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  1. My father invited me to his Fantasy Football League to fill a team spot (Yahoo - 10 Team League). I have legit "0" experience in Fantasy Football, but have at least some knowledge of actual football. My father believes that my experience/success in Fantasy Basketball will help me transition into being competitive in his league (I beg to differ, but okay.) The basic question is, how do I go about drafting? From the minimal research I've done in regards to Football, it seems like Running Backs are highly sought after early in drafts. WR seem to be in the same category, however even the stud WR seem to be drafted after a RB of the same caliber. QB's seem to vary between mid round and later. However, would you prioritize a QB like say Maholmes or similar caliber QB over a WR or RB? High value fantasy TE's "seem" to be relatively sparse in the NFL. Would taking a high profile name early be a boon or bust scenario? Kickers and Defenses should be listed as streaming spots and should be valued the least. The basic premise I keep seeing in priority is: RB / WR / QB / TE / K / D. Filling late round roster spots seems to be more of an injury net for your typical starters.
  2. I mean I'm not saying the dude is going to be a world beater or post 1st round value, but I'm expecting (or maybe hoping) for a return to normalcy I guess. My man is turning 31 (He's not ancient) at the start of next season and won't start the season injured. I guess that's how I'm viewing "Bounce-Back." Back in the 2017-2018 season he shot - 45%FG - 74%FT - 29%3PT. While averaging 25/10/10. This season he shot 43%FG - 65%FT - 29%3PT. While averaging 23/11/10 I don't expect a change in FG% , and it's obviously clear he won't be your 3PTM savior, but he's a career 80% FT shooter. This season just seems fluky considering pre All-Star break he shot 65% and post All-Star break he shot 65%. I mean technically you could say that because it's a downward trend it will only get worse, but I'd like to be optimistic that Westbrook could get back to being a 2 Cat punt rather than a 3 Cat punt. I may just be bias since I've owned Westbrook on 2 Championship teams, but I like the dudes game, what can I say.
  3. If Conely is traded and the Grizzlies keep Wright, he seems to be a must own player. This is a way to early 2019-2020 question, but if this is the case where would you draft him next year?
  4. A couple off the top of my head: J. Butler (Still see him as more of a late 2nd or early 3rd round pick) R. Westbrook (Mostly due to his poor FT% this year. Should be back to normal next year. Even if normal is only 75%) J. Allen (I get BKN has multiple rotations, but dude needs to get 10/10 and 2 BLKs every night.) J. Teague (Get healthy and carry my assists please.) C. Levert (Before the injury he was killing it, an off-season should get him back to form.) J. Valanciunas (Was putting up monster lines on MEM, depending on if he stays, could see more from him.) G. Dragic (Same deal, healthy and no D. Wade should give him a good outlook.)
  5. This dude literally saved my Finals week. Picked him up during the Semi-Final round and held him through the Finals. My man is looking at a nice pay day this off-season!
  6. 10 Team - 9 Cat - H2H - Money! (7) Kevin Durant (14) Paul George (27) Kyle Lowry (34) Lamarcus Aldridge (47) Mike Conely (127) Danilo Gallinari (Trade) Russell Westbrook (Trade) Clint Capela (Wire) Delon Wright - Josh Okogie - Justin Holiday - Domontas Sabonis - Tyus Jones - Blake Griffin Trade Away - Buddy Hield / Enes Kanter / Jeff Teague Aquired - Russell Westbrook / Clint Capela Was losing 2-7 three days into the Final week, then 4-5 until the last day. Going to thank Delon Wright for valiantly taking over my Mike Conely injury. Played the wire like a maniac and streamed STL's specialists to secure the win.
