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  1. I did the same thing. Took a year off, very much enjoyed the "freedom" of not having to worry and get pissed off all the time because of fantasy football. Sadly, the guys at work begged me until I agreed to play again. Regretted it after about 3 weeks lol.
  2. I did the same thing. Good thing I don't give a f--- anymore and am officially done with fantasy after this year. Can finally go back to actually enjoying watching football lol
  3. WTF is going on lol. Ingram is ******** useless. Figured I couldn't count on him when it mattered most.
  4. Samuels, then Ekeler. Not Carson against that MIN defense.
  5. Graham and Jackson. I think the Chargers will give Jackson quite a bit of work in this one, especially if/when they get up early and big on Cincy.
  6. 1pt PPR. Need one of these guys for my flex. Who do you like best? Thanks
  7. Yea, but they don't do that. They have given up the most TD's to WRs on the year. Sherman doesn't shadow. Denver just needs to keep Sutton on the opposite side of the field for most of the game and he will be fine. I think he gets around 8 targets, 4-6 catches, 50-100 yards, and a good chance at a TD, especially if they get into the red zone often. He's a big dude with insane jump ball abilities.
  8. I like Josh Allen. For me, it's Allen, then LJax, then Wentz. That Dallas defense, at home especially, is no joke.
  9. I would go Jameis over Brady. Flex Shady. IMO, hes the safest with a solid floor and playing at home. Jets D isn't very good.
  10. Golladay also faces 3 of the top CBs in the league, 3 weeks in a row. Not good on a team that runs at a slow pace and is trending towards run heavy as well.
  11. It certainly can't hurt, especially against the weak secondaries Sutton will be facing from here on out. Golladay is in a very similar situation. The difference is, Golladay faces possibly the worst gauntlet you can imagine in the fantasy playoffs, going up against Patrick Peterson this week, Tre'Davius White next week, and then Xavier Rhodes week 16. YIKES! Meanwhile, Sutton has 49ers this week, Cleveland next week, then Oakland week 16. SWEEET!
  12. Sutton vs 49ers atrocious secondary (he won't be shadowed by Sherman) OR Golladay vs ARI (he will be shadowed by Patrick Peterson)? Thanks
  13. Was going to start Kenny Golladay this week, but didnt like it due to him getting shadowed by Mr. Peterson. Now with Sanders out, I may be going with Sutton instead, as his targets will surely increase and he faces a terrible 9ers secondary.