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  1. Jon Lester 2018 Outlook

    Have had this guy last few years. Will never own again. Overrated trash
  2. The Worst Franchise in Baseball

    Way more pathetic NFL teams then MLB. Can’t think of any baseball team that belongs in the same convo as the Cleveland Browns. Browns should be kicked out of the NFL
  3. Payout allocation

    Relax. I’m commish of 2 leagues. People aren’t getting paid for weeks. Takes time sometimes to get everyone to pay up
  4. Early 2018 Top 20 Rankings

    This... he is only behind brown, Hopkins and Odell for me.
  5. Jimmy Garoppolo 2017 Season Outlook

    No kidding they thought he was the guy along.
  6. Jimmy Garoppolo 2017 Season Outlook

    Remember when that idiot coach was saying he might not even play this year. What a dumb F
  7. Brandin Cooks 2017 Season Outlook

    Well the hype preseason was clearly suggesting it was gonna change with Brady.
  8. Brandin Cooks 2017 Season Outlook

    2018 and beyond. Never again with this guy
  9. 12-24-17 Seahawks @ Dallas Gameday Thread

    Doug Baldwin is hot garbage
  10. Jaguars @ 49ers

    Dede is straight trash
  11. Mike Gillislee 2017 Outlook

    This chump will vulture dions big day because BB is an a**. Guaranteed
  12. Cleveland Browns Outlook 2017

    Hue Jackson is a pathetic excuse for a coach and fits perfectly in Cleveland
  13. 1st & 2nd Round Fantasy Predictions.

    hyde and miller suck and shouldn't be second round but i hope they are taken off the board that early in all my leagues. Davante Adams belongs in the 2nd easily, Rodgers #1 WR Barkley will bump Dalvin out of 1st round, maybe McCoy too Drake in the second easily too
  14. Davante Adams 2017 Season Outlook

    Adams falls right into line behind Brown Hopkins and Odell for me next year.
  15. Davante Adams 2017 Season Outlook

    Don’t own Adams but I wish I did. No way in hell would I consider benching this guy. Take him over Julio, Evans, AJ type guys all day. This is where the term “don’t bench your studs” actually applies imo