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  1. Which Ravens WR for ROS? (WHIR)

    Brown. Good target share and the best big play potential on that team
  2. ROS: John Brown or Anthony Miller?

    Agree on the concept of having a guy high up in the pecking order, but Miller, I'd argue, has passed Gabriel already... and Chicago's offense is superior to Baltimore's. Trubisky is showing he's the real deal. Would you drop any of the other WR's I listed?
  3. ROS: John Brown or Anthony Miller?

    I hate dealing with fantasy issues concerning Bears players because I'm a Bears fan lol. If it helps- other WR's on the team are Keenan, Ridley, D Thomas, MVS
  4. ROS: John Brown or Anthony Miller?

    I appreciate the input! I think Jackson for all his hype, probably isn't as good a passer as Flacco at this stage, and certainly not as accurate a deep ball thrower, which is Flacco's biggest strength. There will be lots of designed runs for Jackson... but there's lots of explosiveness in that offense.
  5. Trade Peterson for Lindsay? WHIR!

    I would rather have Lindsay in this scenario- don't know if I'd add in Sutton ,though. Main reason for wanting Lindsay over Peterson has to do with the fact that WSH's offensive line is in shambles and injured beyond belief. Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/734375-ros-john-brown-or-anthony-miller/
  6. This isn't like Coleman filling in for Freeman, or Conner filling in for Bell..they're not just going to give a Gurley sized workload to Brown. The value of handcuffing has gone down over the years with so many RBBC's popping up in the league. Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/734375-ros-john-brown-or-anthony-miller/
  7. Odds are Lamar Jackson is not good for John Brown's fantasy stock, right? Miller on the rise- no brainer?
  8. Pick 1 of 3 - Must win - 100% Whir

    I think you're safer with either Fournette or Jones. As good as Sanders has been, he still has some down weeks. I think you have to go with Fournette here. He finally played a full game with no setbacks and looked really good in doing so. If you knew he was healthy, this wouldn't be a question. Jones obviously has Kamara-like potential, too, but you're at McCarthy's archaic mercy on that one. 1. Fournette 2. Jones 3. Sanders And that's regardless of PPR or not. Thanks for mine
  9. Chubb for Kelce?

    Not that simple- Kelce's owner is a huge Browns fan and probably wouldn't take Jones for him.
  10. ROS: Chubb or Aaron Jones (0.5 PPR)

    I don't think Gronk's body is capable of handling football anymore. As for available TE's- the Pittsburgh TE's McDonald/James, the Rams TE's Higbee/Everett, and Ben Watson are the only ones who interest me. There's Heuermann, Andrews and Jonnu Smith (who has come alive a bit lately) as well. I'm also playing the 2nd last team so may be able to beat him without a TE haha but don't want to take a chance
  11. ROS: Chubb or Aaron Jones (0.5 PPR)

    Only downside is that I'm forced to bench Jones week to week when I could be maximizing that asset for something better! But I totally see where you're coming from. Ironically, in hindsight, Gurley is the one I should have benched last week (though I'd never do that lol)
  12. WW help...

    Grab Reynolds and drop Godwin. Grab Miller drop Reed or Rudolph flip a coin. Drop Reed for Reynolds
  13. Chubb for Kelce?

    I'm in a 10 team 0.5 PPR league. 3rd in the league at 6-4 with most points scored after winning 4 straight weeks. Here's my team: QB: Wentz (Watson) RB: Gurley, McCaffrey (Chubb, A Jones, Lewis) WR: Keenan, Ridley, MVS (D Thomas, Sutton, J Brown) TE: Njoku D/K: Chicago/Zuerlein The guy who owns Kelce in my league is a huuuuge Browns fan. I raised the idea of Chubb for Kelce and he seems interested. Is this something I should be waiting on? I have tons of RB depth. He also has Davante Adams, but I'm leaning more towards Kelce because he offers a bigger improvement over Njoku than Adams does over my worst starting WR. Thoughts? Is Kelce worth Chubb?
  14. Maybe if the other person added Randy Moss to Fitz, then you have two of the greatest WR of all time!
  15. Anthony Miller Vs Josh Reynolds

    I think both are solid, but Reynolds feels like more of a sure thing to me. I'm a full believer in Trubisky- don't get me wrong. I'm a Bears fan. Both guys are the 3rd/4th options in their respective offenses. Difference is the Rams are just a notch ahead of the Bears in terms of offense. Miller is not a bad consolation prize, though. Thanks for mine