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  1. I'm a believer in Samuels but this offense did not look good. Hoping it's just on the road and it's his first start, but the 49ers defense also just might be that much better at this point.
  2. How can anyone see this coming? The fact that MVS had 100-1 makes me feel OK about Adams prospects. It's just a weird offense, but I do feel like bailing as well. Although the Eagles game is gonna be his blowup game I think...
  3. If today doesn't give you confidence that Coleman is gonna feast when he returns, it should. Outside of Breida the other guys looked like JAGs out there. Coleman combines the best traits of them all. Buy low...I'm holding on.
  4. The worst part about his fumble is that he did all the right things, even secured with two hands. The moment he went to one hand to brace himself to the turf was the same split second moment the ball was punched out. I'd be more concerned if it was a routine sloppy awful fumble but unfortunately coaching staff needed to yank him even though they didn't see the full play. He didn't play Well though. I'm about to bail on the entire Seahawks running game to begin with. Until their coaching realized they have a really bad defense and need to commit to creative rushing as well as qb rpos, this run game is going to be awful all year. Russell Wilson stock up- running game stock way down. Id probably start Carson again next week
  5. Until BOB is fired he will continue to use the plodding alfred blue types until they fade from existence. We all shouldve known better than most coaches just aren't rational and are in the stoneage
  6. Caught all 4 targets in tough coverage so it’s not the ability that’s the issue. Its the offense being bottom 16 or worse...and still the teams not respecting Packers wr2. IDK what to do...
  7. You know how frustrating it is when your QB is off to a hot start and literally has done nothing in the last 20 GAME minutes? WTF
  8. Ridiculous. bust city so far- Packers coaching is atrocious after 1st quarter. I need to offload all packers
  9. Adams is so far feeling like bust city...literally KC receivers 2 and 3 are better than him this year so far
  10. I'd be more worried if it was in NOLA but NOLA has to travel back to back weeks, and now to Seattle. Carson's week is this week.
  11. Am the only one thats relieved he gave a wr1 game last week? I'm concerned about the offense, concerned about Chris Harris and the broncos, and can't afford a 5-50 game from him. Thoughts? Cant bench him but I just have an uneasy feeling about his season long prospects