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  1. Rip. The guy I lost to in the first week where he got 130+ scored 92 the next week and 105 this past week. Guy I lost to this week had in the 80s last week.
  2. 0-3 in a league. Most points scored against by about 50 points. 3rd highest points for though. Lost this past week 129 to 141. Last week lost 113-168. First week lost 122 to 131. Meanwhile some games in my league will have finals of 95-86.
  3. Dalvin and the Chipmunks (4th pick) Qb - Cam Rb - Zeke Rb - Connor Wr - Thielen Wr - Kupp Te - OJ Flex - Cook D - Browns K - Fairbairn Bench - m Sanders, eman Sanders, breida, saints d, barber, Washington. The toddfather (pick 5) Qb - newton Rb - Gurley Rb - Kerryon Wr - Antonio Wr - Gordon Te - Henry Flex - Michel D - saints K - Lutz Bench: Washington, Jordan Howard, Kyler, Titans d, Hyde, Samuels, Waller.
  4. Yeah wait and see on him for sure.
  5. Pretty solid for ppr I'd say. But like others have said, you have the capital at wr to trade and make up that production with a new rb.
  6. Pretty good. Zeke gets dump offs so that'll help with ppr. Solid!
  7. Yeah Rb fell poorly for me at 12, everyone got got gutted before I picked and I fell too far the next rounds to grab Fournette etc.
  8. I'd take that as I like Evans more than Allen.
  9. Stating that I did these two drafts while vacationing in Oceanside, so didn't have my full attention haha. Freaks and Zeke's (7th pick) Qb - Kyler Wr - Adams Wr - Theilen Rb - Zeke Rb - Henry Te - Hock W/r/t - Gordon D - bears K - fairbairn Bench - Melvin Gordon, Lamar Jackson, goff, singletary, guice, kupp Hot Chubb Time Machine (12th pick, stole the name). Qb - Brees Rb - Chubb Rb - Guice Wr - OBJ Wr - Thielen Te - Engram Flex - Gallup Flex - Metcalf D - Bears K - Tucker Bench - Melvin Gordon, Kyler, hok, chark, graham, Samuels.
  10. Need two replacements for dead teams. One team is 1-11 and the other is 3-9. Top 6 teams make the playoffs with 8 weeks to go, so doable. Non dynasty or keepers Team 1 highlights (1-11) judge, Stanton, Harper, Chapman Team 2 highlights (3-9): bellinger, altuve, Bryant, Baez.
  11. Yep. Losing aj green killed me. Got a combined 3 between Thomas, stills, and Moore. Oof
  12. Opponent picks up Williams an hour ago and will probably score more than gurley this week. Eff fantasy.
  13. I submitted a claim for him to drop cohen (only allowed 4 RBs) as I have the high claim out of the playoff teams. I need my team to blow up as I went against kittle and had to deal with starting gurley, Sutton, Michel, and reed.
  14. Lost green last week to injuries. Jackson got 20 but Michel, humphries and Reed got me a combined 9... Need gurley to get 50 to stand a chance.
  15. I flipped trubisky for him too. Chiefs d is Swiss cheese and Jackson's rushing ability gives a safe floor in my opinion.