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  1. I Can Keep Up To 3-------14 Team PPR --WHIR Leave Link

    My point was that ARob has achieved elite success in the past, so we should consider that as a strong indication of future return. We don't need to waste time defining "track record".
  2. I Can Keep Up To 3-------14 Team PPR --WHIR Leave Link

    Thats “exactly 1 year” more than any of the other players he’s listed.
  3. I Can Keep Up To 3-------14 Team PPR --WHIR Leave Link

    If I’m reading your post correctly, certainly Henry/Robinson. Especially if you’ve invested highly in terms of draft capital and years of ownership for Henry. Let’s see how this TENN offense changes in 2018/19 first, before letting him go. I think it’ll be much different. Robinson/JuJu are close. Both have young former early 1st round picks at the signal caller position, but I lean AROB because of the younger offense, track record of elite performance, and Matt Nagy.
  4. Rookie RBs 2-6? (WHIR!)

    I agree with this. He’s a foundation back. If Chubb ended up in a clearer situation like the Bucs or Colts he’d be the #2 in most rankings.
  5. Joe Mixon 2018 Season Outlook

    I'll never forget when Mixon carried Clowney on his back on TNF last year. I fell in love.
  6. Rookie RBs 2-6? (WHIR!)

    Barkley will be long gone. My top backs, as I write this, after Barkley are: Guice - I wouldn't let the off the field noise be of concern. I think he'll be used a lot more than people think. Foundation back. Michel - I could see Michel getting 12-14 carries, 3-5 catches/game in the Patriot offense. I think he's got great long-term PPR value. Penny - Opportunity is there, but Seattle O-line was terrible last year. Not a great pass catcher in college. Petey Boy hasn't been able to commit to a back in years. Chubb - 1 year away from being a "Bellcow" in a good young offense. One Hyde injury away from being a weekly starter. Another foundation back. Johnson - Performed at his best against tough competition at Auburn. Real competitor. Another back a year away from being a possible weekly starter. Jones - Good opportunity. Young offense. Not sold on size. I can see a committee backfield forming in the bay. Freeman - Should have a solid 2 down role. Booker doesn't concern me. Good size. An alternative approach - You could try to package Rodgers, 1.4 and 1.5 to see if you could move up to 1.1 and grab Barkley. QB is incredibly deep.
  7. Dynasty Trade. WHIR

    I'd pull the trigger.
  8. Joe Mixon 2018 Season Outlook

    I'd agree - he'll be a late 2nd round pick come late summer draft time. I can see him getting selected in the same range as Cook, McCoy, Freeman.
  9. Dynasty Trade. WHIR

    First, between Tate/DT. Tate has the advantage in age (although only by 1 year), and QB situation. Both are a push in terms of durability. Neither has really missed much time over the past few seasons. Tate is such a consistent PPR producer, I'd probably lean towards him slightly, but it's close. Second, in terms of trading for Gordon. I'm a firm believer that you can't have enough RBs. Gordon's a young back on a really good offense. I like your young backs in Duke and Cohen on your squad, especially since it's PPR. Beefing up your RBs this offseason with Barkley and Gordon is a big win.
  10. Dynasty Trade. WHIR

    Scoring format?? Also, is it safe to assume this a keeper league?
  11. Who to target at pick 2.04? WHIR

    Grab as many RBs as you can. Fill that roster spot with as many high upside guys as possible.
  12. Hunter Henry 2018 Season Outlook

    It's happening.
  13. 2018 Rookie RB Class

    He never seemed to take control of his situation at Arizona State. He has the size, speed and pass catching chops to become a real sleeper in this rookie class. I'm buying.
  14. Nick Chubb 2018 Season Outlook

    Has the Nick Chubb fantasy team name thread started yet? Can we start that now? Who's first?!
  15. Brandin Cooks for Jeffery

    In Dynasty - Cooks. 4 years younger - injury history favors Cooks over Alshon. Young offense. Don't fall into the recency bias pit where previous seasons player/teams performance is an indication of future returns. Rams traded for him for a reason.