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  1. So many things went wrong last night. It can really only get better from here. Between Mitch's poor RPO decisions, Nagy's playcalling/personnel usage and just the overall lack of offensive rhythm, it was disappointing. Watching the tape, Montgomery looked solid on a night where most didn't perform well. Be patient, stay the course and trust in his talent.
  2. Agree, but could even see Dorsett above Harry. Especially given the established rapport with Tommy.
  3. Hamstring strains/pulls are typically an area of concern as players typically compensate for the bad knee when they initially return. ACL injuries certainly aren't what they used to be and most young players seem to recover well. Most require 6-9 month recovery timelines. Hunter tore his ACL back in May during OTAs last season, so he's had over 15 months to recover. He's 100%, historically efficient, and will be a favorite of Phil.
  4. I'm back in on Parker.... again. Help.
  5. Why isn't there more talk about Moncrief? Seems entrenched as the clear #2. Serious upside this season. Could be a weekly WR 2.
  6. Rotoworld in general has been a major letdown this season. All the major columns are draft guide previews. The player news feed doesn’t seem to be nearly as busy as it’s been in years past.
  7. Pretty sure he only played the first series, so I wouldn't read in to it at all.
  8. Great question - can I have them both?! But seriously, both have flashed potential in the limited time they've actually been on the field. Dead near even for me in dynasty. Montgomery should provide the more immediate return on your investment. We all saw what he did Thursday night. Nagy seems to really like the young man. His presser after Thursday's game was filled with great chatter about Montgomery - "the kids DNA is rare". All arrows seem to be pointing straight up. I hope he gets more run weeks 2 and 3. Guice might not really pop for another year, but I think it could be really special when it does happen. The injury last season sucked. I want to see him play at game speed this preseason. I can imagine he's probably chomping at the bit to get out there. His short term team outlook isn't as favorable as Montgomery, but that could change quickly. He looks special. I like them both, but if I had to chose today I'd go Montgomery.
  9. Do we expect to see him this evening? Would love to see him take a couple handoffs!
  10. Assuming he plays 14-16 games: Floor: 1200 total, 6 total TDs Ceiling: 1700 total, 10 total TDs
  11. Your statement was what most call “recency bias”. That’s where you think what we saw last year will occur again this year. You can agree to disagree, but the facts are: 1. Jim Bob Cooter, their old OC, was one of the most pass heavy offensive coordinators in football 2. Darrell Bevell, their new OC, runs one of the most run heavy offensive schemes in the NFL Those are facts.
  12. That's not a fair statement. Different offensive coordinator and system. Can't compare last year to this year. Jim Bob Cooter ranked in the top 15 in pass attempts every year he was the OC.
  13. Injuries are not science. You can’t predict them. They can happen to literally anyone, at any given time.
  14. I love how the post starts with "He's very talented and he has elite vision", but then "skinny legs" and "narrow shoulders" are a big enough reason to feel uncomfortable. COME ON, this is the modern day NFL! Give me all the RBs with skinny legs and narrow shoulders!
  15. LOL. Since when do skinny legs and narrow shoulders matter? This is ridiculous.
  16. Source? Please share the article. Haven’t read that anywhere.