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  1. 10-man, .5ppr, 2-flex league Breida @SEA Mccoy @MIA Adams @WSH Arob @NYG I have Jones/Ekeler as my RB1/2 and OBJ/A.Brown as my WR 1/2. Gordon on my bench. Started Brees so behind the 8-ball. Pick two! WHIR 100%!!
  2. 10-team, .5ppr, 2-flex league Carson @SF Adams @WSH Edwards @ATL Sat Ingram last night which makes this decision easier. I have Barkley and Mixon at RB1/2. Need my two flexes from these three guys. Who do I sit? WHIR 100%!!
  3. Coutee just because he’s on a better offense than Kirk. But your rosters looks great ROS. You get to the point you gotta just roll with who you got those guys are all bench guys. I’d maybe snag brown might be able to use him week 16 if they sit Gurley who knows. thanks for mine
  4. 10-man, .5ppr, 2-flex Looking for help on my 2nd flex. Who would you play? Carson @CAR J.Adams @NYG G.Edwards @OAK Valdez-Scantling @Min Pick one! WHIR 100%!!
  5. Need one for my 2nd flex. Seems Carson will be out. Ingram vs. CIN M. Davis vs. LAR WHIR!!
  6. Take a look at Kupp, Woods, Cooks, Golladay, Sanders, Boyd, Tate. Those are the other lower name value guys who are around JuJu’s level. Maybe even a buy low on Hilton or K.Allen. I would find out who likes Hyde first. He’s a starting RB averaging 20 touches in a Todd Haley offense with Baker getting up to speed. He loves his horses and not sure Chubb can handle the full offense right now. They also have an amazing schedule the next 4 games. Someone has to value him as an RB2 especially in standard.
  7. In a vacuum I like most of those trades but would rather move Hyde before Ingram. Probably wouldn’t do Ingram for Hill trade. Your thin at rb when it comes to reliability. Good upside plays but also potential duds. You have a good record but I don’t really see it in your roster. Especially with Ingram out for 5 weeks so far. I would be careful giving up Elliot, Ingram, Diggs, Gronk and use them as your core. You really can’t trade Ingram without getting an RB back in the trade. Someone like Breida or similar. I think your best move is to target the lower name value wr like JuJu, Golladay, Woods etc.. your depth is super thin and no clue why you are carrying dez??? help with mine??
  8. If you can get AB/Mixon for Kamara/Diggs I would do that in a heartbeat. Ingram keeps them on schedule so I don’t see Kamara getting 15 targets a game anymore. I think Mixon could take him ROS as the only back on an improved Cincinnati offense. And obviously AB is still the goat and easily would rathe have him over Diggs. Perfect trade especially if the other owner is high on Kamara. help on mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/729004-white-golladay-for-obj-whir/
  9. Always drop your defense or kicker in this spot. They are better as streamers and I have had no problem picking up guys like Tucker, Lutz and Fairbairn off the wire on any given week. OJ and Njoku are two high upside TE’s that everyone has their eye on. Burton has 3 td’s in 5 games and is a top 10 scoring TE so far. In a 12 man all three have trade value. You have until sunday morning to make a trade. If not drop one of the guys just before the game for a kicker or dst. That way you have a chance at them after waivers if you want to try to pull off another trade. Sometimes I won’t hold a kicker or d all week if I can roster tradeable guys and make something work with another team in the league. help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/729004-white-golladay-for-obj-whir/