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  1. Will be a fun year! Hoped in a win though.
  2. The Lord just crushed a human being career night
  3. 8 points in two minutes. In Lord we trust. Edit: 11 points 3 3s - 1 stl - 1 blk Oh my...
  4. He's in guys. I see the light all over the field
  5. H2h Only 8 team daily league 11 cat ( DD-TD) I got him in a trade package and I'm already considering trade him + Teague for another one between these two: Lillard + Holiday Lowry + Brogdon Or a long shot like this: Harden Teague Kuzma For Mitchell Siakam Hield Would you stay put with him or try one of these moves? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the insight. I can only imagine Kyrie's owner fear a shutdown or an injury or maybe is just a super Spida fan. The thing that only most it's not the schedule itself but if Kyrie will play at least 3 of those 4 games if the Nets play for nothing... But maybe I should take it and run
  7. 8 team League H2H 11 cat (DD-TD) My Mitchell + wendell cj For Irving + Jarrett allen Take it or not? Thinking about Nets situation and Mitchell playoff schedule. Help!
  8. Yeah, that's for sure but last year PO he really sub-produce ( for his standard ) cause nothing to play for, etc... just one time in many years of joy but that makes me think now.
  9. H2h 8 team League 11 cat with DD-TD My Jokic - Trae - Teague For Towns - J. Murray - Ja Morant Tough one. I know it's early but the only fear I have it's Kat missing games or playing soft at the end of the season if minny is out of the PO race. Should I pull the trigger?
  10. Unbelievable. Took him 10th overall in a 8 team League mostly for trade him later to a fan of him in a big package or keep him and see how he works in our league counting DD...but...damn.. he's really fun!! and one of a few guard capable of big numbers and DD.
  11. Yeah, absurd. There is no way to fix it? Just wait the three games rule?
  12. Well said, brother. Every season it's a blessed season. Praise the Lord .
  13. The only fear about Kat is where will be Minny in this crowded West in March. Last year he was a lite version of himself during the Fantasy PO.
  14. Well, if you are able to close that it's a no brainer. Just punt ast then.
  15. Really like your team. Well balanced and if Collins bring you some defensive stats you are a beast. I would take a wait and see approach to sort out how the assists and 3s situation develop and then maybe try to make a move. But seems a real good team to me. Thanks for helping mine!
  16. I would punt ast only if I trade away Joker + Trae for Towns + J. Murray. But I'm not sure to pull the trigger although I love both. In case I'll stay put I'll maybe force to punt FT and / or maybe Points.
  17. I thought to punt AST trading away Joker and Trae for Towns and Jamal Murray. Then reach for shooters like Hield and stock specialist. Could that be a good idea? The problem with the FT punt is that I'm scare to fall in multi cat punt. ( FT-AST-3s-STL) I'd target guys like Westbrook, Simmons, Draymond etc but in my league they are very expensive. Think to get rid of Dwight Howard if he starts out well so my FT punt guys will be " only " Capela and Drummond. Should I be able to balance their charity stripe' s trips if I surround them with good FT shooters? Thanks!
  18. Only 8 Team daily league with 11 cat ( DD-TD ) Picked the Joker 1st and tried to create a balanced team to start the season ended up like this: Young Mitchell D.Russell Lord Covington Jokic Capela Drummond Al Horford Conley B: Rubio, Teague, Gallo, Kuzma, Bryant, WCJ, Howard I got it? Or am I in a semi punt points situation?