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  1. I'd go Williams, breida, Kupp Kupp for the reason you gave me. Williams because KC is often involved in shootouts and the raiders will likely throw more than they'd like. Breida because the matchup is favorable and he is the clear lead back, at least while Coleman is out (and I think is superior to Coleman. Thanks! lockquote widget
  2. PPR 12 TEAM, already burned by CMC's dud Thursday night. Team 1 in sig: WR3: Golladay or ARobinson Flex: AJones, Breida, Robinson, Golladay. LMurray Team 2 in sig: Flex: Kupp, AJones, Duke, Murray, Andrews If possible, please give some insight as to why you're choosing that player! Leave link and I'll help.
  3. So AB might objectively be a s---y human being... am I an even ****tier human being for trying to capitalize on it? Brown's owner wants to trade him, but only now, while his immediate future is in doubt. It's a small league (8 teams) and my WR are already Julio, Adams, Watkins and Mike Williams...but it'd be cool to swap out AB for Williams as the year wears on. My RBs are deep too (as everything is in 8 team) with Kamara, Chubb, White, Breida, Duke and Justice Hill. I'm looking at offering Duke for Brown. Is there any downside to this? Owner has said he will consider it. Full PPR so Duke does have some value.
  4. How are they really bad RBs? They had a bad week. There's a difference.
  5. Kelce is worth considerably more than either Freeman or Kerryon. Hang on to Kelce. Help?
  6. Kelce should be able to fetch someone like D Cook, Conner, Jacobs, Carson. Otherwise see what kind of value you get, someone might overpay for one of them. Go talk to the person who owns Hunter Henry, since he just went down for a while. Help?
  7. Jackson and Andrews have a nice connection. Steelers will be better than what we saw in New England, so this is close, but I'll still take Andrwes. Help?
  8. I think you're giving up too much. Waller is going to be a central focus of the Raiders offense. That's really hard to find at the TE position, outside of Kelce/Kittle. Even Ertz isn't the main focus in Philly. Hyde looked good on Monday. I'd wait and see what you might have with him before pulling the trigger. I think Golladay is going to be very good this year, too. 1200-1300 yards, 8-10 TD's type of good. Help?
  9. 1. Breida is the play here. Lockett is TD dependent, and we've seen one game out of McLaurin. I guess if you're the gambling type, McLaurin, but otherwise, Breida is a pretty safe pick IMO. I'm starting him with confidence in two out of three leagues. 2. Stafford. The Lions need him more than the Vikings need Cousins- neither has a particularly easy matchup though. 3. Watkins is a top 10 WR this week. That's a no brainer. Then it's between Edelman and Diggs. Truly a coin flip in PPR. If it's 0.5 or standard, go with Diggs. I think AB impacts Gordon more than he does Edelman. Plus he may not see a ton of snaps like he's used to as he gets used to the playbook. Help?
  10. 0.5 PPR, 10 teams QB: Lamar RB: AJones, Michel WR: Adams, Cooper, Watkins TE: Kelce Flex: Breida Bench: DJ Moore, Kupp, Duke, Latavius, J Hill, Ronald Jones (picked Jones up to hold through Thursday's game then dropping for someone else if he doesn't do much) Moore and Kupp should be starting in a 10 team league, but the best I could do is start only one of them, and that's as a flex but I like Breida- this means someone out there needs help at WR, right? Do I trade one of them for a RB? Stand pat? Also, a bunch of good waiver options still: Marquise Brown, Malcolm Brown, McLaurin, Waller, Hardman, Hyde all available.
  11. Although I won this week, I did so despite another disappointment from Winston. I still believe the Bucs offense can be good, but feel like I need some help at the position. Team is in sig, but for those on mobile devices: QB: Winston RB: McCaffrey, Kamara (A Jones, Breida, L Murray) WR: Cooks, Edelman, Golladay (Robinson, Parker, Samuel) TE: Waller Flex: anyone in brackets D/K: HOU/Lutz Available QBs: Rivers, Stafford, Dalton, Mariota, Keenum, Minshew
  12. Gurley. I could understand if this was Gurley vs a clear lead back on his team like Fournette or Mack. McCoy is not even the clear top choice on his team. Gurley is too talented to be debating this. My guess is he's fine but, kind of like what the Raptors did with Kawhi Leonard all year, he is getting the "load management" treatment.
  13. Waller. He's legit the #1 option in that passing game. Hockenson at the very least is behind Golladay, if not Jones as well. Plus, if memory serves me well, I don't think Stafford has ever made a habit out of targeting his TEs