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  1. I'm in the middle of a tight race and homeboy gets tossed 3 minutes into the game and puts up a 0/0/0 Fuuuuuuuuu......
  2. Want to show some appreciation for LMA. The least talked about top-15 player in fantasy basketball. Hated him early in the year when he was shooting like 43% FG and 67% from the line. clockwork, he's ending the season with 21/9. >50% FG, > 85% FT, 0.5 steals, 1.3 blocks, low turnovers. TY LMA, u sexxy
  3. First of all, it was 8 nights. Secondly, Klay and Draymond also played all 5 games...guess they're also both goners.
  4. M-Rob only guy in the NBA who can have 2 blocks in a game and ppl are still asking "Where are the blocks??"
  5. And he'll get 6 blocks in those 2 games, which is more than most shot-blockers will get in 4 games.
  6. 14/11 with 3 blocks GJ to all the dodos who dropped a top-20 fantasy player because of 3 bad games. LMAO
  7. Why is he in your lineup? He's never been a rosterable fantasy player...
  8. No way they let Smith Jr. mess up a potential Kyrie deal. If Kyrie indicates he'll sign with them, Smith Jr. is going bye bye for a 2nd rounder faster than you can say "Porzingis".
  9. WTF? Last 30 days: 12/11 with 1 stl/1 blk, rank 27 Last 14 days: 15/11 with 0.5 stl/1 blk, rank 25 He just had an 18/15 game with 4 blocks literally 4 days ago. In what world is he droppable?
  10. You're not going to get fair value for Vuc, he's essentially putting up KAT numbers but has 1/10th the name recognition
  11. Last 3 seasons he has averaged 8.5, 7.3, and 8.5 RPG. This season he is averaging 8.6 RPG. I don't understand what you expected with his rebounding but he's literally doing exactly what he's supposed to do. In any case, MONSTER game tonight holy crap
  12. His 44.4% FG this year wasn't that bad. It was the 69% FT on 5.5 attempts per game.
  13. Finished with 19/19/4 and 3 blocks Vucci Mane doesn't have bad games