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  1. Half ppr league. He is up by 22pts. He has Dion Lewis going. I have Dallas Def, Cooper, and Corey Davis going. Close?
  2. I just traded MY Michael Thomas for another teams Ingram, not sure I need Gore. He just offered this trade. Redraft 12 man league, half ppr. Thoughts? My team: Cousins Jeffrey Hilton Hunt Ingram Cook Murray Bench: Corey Davis, Cooper, Rudolph, Johnson Jr, Mike Davis His Team: Mayfield John Brown Westbrook Barkley Breida Uzomah Mack BN: Hyde, Schuster, Wilson, Coutee, Anderson
  3. McCoy screwed me this week. I am up by 11pts in a half PPR and he has Coleman going tonight. I lose, right?
  4. I'm not sure this changes anything for either of our two teams he proposed Thomas/McCoy for Ingram/Hilton. I am trying to work out a deal with an 0-6 team and he is just trying to not finish in last. Thoughts? Any counters? My roster: QB-Cousins, WR1/WR2 - Thomas, Jeffrey RB1/RB2 - Hunt, McCoy TE - Cook W/R/T - Rudolph Bench: Corey Davis, Amari, Latavius, Johnson Jr, Mike Davis His roster: QB - Dalton WR1/WR2 - Landry, Hilton RB1/RB2 - Gordon, Ingram TE - Gronk W/R/T - Watkins Bench: Jordy, Lindsay, Lynch, Stafford, OJ Howard
  5. Thank you for the help. Cannot trade picks. Got a lot of advice and to think about here, but maybe targeting Ingram is better.
  6. Not a dynasty/keeper league. So right now it looks like Hunt/Cooper for Gordon. Or I could try who for Lindsay?
  7. I think he is just trying to not finish in last. OJ Howard on his bench. THx guys.
  8. I just talked to him. He is willing to move anyone on his team at this point. Thx.
  9. He is 0-6. I am targeting his Melvin Gordon. Who do I ship for Melvin Gordon?? or do I target one of his other RBs? He has let it be known anyone on his team is avail. My team: QB- Counsins WR1 - Thomas WR2 - Alshon RB - Hunt RB - McCoy TE - Cook W/R/T - Cooper Corey Davis Rudolph Latavius Johnson Jr Mike Davis His team: QB- Dalton WR1- Landry WR2- Hilton RB- Gordon RB - Ingram TE- Gronk W/R/T- Watkins Nelson Lindsay Lynch Stafford Howard
  10. I need a RB. A 0-3 team in my league has Melvin Gordon and Lynch. Don't think he is willing to trade Gordon. Here is his team. Stafford, Hilton, Landry, Gordon III, Lynch, Gronk, Watkins. B-Lindsay, Parker, Ingram, Nelson, Howard. My team: Cousins, Thomas, Cooper, Hunt, Bernard, Rudolph, Cook, Murray, Johnson Jr, McCoy, Corey Davis, Alshon. Who would be good trade fodder for Lynch? Maybe I could package up a blockbuster deal and send Hunt/WR/TE for Gordon and Lynch? Thanks.
  11. More concerned about Cousins ability effecting Rudolph.
  12. Anyone rolling him out there tonight?