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  1. Punting TO, do I make the trade? WHIR

    10 teams, right? If you can make it happen, do that.
  2. Accept? Whir

    Depends on you team but id rather give Bjelica than Reggie. Assists are hard to find.
  3. Punting TO, do I make the trade? WHIR

    In your case, you dont make this move. Its simple, Jokic is a better overall fantasy player, but since you are punting FG and TO and you are covered in AST, you need Embiid with his points and blocks.
  4. Fair?

    I would not do this. I value Whiteside & Teague much more then the other side, both proven & much more consistent.

    Since you are punting assists and need no steals & 3s,... yeah both those trades seem good for you.
  6. Quick! Lonzo for Redick? Whir 100

    I would take Redick in a heartbeat.
  7. Gallo for Draymond. ...whir

    In 8cat, i would take Draymond, much better overall.
  8. my tatum for cj mccollum? WHIR

    CJ. Tatum has no space in Boston, too much ball movement and too much rotations.
  9. You need Capela waaay more than Oladipo. Oladipo is provinding better overall stats of course but he is not delivering as expected this year, and with his knee injuries i would not risk pushing this trade.
  10. IN : Mirotic & Sabonis OUT: Tatum & Harrell Thoughts? Drop a link.
  11. Otto Porter 2018-2019 Season outlook

    This is exactly why OPJ is a roto player.