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  1. I would hold on to Shady. More upside in a 10 man league and with Cmac, Kamara and Chubb you gotta have the best roster in the league. thanks for mine
  2. Looks good to move Goff. If you can get Lindsey back for one of WR that’s a big win
  3. I was offered Lamar and McLaurin for Sony and Coleman. My team is 1-5 and his team is 5-1. Seems like I should pull the trigger and shake things up to get Lamar. My Roster: QB: Jameis (Bye) RB: Zeke, Carson, Damien, Sony, Coleman, Breida WR: Evans, Fuller, Boyd, Cooks, Green, Sanders TE: Andrews Would you accept?? WHIR!
  4. I think you absolutely make this trade. Evans could outscore Thomas this year easily. Getting Coleman, a potential RB1 or RB2 is a huge upgrade for you. You need the RB help until some guys earn more work.
  5. I like the Carson and Cooks side. I don’t think JuJu will fair as well as the teams #1. Cooks is solid and you know what you’ll get. Carson is one of the better backs in the league on a team that ran it 550+ times. If healthy coaches said they want him to get 50 catches which will make him a top 5 rb. thanks for mine!
  6. Good looking squad. Not too familiar with auction drafts but team looks strong. If Gordon plays you will be dominant. Id echo others and upgrade from Ebron. Doyle is going to get the volume. thanks for mine!
  7. 10-man, .5ppr, 2-flex. I was offered Boyd for Duke. I was thinking of countering Duke for Engram. What do you think? My roster: QB: Winston RB: Elliott, Carson, Michel, DWill, Duke, Brieda, Hyde WR: Evans, Cooks, Green, Sanders, Fuller, Samuel TE: Andrews His Roster: QB: Jackson, Wilson RB: Kamara, Chubb, Coleman, Hines, Jackson WR: Allen, Woods, Godwin, Boyd, Didi, Stills TE: Engram
  8. Take Nuke. If you want risk or know you’ll make the playoffs, go for Zeke. He went 10 last night in my league. help on mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/760589-rate-my-team-whir-100/
  9. CMC had 50 more touches and 400 more total yards. I think he sees another 325-350 touches while Kamara stays around 250-275. Kamara also had the luxury of no Ingram for 4 games. Kamara had 18tds last year to CMC’s 13tds. From year to year TD’s seem to fluctuate the most, making them hardest to predict. At the top of the draft I like to pay for touches. Kamara is a great player, but I’ll take the 50 additional touches and would like to see what CMC can do with a healthy Cam. Ultimately it comes down to which guy you’d like to watch more during the season. (Disclaimer: I took CMC in a half-ppr last night with the 2nd pick) help on mine?
  10. Solid group of starters. I would probably flex Watkins over Cook. I honestly would just hope Cook plays well and then you can flip him or Kittle to a team that has no TE. Howard, Pettis, Samuels, Pollard are all somewhat wait and see. Will have more info after a week or two but I think this group needs injury to really succeed. If Zeke doesn’t report week 1, I would hold the owner hostage for Pollard and take what I can get. Zeke will play this year and get all the touches when he does. Holding 2 QB’s and 2 TE’s might not be the best idea when you could take a shot on two high upside players for the beginning of the year. Just something to think about! help with mine?
  11. Not a bad squad in a 12-man league. I would look for more RB depth for sure. Maybe a TE like Hockenson/Waller to pair with Vance so you have some upside. thanks for mine.
  12. I took Wilson-Wentz back to back end of rd. 12 and top of rd. 13. I didn’t see guys I liked at that point and couldn’t pass up on the value. I think one of them finishes top 5. I usually overdraft RB and trade once injuries hit other teams. Last year I landed M. Thomas heading into his bye.
  13. I like the trade. I’d take a shot on Ballage or Murray breaking out over Mccoy returning to form. thanks for mine!