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  1. So, what are everyone's thoughts on AB's dynasty value at this point? Is he worth buying? Is he worth selling? Or .... are most taking the "wait and see" approach?
  2. I would argue far less than in years past. However, I would agree that most NFL teams are always looking to upgrade the RB position. I just don't know that most teams are going to want to pay Coleman what he wants.
  3. Possible landing spots include Jets, Raiders, Bucs, Colts, 9ers. It'll be interesting to see where Bell and Ingram wind up. Honestly there aren't that many RB needy teams going in to the '19 season.
  4. At this point, it looks like OBJ is a serious value. The idea of possibly getting him in the late 2nd is real nice.
  5. With Rodgers I don't think you keep Allen. I'd consider Fitz, Ballage, or Samuel. If none of your young guys emerge in training camp/preseason then Fitz feels like the safe choice. Especially in PPR.
  6. Chubb's value is still high. It would take a lot to get him. He's a young RB with a young QB on a "trendy" offense who's performed well already in the NFL. He was a top 12 pick before the Hunt signing and think he's still a top 20-24 pick after the signing. His 2019 value seems relatively safe, at this time, given the question marks around Hunt's suspension length. 2020 and beyond is still a question mark.
  7. What's the rest of your team look like?
  8. Conner is great. Mixon is special. Wait on QB and get yourself a Big Ben, Rivers, Wentz, Brady, Garoppolo, etc. late in your teams re-draft. Pair with a guy like Josh Allen as your last pick and you're almost guaranteed a QB1 week in and out.
  9. Kamara, Mixon and Julio. Two RB1s and an elite WR1 to build your team around.
  10. I'm confused. He was drafted as a low end WR1/high end WR2 and that's exactly what he did this past season. How can that be disappointing?
  11. Over/Under 1200 total yards 8 total TDs
  12. Agree completely. He'll be a 3rd rounder come August.
  13. 10 Team Standard scoring. Start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 FLEX. Keep any 9 players every year with no penalties (keep as long as you want). Noteworthy players on my roster that I would consider keeping currently are below. Players in bold I'm 100% set on keeping. Need to decide on 1 more. Would love this forums thoughts/opinions. QB - Patrick Mahomes RB - David Johnson RB - Christian McCaffrey RB - Leonard Fournette RB - Joe Mixon RB - Kerryon Johnson RB - Derrius Guice RB - Chris Carson WR - Stefon Diggs WR - Corey Davis WR - Tyler Lockett WR - Chris Godwin TE - Eric Ebron TE - Hunter Henry
  14. Guice's injury, although terrible, happened at a time where it's afforded him the opportunity to rehab over the course of an extended period of time. He'll be in great shape come training camp. I love the narrative surrounding this kid with his rough childhood upbringing, draft day drama and rookie preseason injury. He's an excellent role model, active in his community, and he's more motivated than ever. Guice is a star.
  15. Career high 102 catches Career high 1021 yards Career high 9 TDs Career high 4 100+ yard games Finally stayed healthy 25 years old I wouldn't say 2018 was a disappointment for Diggs. In fact, quite the opposite.
  16. He does have a history of injuries, but didn't miss much time in college - only 4 games. Tough kid. Hopefully he can put together a fully healthy season in 2019 and give us 16 full games of production.
  17. Purely system at LSU. Guice showed really well at the combine and in training camp/preseason last year. Underrated hands.
  19. Reports are that Kilff Kingsbury will still oversee and run the offense/play calling duties. Let's wait until we see something in person before assuming.
  20. Lockett finally stayed healthy and flashed his potential this year. A model of consistency. Have we seen his ceiling? It's possible. Seattle's low passing volume offensive scheme is not promising for pass catchers, but Lockett sure does know how to make the most of his targets. Baldwin aging. High floor, low ceiling WR2 for 2019.
  21. Dude passes the eye test with flying colors, and is more than apt in the passing game. O Coordinator hiring will be interesting. Training camp and preseason buzz will make Kerryon a 3rd rounder come draft season. Patricia seems dedicated to run the ball. Arrow pointing up.
  22. I'll shamelessly plug myself from 6 months ago. The #1 Dynasty QB in Fantasy Football. Keep enjoying the ride, ladies and gentlemen!
  23. After watching every single snap Mahomes has taken this preseason, I'm extremely confident in his ability to lead this offense. He can make every throw, with the right touch, and knows when to throw the ball away. Given the current state of the Chiefs D, I can see Mahomes being forced to throw 35-40x/game. The rushing upside is just the cherry on top. I think ~4,500 total yards and ~30 total TDs is within reach for the young gunslinger.