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  1. Another good line, killing me in FTs tonight though...
  2. Decided to move on, he's been better than expected since coming back but the Nets have a 2-3 schedule over the next 2 weeks. Don't think he's done enough outside his scoring to warrant holding with so few games (at least in my 11-team league). Hopefully get a chance to stream him a bit.
  3. They have one of the best schedules next week, which will be the start of the playoffs for a lot of teams, so i'm going to hold unless he falls off completely. I'll probably drop end of next week though.
  4. I had no intention of drafting him and seemingly everyone else was also worried about the longevity of his role, but at pick 66 I couldn't let him drop any further. Best pick of the season for me personally, and arguably in my entire league. Shame about the 2 game week in week 2 of the playoffs though, that's going to sting.
  5. Picked him up, already have D'Lo and Caris so may as well see how he goes on this back to back at least.
  6. Not only did Denver steal Jokic in the late 2nd round of that draft, but they traded the draft rights to Doug McDermott to Chicago in exchange for the draft rights to Gary Harris and Nurkic
  7. Same here, also dropped Harrell in the same week. Good times.
  8. Guy in my league just traded him + Jarrett Allen for Rubio, D Mitch and Jrue.
  9. Fair, he was given a 4-6 week timetable and All Star Weekend is the 4 week mark, so Rondo may have another week or two. Although given he'll certainly be back before fantasy playoffs I think i'm going to move onto someone with stronger ROS outlook.
  10. Lonzo is expected back after the ASB right? In which case Rondo only has 2 more games before Lonzo is back anyway, so even if they don't play any more Bullock at PG rotations his time is almost up.
  11. Dunn clearly isn't the type of PG that's going to get a team into a serious postseason run, but i'd say he's better than around 7-8 other starting PGs in the league at least.
  12. Sure, although assuming Bogdan is already rostered in most leagues.
  13. Of all the trades today, the best pickup looks to be T Johnson IMO - don't like Jabari or Portis outside of deep leagues, the Cle/Sac/Hou trade is straight garb all around. edit: Tobias trade didn't seem to create any pickups either.