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  1. Is there anyone who knows how to deal with ESPN. I get to my team and my league (fith year) and then cannot switch my line ups or do anything else. I have swapped psswords, etc, but nothing happens. I am ready to quit because I run six leagues and enjoy this league. But when i write for help from ESPN or the other managers it is as if I don't exist. Sorry to bother you, but it is either this or I quit, I am titansrst at yahoo dot com.
  2. Heed one manager for our Yahoo 10 team h2h w/points League, Five darn good keepers but if you get to me real quick I can make any changes if that's what you wish. Give Ron a ring at titansrst at yahoo dot com asap. Name of league is Pitch Count is for Chumps
  3. The draft is tomorrow evening at 7 pm for our draft for a 10-team h2h points team. Five keepers have been picked and they are good but if you join quickly you will be able to have me add and subtract names. You draft the rest in this Yahoo League. If interested email me ASAP at titansrst at yahoo dot com so i can send transfer invite. would be willing to join a free h2h team if they help me out ron
  4. Need one team to replace manager for 8-team h2h NL only league that drafts next Sunday 3/10 at 2 pm. Four keepers in this Yahoo League, but I need to be contacted directly to apply your email to the team you'll be taking over. Need to know right away at titansrst at yahoo dot com. Ron
  5. Got screwed by one manager because I am not a Trump lover 7 days before league draft. If you email to me at today first the team is yours with the draft being next Sunday morning at 1 pm. I also extended keeper confirmation by one day until tomorrow, which you can switch if you choose. I have put four there for you an three are in the top 34 in Yahoo ratings. So send me a quick email because the league is listed as full, but it is not as I had put dummy manager in that place to not hold anything up. Ron
  6. 10 team roto league needs 5 managers to take over teams. It is free and includes keepers. Beginning 7th season and generally fills fast. This is the Seaver League. Also have one opening in free 10-team roto league that uses points and has grown more popular. email me at if interested. or leave reply here.
  7. Five openings available in my 10 team roto league beginning its 7th year, This Yahoo League is free and includes keepers, so if you join you can pick out four solid players from the roster you are taking over. I also have one spot left in s 10-team roto league with points. Free and keepers, too. contact me if interested at titansrst@yahoo,com. Would be willing to sign with one of your leagues if you sign with us. ron
  8. Leave it to Seaver Roto league in Yahoo needs 5 managers to complete league. It is free, no freaky stuff. Just good old fashioned fantasy ball. Keepers (4) and good stats. Also have one spot in Pitch Count Roto League (10 teams) and one in H2h Rocky Mountain League, which carries 8 and is NL only. Contact Ron at ASAP if interested.
  9. :five openings in long running roto league at yahoo. free and competitive without the cutthroat things some other leagues have
  10. Beginning its 8th season the house was cleaned and we have 5 spots open in 10=team Yahoo Roto League. If interested contact for an invite for Yahoo :Leave it to Seaver 2019 league or sign up directly at the site (ID18531)
  11. Have 5 openings in a Yahoo Roto League. 10 team league that has some good guys playing and is beginning its 7th year. If interested contact me at go to Yahoo Leave it to Seaver League. ID 18531.
  12. One opening just opened in this 10 team H2H league immediately. It's a Keeper league with a few odd stats. Email me ASAP and you'll have your roster tonight. titansrst at yahoo dot com
  13. Just send any rules and an invite to I run 7 leagues and want to try one more unless there are some odd rules. Will get involved right away.
  14. I run 7 Yahoo leagues and belong to two ESPN rotos. please send info to titansrst at yahoo dot com please