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  1. 21 for 85 and a TD, yeah I’ll take that when they are blowing out scrub teams. If that’s what Bill is offering.
  2. This, gonna have a tuff choice Sunday. Ty J train or this one
  3. His schedule is the main thing that gives me hope right now. Lots of potential blowouts where they should run a lot. Hopefully anyway.
  4. Curious what people are dropping for him. I’m interested but only have 1 available player to drop and it’s probably a bad idea.
  5. Not sure who’s gonna replace him but yeah I’m worried. I think he’s actually garbage.
  6. Brown is easily a top 5 handcuff. If you can’t see the value in that or simply don’t believe in handcuffing in general drop away.
  7. Thought we might get an Ingram light but not looking good. Hate to dump this early though. He’s definitely in the drop convo for me
  8. Agree, Big Ben isn’t some top notch elite QB at this point.
  9. I dropped in a 10 team last week, didn’t think twice