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  1. He’s going to get 14 TDS this year, especially when AB comes back. Big plays to get them down the field then he’ll get the goal line work.
  2. I was just able to get him in a draft, and I’m excited man. I think him & Josh Allen are going to light the nfl on fire this year!
  3. This thread is gold, I’m definitely going to give this a follow. I’m with you on Howard & MVS.
  4. He’s been going crazy all playoffs, but I still hate Mr. Load Management. One of his rest games on a Sunday cost me a trip to the playoffs 🙄
  5. Man what happened? I traded away Josh Richardson in a big deal because I was banking on swooping in and picking this guy up. Why’d he get the random DNP-CD? Dion Waiters has been back for a minute, and Ellington didn’t play.
  6. I just got my Luka for him in a points league. Im afraid they’re going to bring Boogie along too slowly though. I’m stuck.
  7. With Oubre & Rivers not playing tonight, is Mikal a must play tonight vs the Knicks?
  8. About to jump off this ship for Tatum & Donovan Mitchell! Abort ship while you can people!
  9. Must add imo. Stocks, could hit 3s, boards. I’ve never seen him play before today, I almost dropped my phone rushing to add him after I saw how pure his stroke pause was on a 3 he hit. I have John Collins as well, but idc.
  10. Trying to abandon ship but owners are afraid of the sitting back to backs. Really needed his production this week. This sucks. I will never own Kawhi again.
  11. This was right before Collin’s last two games and I wanted to offload Harrison Barnes. Whiteside is a monster in points leagues because of the blocks. I regret it now though 😩