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  1. Safe to drop in 10 team leagues? Dont need him in week 14.. playoffs start 15 and end in 16, brutal matchups, they wont be able to move the ball with Sanchez?
  2. Am I crazy to ask this? Fairbairn looks like the better schedule. Not sure if Tucker will get the chances now in that QB mess of the Ravens. FFToday.com actually has Tucker #16 rest of the season... whereas Fairbairn is #5....
  3. You ok? check yourself for a fever and please go back to reddit.
  4. would ya'll rather have a RB like A Jones on a good offense, or David Johnson in a bad offense ROS?
  5. Breida looked healthy out there? Can someone confirm?
  6. why the f--- is he listed as D still . i have line up moves to make. smj
  7. Decent chance he gets traded to a WR needy team like the colts....?
  8. What is MINN's outlook all season? I have them, but I also picked up NE D. I know it's a newbie move to hold two DEF. Is Minny droppable? They have Saints this week and then DET, and then a bye. Or should I just hold both? They pair up pretty good together it seems. NE has Green bay next week, and Minn has Detroit. NE has bye week 11, while Minn plays the bears. And tribusky can very well turn it over.
  9. Not sure whether I would want to trade this man away (along with a RB2 and TE Njoku) for a tier 1 RB such as Barkley. James white has been THAT GOOD.
  10. any concerns he gets rested during FF playoff games week 15, and especially 16? The rams might go close to undefeated and should lock up #1 seed effortlessly and easy.
  11. Ekeler is a 'satellite back' .. 3rd down specialist and someone to give a workhorse back like Melvin Gordon a breather on the sidelines with a few carries of his own. Very disappointed today. Expected a big game without Gordon, but it was clearly obvious he is small and undersized to carry the mail between the tackles. All I saw was a bunch of 1-4 yard gains and a cloud of dust. Ekeler shines when Melvin shines, but as others said above, a flex at best (whether Melvin plays or not) I rather have a WR with massive upside like golladay in my flex. I have short bench in a 10 team so I might be dropping for someone with upside.
  12. Who would you rather have ROS? I have a chance to trade away DJ (plus some WR) and receive Dalvin and Ingram... on the surface this seems great, but.. Dalvin's injury is spooky and Ingram has a bad schedule and presence of Kamara to deal with.
  13. Droppable in shallow leagues? It is also evident something isn't right with his knee. It was hurting and making him miss practice
  14. Im confused. With Higgins out, where is callaway going to line up, the left outside WR position? Higgins was occupying the right side? Is Callaway going to line up now on the right outside or will another WR take Higgin's right side position? Basically, who is going to see Casey Hayward?