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  1. err yeah they were a decent three point shooting team because Murray didn't play all season, and their top four 3pt shooters were Forbes, Bertans, Mills and Belinelli - guys who will never share the court with Murray and White at the same time (and Bertans of course has left). If you think Pop is going to roll out rotations with 5 guys who can't shoot threes and take away all the spacing DeRozan and LMA need for their midrange game, then lol.
  2. How do they compliment each other when neither of them can shoot? How many playoff teams are starting a backcourt combo of two players shooting under 30% from three?
  3. OK let me explain this in a way which might make this clearer. There are 48 minutes available at PG. Both White and Murray will be exclusively be played at PG because neither of them can shoot 3s (both were under 30% last season). Additionally, while Patty is a good shooter he played almost exclusively as a PG last season (see his rotations here on BBall reference). Walker is also going to solely play as a PG on nights when he is in the rotation. So it's reasonable to assume the PG rotation is going to be White / Murray / Mills / Walker, with the SG rotation being Marco / Forbes / DeRozan. For White to average 32 mpg this season, it will require Murray, Mills and Walker to collectively average 16 minutes per night. Last season Patty averaged 23mpg, Lonnie 7mpg, and Murray averaged 22mpg the year before he got hurt. And now combined, in your scenario, they are going to average 16mpg. Only two players (DeRozan and LMA) averaged more than 30mpg last season. The season before (2018), only LMA did. In 2017 - only Kawhi and LMA. In fact the last time a PG under Pop averaged more than 30mpg was Tony Parker in 2013, 7 seasons ago, when his main back up Cory Joseph (a 29th pick sophmore) only played 28 games due to injury. For White to play 30mpg, let alone 32mpg, this season - it would be a historical anomaly from a team rotations perspective, and would mean Pop effectively giving up on Murray and Walker entirely despite both being younger and arguably having more potential. It would also mean him playing Patty at SG or punting him out of the rotation entirely, down from 23mpg last season. None of which is going to happen. Hashtag BBall has White at 28mpg which i'd say is the best case scenario ceiling. I know Josh Lloyd at BBM has also spoken at length about why the SAS PG rotation this year is going to be a ****show and that it won't be worth taking any of them outside of the last round.
  4. As I said, he played 26 mpg last season without Murray. They have retained all their guards, and Murray is now back. Plus, unlike last season, Walker will probably play more than 100 minutes in total this season. Unless you think Patty or Marco or Forbes are going to be out of the rotation every night, and their minutes will be going to White rather than Murray, it is mathematically impossible.
  5. He has a precisely 0 per cent chance of playing 32mpg with Murray, Forbes, Mills, Walker, and Marco all in the backcourt, plus DeMar probably getting some minutes at the 2 to accomodate a Gay-LMA-Poeltl frontcourt rotation at times. He only played 26mpg last season, and that was with Murray out the entire time. Where are these extra minutes coming from?
  6. You are crazy if you draft this guy in any non-dynasty setting this season. The level of hype pushes him out of the realms of viable value, and the amount of weight he is carrying, combined with the fact New Orleans is going to be exceptionally cautious with him and has no need to try and win now, make him a huge risk of 60- games.
  7. Huge upside in auction drafts, where people who don't want to go for a stars and scrubs approach can pick up a guy like Trae for less than half the price of a Lillard/Westbrook and end up with a guy who may put up value that isn't too far off them.
  8. Fortunately that extremely soft ejection didn't kill me in the end - he was clearly fouled and the refs kick him out for asking about the no call? Some serious bull****, feel bad for the Nuggets as that probably lost them the game and may seriously impact their seeding.
  9. Just won my $1,000 11-team H2H league, my second chip in its five year history. My punt-blocks team (by draft position): 7. Nikola Jokic 16. Jimmy Butler (traded for Buddy Hield + Jamal Murray) 29. Devin Booker 38. Tobias Harris 51. Kris Dunn (dropped about a month ago) 60. Nikola Vucevic 73. Nicolas Batum (dropped in Jan) 82. D'Angelo Russell 96. Danilo Gallinari 105. Larry Nance Jr (dropped in Dec because Larry Drew is a moron) 118. DeMarcus Cousins 127. Jeremy Lamb 140. Jeremy Lin (dropped like 1 week in to stream) Other than the Butler trade for Hield and Murray, there weren't any huge changes to the team I drafted. Had a few hot streamers along the way (Mudiay, Dinwiddie, Nance, Burke) but didn't pick up any of the absolute gems. The chip was dependent on some huge value from my midrange guys, especially Vucevic, D'Lo and Gallo, and guys like Booker/Harris/Hield outplaying their draft positions. I'd guess a fair few championship squads had Vucci, D'Lo and Gallo on their rosters. Very narrowly won my matchup on the final day despite having Jokic AND Boogie get ejected, and Murray limp off. My opponent had Nurkic and JRich go down this week, plus Giannis rest today, which all helped.
  10. Another good line, killing me in FTs tonight though...
  11. Decided to move on, he's been better than expected since coming back but the Nets have a 2-3 schedule over the next 2 weeks. Don't think he's done enough outside his scoring to warrant holding with so few games (at least in my 11-team league). Hopefully get a chance to stream him a bit.
  12. They have one of the best schedules next week, which will be the start of the playoffs for a lot of teams, so i'm going to hold unless he falls off completely. I'll probably drop end of next week though.
  13. I had no intention of drafting him and seemingly everyone else was also worried about the longevity of his role, but at pick 66 I couldn't let him drop any further. Best pick of the season for me personally, and arguably in my entire league. Shame about the 2 game week in week 2 of the playoffs though, that's going to sting.