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  1. Well the other part of that issue is that the Williams' both likely have a better understanding of the offense (I'd assume, just based on tenure) but are also both better in passing situations (including protection) than McCoy at the moment.. So it's not just simply McCoy needing to learn the offense, it's also him being able to execute the offense well enough where there is no considerable downgrade from having him in as opposed to either of the Williams'. There is still an outside chance of McCoy returning value here as the season wears on, I'm just beginning to think if he isn't the one to take the reigns we're going to be looking at a relatively worthless RBBC the remainder of the season. Side note, I also think the return of Tyreek will help the run game in the long term as there is now even more reason for defenses to constantly worry about the top being blown off.. maybe that's just wishful thinking but it could open the door for the Chiefs to run the ball more than 9 times a game.
  2. The last grasp of hope comes down to if McCoy can work in the passing game down the stretch of the season. I'm sure Reid would like to use one RB for consistency's sake but with McCoy not being up to speed for passing situations and Williams being pretty poor at running situations thus far we're left with two ultimately unusable players at the moment.
  3. I honestly don't care about the first 4 games, I'm solely talking about those people who are up in arms after last night's injury induced dud, raging that they should've benched him and whatnot when (obviously) nobody knew he was going to miss most of the game.
  4. Lotta people irrationally upset with a guy who got hurt before his QB started cooking in the second half..
  5. All in all still not concerned about Chubb's outlook, his floor appears to be double digits regardless of game script as he is getting a lot of touches week to week. I know the ghost of Kareem Hunt is causing an irrational stir with certain people here but I think the bigger concern is that Cleveland won't be in many scoring positions over the next few games with some solid pass defenses on the horizon. It's very apparent that Chubb bailed out Kitchens in the game against Baltimore as not much has really changed on the play calling front all season save for a few oddly timed trick plays here and there.. Fortunately so far talent has out-weighed a poor situation with Chubb right now.
  6. Their entire philosophy from last season seems to have gone out the window in favor of a gameplan that amplifies the deficiencies their QB possesses. Also doesn't help that they really should be a run first, play-action kinda team but they let their OLine fall apart in the offseason... They basically assembled their team like it's Madden, loading up on all the skill positions with big names (even when it's very unnecessary like the addition of Hunt) while ignoring the less glamorous roles like OLine.
  7. This is a good point, even last year Mayfield was willing to challenge defenses by throwing into tight windows... this year it's not there. Baker is clearly shook by the media (even if he refuses to admit it) and looks to be trying way too hard to play mistake-free football instead of being loose and confident. It's weird how the team can look so perfectly in sync for a drive or two at a time and then all of a sudden the wheels fall off and they never find their rhythm again all game.
  8. That's exactly it. As a Julio owner I'm not worried because I've seen that he can get it done, the last two weeks have just been regression to the mean as you stated (Keenan Allen owners are probably feeling the same right now), but with Beckham we haven't seen anything substantial to justify value outside of one play against the Jets. As someone who may be looking to trade for OBJ I'm curious to hear what owners may be willing to take for him this week.
  9. It's pretty well documented he struggles to read defenses and make on the fly adjustments on his own (as was exploited in last years super bowl). Yardage numbers for receivers are irrelevant to this debate, if his first or possibly second read is there he can get the ball to them as he isn't lacking in arm talent.
  10. Umm yeah thanks for the info I guess, but I quite clearly said it isn't just Goff he's benefitting from and that Kupp is a legitimately good WR lol. The point was Goff's lack of ability to read a defense will likely ensure Kupp has the continued volume he's been seeing since he is a security blanket on top of everything else.
  11. Not to discredit Kupp because I do think he is a legitimately good WR but he definitely benefits from Goff being a not-so-good real life QB... since he struggles to read defenses he certainly relies on that security blanket that Kupp provides, but again it's not a knock on Kupp's abilities since he still has to garner separation. Basically, I don't see this train slowing down anytime soon. Kupp is a perfect fit for the way Goff plays his position.
  12. Same point I was trying to make. I swear people on here assume every one of their players is supposed to score 20+ points every week based solely on the fact that they drafted them and are irrationally disappointed when that isn't the case. I can't for the life of me see what the argument against Cooks is right now, he's doing the exact same thing he has done almost every year he's been in the league, why would he all of a sudden become a massive target hog and a possession receiver when he's never been that? He's a deep threat specialist receiver, he'll get you a handful of 20 point games during the year and on most weeks will net you around 9-12 points. The one guy saying he's disappointed that he's not a WR2 in 10-team leagues or whatever just didn't do enough research if they were banking on him being that week in and week out... he's in a sense what DeSean Jackson has been throughout his career but with a lower weekly ceiling and higher weekly floor.
  13. Might get one more week of sneaky value if they ease Gordon in kind of like Zeke was for the Cowboys. I'm hoping they find a way to have both backs on the field more going forward given Ekelers pass catching has been pretty elite up until this point. Probably just wishful thinking in both instances.
  14. They likely used the game against the Bengals as a testing ground for how the unique formations would work in-game seeing as CIN is less than formidable against the run. I would expect the wildcat and dual RB usage to carry over into future games however it will likely be at a much lower usage than what we saw last night. What is promising though is that Samuels appears to be able to slide right in for Connor and be nearly as effective in both running the ball but especially in the receiving department. Even if Samuels doesn't retain week-to-week solo value with Connor available he should still be owned as a top tier handcuff going forward... Certainly when looking at how Connor almost always seems to have an ailment each week.
  15. That's essentially the RotoWorld forums in a nutshell. People were freaking out about Chubb's production week 1-3 despite having a double digit-floor in PPR formats, going as far to call him a bust.. hyperbole at its finest.