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  1. He took some vicious shots that any RB would've been effected. Take your 30 points and be happy about it
  2. I think they’re legit good. Shut down Baltimore most of the game last week too
  3. One team made sense, but it made no sense to take the Chargers from SD
  4. You’ve been coming back to this thread weekly to tell us, and getting your posts deleted for being CSB. I think it’s time you gave it a rest
  5. Guys like Bell/Gordon/Gurley are making a wonderful case for why you don’t pay a premium for RBs edit: in real life football, not fantasy of course
  6. Those are two whales of contracts the Rams now have in Gurley and Goff. Ouch.
  7. Watkins last week, Cooper this week. Just comical at this point
  8. That Winston-Evans connection ain't it. Now that Winston-Godwin connection 🤔
  9. The whole offense decided to come out of their shell in the 4th
  10. Every time I’ve been in Vermont I’ve gotten zero reception lol
  11. Are you kidding me Winston..... could've ran that, could've make an accurate throw. Instead you air mail the f--- out of it