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  1. would you do this trade straight up? Or would you wait it out with Adams?
  2. Same, I'd go with Gardner.Dont like the matchup vs Minnesota, especially when it's in Minnesota.
  3. Who would you rather have ROS? 1pt PPR league. I have a chance to get Kupp. Wondering if I should do it. Not sure about Adams and his toe in the future.
  4. Michael Thomas, DeAndre Hopkins, or Chris Godwin? 1pt PPR league.
  5. What's the dealio??? Is Chris Harris still that good? Or did Rivers just go full retard and decide not to throw to his best receiver?
  6. It's what I hate about the chargers. They can go a few games straight peppering Allen with targets while he looks unstoppable, and then for no reason decide to just forget about him. I don't care if 5'8" Chris Harris is covering him. Allen is always open.
  7. I just can't imagine how good this guy would make teams like Chicago or Minnesota, especially considering their defenses!!! As a Packer can, thank God lol...
  8. 1pt PPR league. Would you trade off JuJu to get a guy like Freeman right now?
  9. I own JuJu. Would you trade him away straight up for TY Hilton?
  10. Trying to upgrade at RB. I own JuJu. Would offering him straight up for either Derrick Henry, Kerryon Johnson, or Aaron Jones be enough? Thanks
  11. As a Packer fan, and a Davante owner in fantasy, it made me very happy to see Rodgers acknowledge that Adams needs to get the ball more. With a decimated Eagles secondary, he should have a blow up game tonight to get back on track. His schedule so far has been about as brutal as you can ask for compared to any other WR in the league. If only he could play the Giants, Dolphins, and Redskins like Amari Cooper through the first 3 weeks, am I right? But to your point, there is no reason to sell him right now. His schedule opens up now and he doesn't have to face Chicago or Minnesota again until weeks 15 and 16. Just gotta ride it out now.
  12. 1pt ppr. Would you rather have: 1. Davante Adams/ Chris Carson OR 2. Tyler Lockett/ Nick Chubb
  13. Almost identical to mine, except I got Keenan Allen in the 3rd. But yea, not sure what to do yet with Davante. Probably gotta hold him for one more week and hope he blows up, then possibly trade high.
  14. Need help bad at RB. Is Chubb worth going after? Right now Adams doesn't have the most selling power since he hasn't done a whole lot, but don't wanna sell him for pennies on the dollar quite yet.
  15. It should be 50:50 Rex and James. Michel is trash.