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  1. RIP Worst 3rd round pick in the history of mankind
  2. Sit tight ppl. NE will do whatever it takes to win it's 7th ring with Brady before he retires. It's happening soon.
  3. If Ramsey plays, he'll be rusty. Julio will go for 100+/TD
  4. Don't knock the guy for having small hands and needing to use his body to make catches. If he had ODB hands, he'd be the #1 WR in the NFL. You heard it here on the Rotoworld Forums.
  5. He's fresh, young, and well-rested from his injury. No reason to not like him this week even with Gore playing. Of course, this is the NFL and MIA could show up and look like one of the best defenses for one week.
  6. I think McCoy will do good in a prime-time game that KC almost has to win. bold prediction - 100 total yards and a TD
  7. With Josh Gordon banged up, NE is looking like a likely spot for Green.
  8. Would love to start him vs the Ramsey-less Jags.
  9. McCoy still looks like the best RB in KC. He looks explosive and shifty. I honestly think Reid is conserving McCoy for the playoffs.