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  1. Somebody take the lid off the basket for this dip****
  2. Became a pumpkin just in time for the fantasy playoffs. Smh.
  3. Freakin' ridiculous. You have to contemplate dropping him now. One game left this week and it's only Wednesday, he's just eating up bench space
  4. How the f--- has Poeltel managed to put up virtually zero stats in 20 minutes?
  5. Of ******** course Poetl decides to fall back to earth the day I pick him up 🙄
  6. For every good game he gives you, he puts up a disgusting game to match it
  7. This guy is SOFT. Why isn't ESPN listing him as Out instead of DTD?
  8. Inefficient and now not getting the volume he was on the Knicks. This guy is a bum.
  9. You're saying you would trade away Collison for Whiteside?
  10. Would you guys take this? I'd be the side receiving Whiteside. H2H / 9 cat / 12 team My team: PG: Lowry, Collison, Payton SG: Butler, Williams, Justin Holiday SF: Barnes, Prince, Anderson PF: Horford, Nance Jr., Young C: Towns, Vucevic, Kanter His team: PG: Westbrook, White SG: LeVert, Smart, Huerter SF: Isaac, K. Williams PF: Faried C: Gobert, M. Gasol, Jordan, Whiteside, Bryant, Zubac
  11. I was offered this trade by the Oladipo owner, should I take it? It's a H2H, 9cat, 12 team league.