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  1. Picking up now just in case of steph being out over a week, which is a high possibility given the injury. Dubs got a 5 game week next week and they have no reason to rush him back. Cooks upside is too real not too
  2. Hes an idiot if not. Dude straight up balls and gets buckets. Also, with only a centre bigger than him in the lineup as well, he seems to be getting more rebounds
  3. They mentioned in the game that he doesn't want to miss games for it, however it does effect him and gets worse as the game progresses. It effects his explosiveness and shot and may take a few months to correct...
  4. Won't argue with that. probably wont get consistent minutes until the second half of the season though unless someone gets injured...
  5. Hornets straight up murdered Magic. No reason to pick up. Congrats to anyone who played him though after that first game he had aha
  6. Needed 10 min to be rosterable. Not a bad use for your last pick
  7. Apparently didnt play due to back tightness... F&*kin Magic yo
  8. They might give it a few minutes with vooch on the bench, but Isaac is no where near tough enough to play the 5 at the moment. He's thin and quick and will definitely be used mainly on the wing. He's not taking minutes from vooch this season. He's taking it away from hezonja who is a free agent next season and orlando can't pay him what he will get.
  9. Not saying he won't be top 40 or anything. He is still a beast who has worked on his FTs and 3s and thats definitely improved his value. But with the starting lineup all active his usage is down, points, assists and boards all fall. He was first round value for several weeks while everyone is injured. I hope Im wrong, but its super unlikely he hits that mark again with a healthy team. He will more than likely fall around the late 2nd round or early 3rd that he was at for most of the season. Still beating his ADP considerably.
  10. Remember that Vooch had those kind of numbers because there were so many injuries for the magic to begin with. AG out for half that time, as well as Fournier and Payton for a chunk. Think he won't have the same value when he was at his peak in Orlando, but he should remain a massive focal point on offence and put up a much higher value than his ADP