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  1. Benched Michel for Juju...would have started if not for that tweet
  2. I've started him all his starts. I'm disappointed for his lack of ceiling games but happy for what we got from him. Still believe in his huge upside next year.
  3. This is hilarious. Foles is burning this Rams secondary. Meanwhile Goof can't do anything against this injured Eagles D that's been getting lit up!
  4. D. Williams or Diggs in .5 PPR? Thanks, WHIR!
  5. KC's defense is a lot better at home so not sure what point you're trying to make here.
  6. Onto the next matchup...how does everyone feel about Detriot?
  7. They're not putting Lamar in a position to succeed. He has the same amount of runs he would have had if Flacco was in
  8. Yikes, not sure how I feel about this stream now with Goodwin out.
  9. It always resorts to a pointless Keenum/Cousins debate lol
  10. If they're officially out of the playoffs, Jackson is the starter no question IMO. If Balt wins this week and Jackson shows some throwing capability, the QB controversy is on. Hopefully they view Jackson as a spark the team needs (if he performs well this week).I think it could go either way.