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  1. Pretty good value for drafting him in the 12th round in my 12 manager league. I'll take it for however long he continues rolling.
  2. Are we worried about snap counts?
  3. Whose rolling the ball on this guy tonight?
  4. More than 14pts from Jacob's and watson. has to happen rite??
  5. What does everyone think? .5 PPR. He is up 98-92. He has Conner going tomorrow. I have Watson and Jacob's going. Can I pull out the W
  6. Half ppr league. He is up by 22pts. He has Dion Lewis going. I have Dallas Def, Cooper, and Corey Davis going. Close?
  7. I just traded MY Michael Thomas for another teams Ingram, not sure I need Gore. He just offered this trade. Redraft 12 man league, half ppr. Thoughts? My team: Cousins Jeffrey Hilton Hunt Ingram Cook Murray Bench: Corey Davis, Cooper, Rudolph, Johnson Jr, Mike Davis His Team: Mayfield John Brown Westbrook Barkley Breida Uzomah Mack BN: Hyde, Schuster, Wilson, Coutee, Anderson
  8. McCoy screwed me this week. I am up by 11pts in a half PPR and he has Coleman going tonight. I lose, right?
  9. I'm not sure this changes anything for either of our two teams he proposed Thomas/McCoy for Ingram/Hilton. I am trying to work out a deal with an 0-6 team and he is just trying to not finish in last. Thoughts? Any counters? My roster: QB-Cousins, WR1/WR2 - Thomas, Jeffrey RB1/RB2 - Hunt, McCoy TE - Cook W/R/T - Rudolph Bench: Corey Davis, Amari, Latavius, Johnson Jr, Mike Davis His roster: QB - Dalton WR1/WR2 - Landry, Hilton RB1/RB2 - Gordon, Ingram TE - Gronk W/R/T - Watkins Bench: Jordy, Lindsay, Lynch, Stafford, OJ Howard
  10. Thank you for the help. Cannot trade picks. Got a lot of advice and to think about here, but maybe targeting Ingram is better.
  11. Not a dynasty/keeper league. So right now it looks like Hunt/Cooper for Gordon. Or I could try who for Lindsay?
  12. I think he is just trying to not finish in last. OJ Howard on his bench. THx guys.
  13. I just talked to him. He is willing to move anyone on his team at this point. Thx.
  14. He is 0-6. I am targeting his Melvin Gordon. Who do I ship for Melvin Gordon?? or do I target one of his other RBs? He has let it be known anyone on his team is avail. My team: QB- Counsins WR1 - Thomas WR2 - Alshon RB - Hunt RB - McCoy TE - Cook W/R/T - Cooper Corey Davis Rudolph Latavius Johnson Jr Mike Davis His team: QB- Dalton WR1- Landry WR2- Hilton RB- Gordon RB - Ingram TE- Gronk W/R/T- Watkins Nelson Lindsay Lynch Stafford Howard