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  1. I'm loaded of big players after some trades. Should I try to trade Giannis for two top 30 players? His random rests scare me. Hield or Cp3 + Drummond Beal + Turner(?) 8 team H2h league 11 cat ( TO-DD-TD ) team in sig
  2. Only 8 team league 11 cat ( DD-TD) Considering the playoff schedule, Towns risky shutdown situation and the number of bigs I have should I do it? Team in sig. Thanks
  3. No brag here. Just the displeasure of not having him when he will bounce back. And I think he will. At least after the break.
  4. I'm done fellas. Shipping him and Randle for Lillard. Can see the tears dropping from my eyes when he will rise from the ashes though..
  5. For your built: Terrence Ross & Clarkson at the moment but then Milkal Bridges ( with booker ko and grandpa Ariza should be interesting as the season progresses) Olynyk ( monitoring the Hassan situation ) Oubre ( Otto is coming back ) Aminu ( too duds games for me ) Vonleh ( you have enough Reb and so Bigs. Also Love is coming back at mid-jenuary ) Thanks for helping mine!
  6. H2h only 8 team League 11 cat DD-TD Team looks bad after a trade been vetoed. Trade my J.Murray+ Conley for Butler + Dsj Then the big veto: Kemba Randle Butler for Giannis + Lillard Was a real fair trade but I'll end up with a monster team so they vetoed it. Now I have to relay on Love and Cousins coming back strong but that's not so easy. Do I need to sacrifice KAT to save the season? I have this offer for him Pg13 + Mitchell. Should I take it ? Team in sig. Thanks
  7. Totally agree. I think Mamba and Isaac can close the year as the starters bigs
  8. It's a small League. Only 8 teams. So yeah, there is some good value on the ww. This is the roster: PG Kemba SG Bledsoe G Murray SF Lord PF Jokic C Towns U. Allen U. Conley B Lonzo, Evans, Cook, Prince, Siakam, Randle, Bagley III IL Love, Cousins I would stream Burton if Murray goes. Some other guards on the ww: E. Gordon Moore Bogdanovic ( Ind ) McGruder Harris
  9. I would do it in an heartbeat. Russ is going to come back to produce a lot