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  1. Leonard Fournette 2017 Season Outlook

    From this comment, his "stop throwing to the other team" comment, and his appearances on Pardon My Take it seems he might be the most self aware player in the league.
  2. 12 team, 3 WR, .5 PPR, Keeper QB: Tom Brady RB: Mark Ingram RB: Jerrick McKinnon WR: DeAndre Hopkins WR: AJ Green WR: Michael Thomas TE: Rob Gronkowski K: Chris Boswell Def: LA Rams I'm the #2 seed against the #5
  3. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    Perhaps if you're only looking at box scores and not what's happening on the field
  4. Alvin Kamara 2017 Season Outlook

    Just read he was present on the field during practice but his participation level is unknown until the injury report is released. Basically I've provided no new information here lol
  5. Dion Lewis 2017 Season Outlook

    White is the most accomplished pass catching back out of the three and likely has more passing plays designed with him on the field than the other two (he may also be the best pass protection back on the roster as well, something the Patriots struggled with as a team on Monday), couple that with New England trailing by multiple scores and there's your answer for White being on the field more... It should also be mentioned that White and Burkhead were actually on the field together more than once. It seems the Patriots have shown that when things are going their way the duo of Lewis and Burkhead are the preferred option as they both allow the Patriots to mix a run/pass ratio into the offense however when things are going poorly White is going to be in a lot as he is purely a pass catcher. Nothing too surprising here, I wouldn't expect the Patriots to struggle like they did on Monday again in the regular season so this is likely a one week outlier for White's usage.
  6. Aaron Rodgers 2017 Season Outlook

    Another factor that I'm sure defenses factor into their week preparation for Rodgers is his tendency to extend plays.. Having to cover a WR beyond their standard route takes added stamina as well as strategy, especially in a zone scheme.
  7. Rob Gronkowski 2017 Season Outlook

    I would think he would be in the conversation of a 2nd/early 3rd round pick as of right now, he missed two games and TE is still a wasteland (Wentz's injury muddies Ertz's 2018, at least the first part of it). There will be plenty of new players entering/re-entering the 1st and 2nd round pick territory (Kareem Hunt, Adam Thielen, DeAndre Hopkins moves up, Alvin Kamara, etc.) so I don't think he is back to being a 1st rounder quite yet.
  8. Tom Brady 2017 Season outlook

    The Pats won convincingly. Tom played a good game he just didn't need to do a whole lot and unfortunately the Pats scored their TDs via running plays.. There is a huge difference between "playing poorly" and having a bad fantasy outing..
  9. Alfred Morris 2017 Season Outlook

    I've managed to pick the wrong Cowboys RB every week.. I still think Alf gets the bulk of the carries once more however I don't know if that necessarily means much with Rod doing way more with his limited touches. A true coin flip as far as I'm concerned
  10. Tom Brady 2017 Season outlook

    My reference to the Super Bowl and the other games is a response to those who are saying this is a result of him being "over the hill" or his Achilles injury playing a factor which is simply not the case. Anytime there is a constant pressure on him he looks exactly like he did last night, skittish and inaccurate with a fair amount of desperation heaves down field. You also need to look at those games listed on that tweet.. in 2016 they played the Broncos still rather dominate defense in Denver, in 2015 they played the over achieving Jets in NY who also put a lot of pressure on Brady (Edelman and Amendola both missed this game as well), in 2014 it was again the Jets in NY who had 4 sacks on Brady and were chasing him around all game.. It's easy to look at the stats in a vacuum but the matchups are what matters, we've known for a long time that the Patriots struggle in Miami. Not saying that people should know to bench him but it's important to tie expectations to the matchup like you would any other player.. Now looking at the history the Patriots have against the Tomlin Steelers it is fully understandable to expect a big game from Brady, if he falters then I would consider that a huge letdown.
  11. Tom Brady 2017 Season outlook

    Crazy overreaction in this thread...again. It's well documented the Patriots struggle in Miami. This also looked like every single game Brady struggles in when the pass rush is dominant, so those saying it's the Achilles injury or him being "washed up" need to reevaluate and perhaps didn't see the first 3/4 of last year's Super Bowl, the AFC Championship game the year before or the either Super Bowl against the Giants, etc. I fully expect a bounce back game against the Steelers next week, Gronk will be back and it's a defensive scheme that Brady has shredded for years
  12. Tom Brady 2017 Season outlook

    Every QB (player really) will have down games.. it happens, there is little to suggest that this may be a trend of any sorts. The Patriots once again played a very good "real" football game where Brady just happened to not throw any TDs. I've got a lot of stock in Brady during the fantasy playoffs this year and I can confidently say he is the least of my worries.
  13. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    I recall Hoyer had a short run of being usable and just when people started to trust him and fire him up in leagues he got injured on a Thursday night game in the first half.
  14. Best teamin the NFC - debate

    If the Packers manage to squeak in they are going to upset one of the heavy hitters in the conference during the playoffs (my guess is the Eagles if the seeding were to line up) before disappointing themselves in a loss the following week.. it's like clockwork. But ultimately I think it's a toss up between the Vikings and the Saints although logic would tend to lean towards the team with a more experienced QB and far superior run game.. Not to discredit what the Eagles have done thus far, the game against the Seahawks very well could have swung in their favor if it weren't for some rather unfortunate mishaps.. but ya know... should've, could've, would've.
  15. Davante Adams 2017 Season Outlook

    I think it's more of a case of Adams being underrated and the two of them building a rapport together by having a lot of reps together through out their years in GB as Hundley and Adams likely have practiced together as the "2nd Team" offense.