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  1. Callaway or M Williams

    M Williams.
  2. WDIS: Pick 3 - WHIR

    Sanders, Evans, and Golladay.
  3. Tough one here.. I’m going with Morris. Look for 49ers to run the ball a lot today.
  4. Pick a QB and RB

    Fitz and Miller
  5. I also have Alshon Jeffery available but I think that more of a risk. Would that change anyone choice?
  6. Start/Sit - Wilson or Dalton? WHIR

    Dalton, Miller, and Allison. Easily.
  7. Pick up McCoy or Cook?

    Can’t believe someone would drop Cook. Pick up ASAP. The Bills offense just can’t get it going and his broken ribs...
  8. Pickup Amari Cooper?

    Pick up but don’t start over Ridley..
  9. Similar to my problem.. I just don’t think Trubisky can get the ball down the field. Im going with Thomas.. I am a big fan of Case Keemun! Sanders and thonas today will work!
  10. Sony Michel for John Brown

    What is your current RB and WR situation?
  11. Need help here with my flex.. deep league. No better option. I’m thinking more Kirk at the moment. I don’t think Trubisky can get the ball down the field. What do you think? WHIR. Post your link please.