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  1. POSITION STARTERS MAXIMUMS Point Guard (PG) 1 No Limit Shooting Guard (SG) 1 No Limit Small Forward (SF) 1 No Limit Power Forward (PF) 1 No Limit Center (C) 2 No Limit Guard (G) 2 N/A Forward (F) 2 N/A Shooting Guard/Small Forward (SG/SF) 0 N/A Guard/Forward (G/F) 0 N/A Power Forward/Center (PF/C) 0 N/A Forward/Center (F/C) 0 N/A Util (UTIL) 2 N/A Bench (BE) 5 N/A Injured Reserve (IR) 2 N/A
  2. Draft tonight ESPN 8pm CST $20 10-team Roto 8-cat. pay via Leaguesafe. Leaguesafe link: ESPN link:
  3. I’m in. Can we make it for money? $25 $50? If not this year, then maybe going forward?
  4. Please send the details of the league once you set it up. I think we can get 8 pretty easily.