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  1. F**! I loss by .05 in fg%! #1 during the regular season, out on the first week of PO!
  2. How many games out? If similar to Towns, are we looking at 2 or more games out?
  3. He started 2-9 today and I was thinking "not again!" but he turned it around on the 3rd quarter! Please keep this a trend!
  4. WHAT THE HELL! From having 11 games to 9 games! WTF!
  5. Traded Middleton for Dipo. Thought I got a steal! Dipo only lasted 10 minutes. Hope he recovers next season though!
  6. Fork it! First game in my team and only played 10 minutes! Hope he recovers well!
  7. Damn and I got him for middleton straight up
  8. I'm up against Wiggins and I'm hoping he bricks his shot! The man can't seem to find the hoop!
  9. Got hold of Dipo again. I say the upside is there. Its the same IND team from last year. He's gonna get out of the slump!
  10. Just traded him. The bucks are just darn loaded!
  11. Did that just happen yesterday? I saw a similar trade in Yahoo's Trade Market