Keenan and Gurley owner, I'm losing my mind! Also having trouble setting on a QB, so please help, and if possible, offer some rationale behind your suggestions! QB (pick 1): Rivers (vs BAL), Trubisky (@SF), Mayfield (vs Cin) RB (pick 1): Damien Williams(@SEA), Jamaal Williams (@NYJ), E McGuire (vs. GB), John Kelly (@ARI)... I have Gurley and McCaffrey, so for this, assume Gurley is out, even if he isn't) WR (pick 3): Keenan Allen (vs. BAL), DJ Moore (@ATL), Dante Pettis (vs CHI), Tre'Quan Smith (vs. PIT), Adam Humphries (@DAL) Flex: Any RB/WR mentioned above
  3. Don't bother with Wilson. Seattle's D has been really good lately, and I highly doubt the 49ers will be the team to end that trend. If Gordon sits, I'd go Jackson. Otherwise it's Michel or Samuels, but since you're not into the idea of Samuels, Michel is the choice for you. Thanks for mine
  4. I wouldn't consider Howard, Michel Martin or Wilson here. That leaves Ware, Michel and Jackson. I think your choices are simply going to be be dictated by injuries. Jackson has looked good when given the chance. So has Ware. Those are my two choices, especially if it's not PPR. If Gordon plays or Ware sits, then I'd go Howard in the cold weather divisional rivalry game with GB followed by Michel. Help please?
  5. This league is the smallest and least competitive league I am in, but there are still a couple of teams I am concerned about. It's 8 teams, but the rosters are expanded to make up for the small league size. We start 3 RB and 2 QB, plus a flex. I"m absolutely loaded at RB and pretty solid at QB as well, but need some help choosing! WR are Julio, Cooper, Woods and Boyd. Big drop off after that so going RB as flex Choose 4 RB (one will be my flex): Kamara (@CAR), Gordon (@KC), Chubb (@DEN), Fournette (vs WSH), Cohen (@GB), Ware (vs LAC), Conner (NE) This becomes a bit tricky considering Gordon, Ware and Conner are all varying degrees of injured, and in the case of Conner, he plays a later Sunday game (after Fournette and Cohen). Gordon and Ware play tomorrow night. Choose 2 QB: Luck (vs. DAL), Newton (vs. NO), Winston (@BAL), Wentz (@LAR)
  6. While he might not be on the level of Barkley/Gurley, I think Melvin Gordon deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as CMC and Zeke. Side note- Mark Ingram is a free agent this upcoming offseason. If he leaves New Orleans, Kamara becomes a very intriguing prospect as the #1 PPR RB, if the 4 game sample to begin this year is any indication.
  7. MY TEAM: QB: Rivers (Wentz, Trubisky) RB: Gurley, McCaffrey (A Jones, Gus Edwards) WR: Keenan, DJ Moore, Humphries (Ridley, Pettis) TE: Kelce (Njoku) Flex: Aaron Jones D/K: Bears/Zuerlein HIS TEAM; QB: Luck (Ryan) RB: Barkley, Chubb (Peterson) WR: Adams, Fitz, Landry (Goodwin, Sutton) TE: McDonald (Brate) Flex: Peterson D/K: Prater/Succop....Saints/Rams Am I vulnerable or do I have a solid shot at this?
  8. ....based on what? Winston has been good since re-entering the lineup lol
  9. I actually like Humphries over Godwin, but either one is a fine choice with DJax out and Brate not seizing the opportunity with Howard done for the year. I think Edwards is the safest choice of the bunch, with Tate having the highest upside. He looked great and might finally be getting on the same page with Wentz. Let your confidence level in the rest of your squad dictate whether you go for a home run at the flex spot or play it safe. It's hard to say no to Tate given those options.
  10. My only concern with that is that if Gurley gets hurt, they likely don't give Kelly a Gurley sized workload. They probably air it out a bit more, maybe some more end arounds with Cooks and Woods.
  11. I think I'd still stick with Ryan. The Packers just gave up 30 at home to ARIZONA. I'd hope Atlanta can perform in a similar manner against a deflated Packers team.