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  1. I picked up Njoku in all of my leagues today. I'm hoping he plays this week. Njoku has the #1 easiest remaining schedule among TEs, including a date versus the Cardinals, so I think he'll offer TE1 value immediately.
  2. I've been playing fantasy football for eight years now, and although I've won a few championships, I'm a firm believer that it mostly involves luck. I try to put as much skill, effort, time and strategy as possible into my teams every single year, but sometimes it just doesn't matter. I've seen people who know nothing about football, who draft poorly, who are inactive on the waiver wire, who don't put in the same time or work that I do, and who simply don't have the same level of passion for it as I do win championships. You can have the worst possible roster and be in first place, and you can have the best possible roster and be in last place. That's just the way fantasy works. It can be a total coin flip.
  3. I'm a Kittle owner. If Kittle's out, I'm rolling with Dwelley. Solid matchup, and Dwelley will get work. Plus, if Kittle's out for a week or two, the 49ers have the Cardinals and Packers in Week 11 and 12, both good matchups for TEs. If my opponent picks up Dwelley to screw me over, then I'll roll with Hollister. Bad matchup, but Wilson likes Hollister, especially in the end zone.
  4. I'm a Kittle owner too. Waiting until tomorrow night for a final decision on Kittle. If he's out, I'm rolling with Dwelley. Solid matchup, and the Seahawks can't stop TEs. If, for some reason, my opponent picks up Dwelley to screw me over, then I'll start Hollister, even though the matchup is pretty bad. However, Wilson will have to throw to win, and he definitely likes Hollister in the end zone.
  5. I'm in the same situation. My plan is to wait until tomorrow. If Kittle's officially ruled out, I will roll with Dwelley. The matchup is solid. Seahawks can't stop TEs. While I understand Dwelley is not the athletic beast that Kittle is, he's still going to get work. This game will be competitive, so Jimmy G will have to throw the ball to win.
  6. I own KG in three leagues. In one league, I have to play him, no matter what. But in the other two leagues, I have solid backup WRs. If Stafford's out, I'll definitely play my backups and bench KG in those leagues.
  7. Well, based on that quote above, it sounds like Shanahan has a modicum of hope that Kittle can play. I think I'm going to wait it out. The TE options on the waiver wire are so mediocre and desperate. I'm not going to drop a good player for one of them. If Kittle's out, I'll roll with Dwelley or even Hollister.
  8. If Kamara's out: Murray, Edmonds, Brown If Kamara starts: Coleman, Edmonds, Brown I'm starting Edmonds, no matter what, as something is very wrong with David Johnson. Even if DJ plays, he'll most likely be limited, or he could make his injury worse, so that leaves the door wide open for Edmonds to carry the load.
  9. I think Jacobs will play. He's a tough kid, and he knows the Raiders are depending on him to win games. I'd rather roll the dice and start him for an afternoon game, even if he somehow doesn't play and gives me a big fat zero, than to bench him and he goes off.
  10. Mixon has been such a massive disappointment this year. Not to mention that Bengals O-line is a heap of garbage. I don't know what I'm going to do with him. I can't start him (unless I'm desperate), I can't drop him, and nobody in my league will take him off my hands right now. frustrating.
  11. Sutton, easily. Broncos also have an easier remaining schedule for WRs.
  12. Definitely Henry. Everybody in Kansas City's offense gets downgraded with Matt Moore at the helm.
  13. The only QBs currently available on the waiver wire are Matt Moore, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Case Keenum. That's it. Honestly, I would be okay with dropping Daniel Jones. I'd rather keep Baker because he has an easy schedule starting Week 11 and into the fantasy playoffs. Also, Brissett and Baker have already had their bye weeks. I would also consider dropping Ty Johnson, especially because there's rumors the Lions might trade for Kenyan Drake, plus Ty has to contend with JD McKissic for work mostly in the passing game.
  14. 1. Edmonds 2. Murray 3. Coleman 4. Ty 5. Sony