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  1. Hi all, I'm in a 12 team PPR keeper league and I need to drop one of my stud players unfortunately (keep 3 only). Help me decide! CMC - costs me a 1st OBJ - costs me a 2nd Kelce - costs me a 4th Kamara - costs me a 14th (score!) To be honest, I am leaning towards either trading OBJ for a 4th/5th round or dropping him before the draft and keeping CMC/Kamara/Kelce based on pure value and upside. Do you agree??
  2. Is this guy even startable in a 12-team standard league? Byes are hurting and the waiver pool is pretty abysmal at this point.
  3. Dropping Clement. Can't believe I held onto this guy for so long. What a disappointment
  4. Anyone jumping back on the house Tyrell bandwagon after this past weekend??
  5. Starting AP today with confidence. Have to with Thompson out. He's in for a workload I'm sure he'll pull through the whole game
  6. Yeeeee boi!! So glad I grabbed Ebron in week 2 in my 12-team standard league. This guy is getting the looks and consistently seeing red-zone. Paydirt. It's a nice feeling when you can be confident at the TE position week in week out.
  7. With Walker out on IR the rest of the season I may take a chance on Smith but Watson is on a high-flying offense. Which would you choose? Standards 12-team League.
  8. I'm liking what I see with this guy. I'm borderline on the verge of making the playoffs and I've wasted enough weeks and potential points at TE position keeping Brate. Dropping Brate for Seals-Jones - hoping I can get him with the 6th WW pick!
  9. Need help picking a FLEX play this week. Blount, Kenyan Drake or Dede Westbrook. Standard league. Thanks and WHIR!!
  10. Quick last min game plan here - start Jermaine Kearse @ Miami or start Josh Doctson @ Philly?? Kearse is targeted more and has some upside today with Robinson out - safer bet. Doctson is more talented and Grubben says he will be involved more. Has higher ceiling and breakout game potential Thanks guys and WHIR!!
  11. This guy just seriously vanished. What a disappointment.
  12. Glad I started him as my WR3 this week in 12 team standard! He's becoming my Taylor Gabriel of last season.
  13. In real deep this week for RB2. Looking at either starting Lacy or Cohen. Lacy is slated as starter so volume should definitely be there. Cohen hasn't really done much for me in standard since his big week 1 explosion. But he could also be Turbisky's safety blanket out of the pocket / under pressure. Help guys I can't decide. Thanks and WHIR!! Drop a link.
  14. In a bad bye week for me, Marshall is locked in as my WR3. I'm hoping for some solid production from this guy. 10 targets is definitely appealing .... Show something for it now! A first TD of the year would be nice...
  15. I have high hopes for Brate tonight! Feed my boy, feed!!
  16. Meh, dropped Watson for Brate yesterday. Volume is there, no doubt, but at least with Brate - Winston loves the guy and he sees the endzone often. Brate helped me win my Fantasy Football title last season 100%.