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  1. Which wr?

    Tough call. Who are your other QBs? What's your weakest position? In a vacuum, I'd most want to take a chance on Breida and John Brown. Watkins will be a gamble week to week. Allison and Clement are nice, but their real value only shows if there are injuries ahead of them. Thanks for mine.
  2. I have Engram. Would like to add Enunwa or a number of other options. 10 team half per
  3. that's what I was leaning towards. Thanks!
  4. 2 to Flex. Who do you got?

    I like Breida. He looked good against a tough Vikings D. He'll probably look even better against a Lions D that allowed 48 points to the freaking Jets. I think you have to go Adams, too. Rodgers always targets his receivers. He rarely looks for the TE or dump offs
  5. Never bench your studs, or....

    Go with Rodgers and don't look back. Every NFL is "banged up" to some degree. If Adams is on the field, Rodgers will look for him. It's not like you're considering benching Rodgers for Wilson or Rivers. It's the QB of the browns. The Saints looked terrible defensively last week, but I expect a big improvement, especially with no Josh Gordon. Help?
  6. My team is a work in progress and I was lucky to win in week 1 (4th lowest score in the 12 team league) However, I get Ingram, Edelman and Aaron Jones back in the coming weeks, so I have some optimism. Golladay looked great last week against the Jets. Kupp looked good as well. Williams looked good late, but gets the Bills today, which should in theory be easy, but I worry about game flow. Thoughts?
  7. Riding it out until I get Ingram, Edelman and Aaron Jones back. Thoughts? Julio is my WR1
  8. This is for WR3. 0.5 PPR Other WR are Keenan and Demaryius. Rest of my team is great.
  9. I don't think heavy usage of Enunwa is a fluke. I also don't think Morris will be that impactful this season. For me, it's Garcon for Enunwa, and I'd make that trade. Plus, there's likely something on waivers that will appeal to you with the spot you're opening up. Thanks for mine. Wouldn't blame you for rejecting it, but I think I'd pull the trigger. Enunwa's upside is intriguing.
  10. Who wins this trade? whir

    I'll take the Mixon side. I think CMC is the best player in the deal, but Thompson is nearly as good as Mixon. Carson won't have the opportunities the other three will have. I bet Wilson leads Seattle in rushing Thanks for mine.
  11. Drop anyone

    I'd keep what you have. Solid team. Thanks for mine
  12. Could also drop Enunwa. PPR Start 4 WR (it's an 8 team league so rosters a bit bigger) Other WR: Julio, Cooper, Goodwin, Woods, M Williams, Geronimo, Enunwa Not convinced Watkins gets a consistent share, as Hill does the same thing as Watkins- only better. My TE is Reed and I could use the insurance Kittle provides.
  13. That's pretty helpful actually. You're right. I have 5 RB's already who are better than both Yeldon and Lindsay. Thanks.