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  1. Derrius Guice 2018 Season Outlook

    SO underrated. Looks smooth doing it too.
  2. Derrius Guice 2018 Season Outlook

    Go dust off that VHS of Guice and open your eyes.
  3. Derrius Guice 2018 Season Outlook

    Dude, if he was going to be "utilized", it would have happened by now. CTHOMPSON has been in the league for 5 years.
  4. Derrius Guice 2018 Season Outlook

    So essentially you're expecting a career year from Thompson? Coming off a leg injury? That's bullish man.
  5. 2018 2nd Year Wide Receiver Outlook

    Write-ins are encouraged, Cohenstantinople. Zay Jones, Galloday, Curtis Samuel, Taywan Taylor, etc.
  6. Which 2nd year wide-out has the best fantasy season in 2018? JuJu Smith-Schuster (PITT), Corey Davis (TENN), Mike Williams (LAC), Cooper Kupp (LAR), DeeDee Westbrook/Keelan Cole (JAX), John Ross (CIN), Chris Godwin (TB) Discuss....
  7. Corey Davis Season Outlook 2018

    Really hoping for 85/1000/8.
  8. Rashaad Penny 2018 season outlook

    Evidence? Go watch tape of Carson. Thats all the evidence you’ll need dude.
  9. Rashaad Penny 2018 season outlook

    I’m not saying Guice will get all of the rush TDs. I’m saying he’ll be the goal line back. Carson offers way more competition than anyone who’s on Washington currently.
  10. Rashaad Penny 2018 season outlook

    At this point (in early/mid July), the ONLY rookie back with a guaranteed 3 down role is Barkley. If you're investing in a rookie back, at least grab one who's a lock for duties inside the 10. Guice is all but guaranteed the goal line role. I can see Penny getting spelled time and again for Carson at the goal line this season.
  11. Stefon Diggs 2018 Season Outlook

    It's now or never for Diggs to be honest. Stars are aligned for a "breakout"/career year.
  12. Derrius Guice 2018 Season Outlook

    Again, that is your opinion. lol.
  13. Derrius Guice 2018 Season Outlook

    I see a lot of "I think" in this post. So no real material facts, just your opinion.
  14. Derrius Guice 2018 Season Outlook

    "Camp" in June doesn't matter. Come on man.
  15. Rashaad Penny 2018 season outlook

    Guice without hesitation. Dude has the background/narrative surrounding him to be a star in the NFL. He's a lock for 225-250+ touches as a rookie and is all but a lock for goal line duties. Alex Smith has led some of the most conservative/run heavy schemes over the course of his career. Guice is also over a year younger (just turned 21 last week) than Penny. In addition, Guice played against some of the toughest competition college football can offer in the SEC and had success, while Penny excelled in the Mountain West. I'm not saying Penny isn't talented, but I'm not touching him. I don't care how much draft capital the Hawks invested in him. Carrol has showed time and time again that he'll play the better player, which in this case could be Carson/Prosise/etc. (but who honestly knows). He hasn't been able to commit to a 3 down workhorse in years.