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  1. Benched Jamaal for Sony. Looking good so far.
  2. I'm starting Kittle and Bears D/ST. I guess it's a wash for me.
  3. I think he's going to come up lame, but I don't have the balls to sit him.
  4. Decimal scoring cures all tie breakers
  5. FF studs dropping like flies in the FF playoffs. Championships will be won with your bench players and waiver wire pickups!
  6. Off the Kelly train and on the CJ train.
  7. I picked up Kelly and will start him if Gurley is out. Diaries of a Hunt owner.
  8. Face it, Drake is not a dependable RB like Gore. I'm a Drake owner, and I've accepted the fact that he is just a boom/bust type of player. GL to those who start him this week. You'll either look like a genius or a fool. Welcome to FF.
  9. Tis the season. In other news, Jeffery is on the same level of Julio this week, IMO.
  10. When your other options are not so good, you have to look at every angle. Please don't take offense.
  11. If Julio is saying "I don't know", that should be a big red flag. I'm staying away unless practice reports improve, which I doubt.
  12. What exactly has Jamaal Williams done consistently to make an owner feel comfortable starting him this week? Exactly...