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  1. Total yards? Yea, that is pretty much expected barring injury or suspension. He basically did that in his 1st and 3rd year in only 15 games. 2000 yards on the ground? I think he is capable but I expect Dallas to dial back his touches a tad especially earlier in the year. He wore down a bit at the end of last year. They expect a playoff run and need him to be healthy and relatively fresh to make any real noise.
  2. 4 leagues... For the most part I'm pretty diversified. More so than usual at least. Thankfully: Zeke x3 Godwin x3 Carson x3 Mike Williams x3 Ty Hill, Chubb, Breida, Justin Jackson x2 Unfortunately: Darwin Thompson x3
  3. I'd love to trade for him but I think everybody who has him invested so much in him they won't take a reasonable trade at the present time. I bet his owners (including me if I was one) are going to have to hurt a bit before they trade him. So likely most teams with Gordon won't be that good and will trade him to one of the better teams in the league at a steep discount after weeks 4 or 5ish and then they hit the gold mine when he comes back and get even better.' But that was my plan last year with Bell and got bit so who knows.
  4. True, my bad homie. I have Zeke in 3 leagues and only Pollard in 1. I should be unbiased and drop him because if it wasn't for the holdout nonsense I would not have him at all. But I paid $10 for him in one auction league so I'll fall victim to the sunk cost fallacy and keep him because I will be bitter if Zeke goes down or even if he has a Ekeler type role (which I think he can). Basically, I think he can be dropped but I'm not dropping the only share I have. But I also won't be picking him up in my other leagues even for free if he gets dropped.
  5. You're missing the extension part. Overall it is an 8 year deal because the first two years are tacked on. This is why the Cowboys can get a slight win but Zeke can get the big win because he can flaunt the 15 mill a year as the highest paid even though he's behind Gurley, Bell, and DJ in actuality.
  6. It's a 6/90 extension... They had him for the next two at 12.9 mill I think. So basically 90+13/8=12.875ish. So he gets 15 per year of new money.
  7. 12.9 million average isn't quite setting the market... As a Cowboys fan, this worked out better than I expected it to basically just because the length passes the eye test of a huge contract but if he doesn't perform towards the end of it they either cut him or he takes a pay cut to stay a Cowboy for life. I've heard it was 45 mill and 50 mill guaranteed. Either way they have him locked up in his prime years and option to keep him him even longer. I like the Cowboys doing the long contracts... Always seems like a much better deal in a few yeas as the salary cap significantly increases. As long as you don't miss and give the wrong player the 6+ year contract.
  8. I got him last night in a 12 team auction for $26 (I nominated him early), got Pollard for $10. Last weekend I got him in a 12 team auction for $42, didn't have money by the time Pollard came around. The only snake draft I've been in was last Sunday and he went 6th I think. Three weeks ago I got him for $25 in 10 team auction. Which I thought was an absolute steal at the time (can keep him for the same price next year) but am much more worried now about him missing significant time. I thought he would come back week 1 since Cowboys have an easy schedule and loses more leverage if they win and Pollard does well. If he sits out the first 3 and they win, why would he want to come back week 4 against the Saints and have a good chance to lose on his first game back? I think it is 50/50 he comes back week 1. If not, I don't think he comes back until he has to at week 10 or whenever it is for his year to count unless a contract gets done in between which I don't think is likely unless he caves.
  9. I don’t think Crocket will be the answer. Much more likely they trade for somebody like Doug Martin or wait for roster cuts to pick up somebody.
  10. Agree Zeke > Dak (along with everybody else). Definitely disagree that Dak is more replaceable...
  11. My only draft thus far was in ESPN and they allow Josh Gordon to be in a guys IR spot... Which I don't agree with but wish I knew beforehand and he'd be on my team in my IR spot (we were drafting at the time the report came back he got reinstated). Guy picked him up for $1 before.
  12. Sitting on the waiver wire on the only league I've drafted so far. I'd bet he has a few huge games outweighed by more mediocre games.He's a guy in the past I've held onto and never wanted to drop but always never wanted to start. Would rather fill my bench spots with guys with higher ceilings.
  13. As a person who got Zeke for $25 in a keeper league last weekend (can keep next year for $25, the following for $35) I am ecstatic. As a Cowboys fan, I'm not so happy. Don't blame anybody for getting as much as they can but if Dak, Zeke, Cooper and Jones all took the Jaylon route, fair pay but also team friendly, the outside opportunities for being on a long time winning Cowboys team is more than what basically any other team can provide.