  7. 9 Cat - H2H 1. Harden (The REAL question is can he average 40 PTS per game next season when Paul gets hurt?) 2. Davis (This could vary depending on where he ends up and what the team gives up for him) 3. Towns (Always good to have an 82 game Center on your team who puts up 24/12) 4. Antetokounmpo (Can't pronounce his name, but he's good) 5. Durant (Durant on Knicks ends up being top 3 pick in my opinion.) 6. Curry (Curry with no Durant? Thank you for the 3PTM cat) 7. Jokic (Centers get a boost due to lack of consistent C's) 8. Embiid (See above) 9. George (Own him, love him, but I'm a little shaky on whether he repeats a season like this year?) 10. Beal (No Wall for possibly a whole season? Thank you very much.) 11. Lillard (Consistent war dog, but I feel I can get more out of those above) 12. Kawhi (If he plays the whole F****** season him the benefit of the doubt) Personal opinion. Don't @ me.
  8. Late response, forum is pretty dead with the season a day from being over. Both players have their flaws. I'm a Sac Kings fan and on a personal level dislike Boogie. Fantasy wise it's like having a Westbrook labeled as a center. Dude will get you 24/12/4/1/1 - 1/2 3PTM and not good/not bad %'s and TO's when he is the main man on a team. (Bad considering he is a Center.) Blake has those crazy hot streaks, 4-5 3PTM, scoring machine. His rebounds can vary having Drummond on his team and his assists are great for being out of position. He lacks stocks which is super annoying, but he seems to be a bit more consistent than Cousins. I think the homerun keeper is Cousins and the safe pick is Blake. Funny enough it may not seem like it but Cousins (28) is 2 years younger than Blake (30), so you may want to factor that in depending on how long you intend on staying in your league. Even with the small sample size, Cousins (on a team with 4 other Stars) is averaging 48%/75% with 16/8/4/1/2 with 2.5 TO's per game. His injury seems to be behind him (crossing fingers), so going to a team that is starved for a star would only help his fantasy outlook. (Some bad team is going to overpay is my guess) Be warned though he is almost guaranteed to be suspended games down the stretch as he always seems to rack up 16+ technical fouls each year.
  9. Giannis, AD, KAT, John Collins, Oladipo. Then you decide between Wall and Ball. There is a good chance Wall will miss the entirety of the next season with his injury, and also a "chance" he returns a worse player. If Ball get's traded his outlook will be better. I'm not the biggest fan of him personally, but fantasy wise he can produce. Bad FG%/FT% and TO's, but can get you something like a 9-7-7-2 nightly. My vote is Wall considering your 5 keepers will keep you competitive anyway. None of the others mentioned are worth keeping and their stats can be streamed on the wire most of the time.
  10. Go Bruno. He has the best chance to produce in the upcoming B2B. He has no competition and the matchup's are good. Delon Wright will be a good pickup, but still competes with Conely. I personally have 4 Griz on my team for this weekend. Bruno for current play. Wright for STLs and insurance if Conely misses a game. Holiday for STLs and 3PTM. Conely because I drafted him. Good luck on your matchup!
  11. Even when Conely played the other day he still got 25 minutes. The shooting was "turrible", but I expected that vs. the warriors. The steals were still there and his 4 games prior to that were good. His next 2 games are @PHO and @LAC, which are decent matchup's. Conely on a B2B is more prone to resting, although not guaranteed, so I'm taking my chances on Grizzly players with 2 games on the last 2 days of my matchup.
  12. Picked him up along with J. Holiday to have full rosters for Saturday/Sunday. I now also have 4 Grizzlies rostered for the weekend as well. (Conely/Wright/Holiday/Caboclo.) The matchup's seem good, so crossing my fingers being that I'm tied 4-4 in Semi's.
  13. Not that it matters "too" much but Joker is 24 and Lillard is 28. Seeing as your already keeping Davis, I'd probably keep Joker. A big man pairing of those 2 will anchor a lot of categories for the next couple of years.
  14. R. Gay is my favorite matchup. Levert/Osman/Clarkson have some difficult matchups @PHI and @SA.
  15. I believe Collins has the better situation. Last game indicates that he could get 25 minutes game with a decent chance at maintaining a line like 10/4/2/1 which would be great. Zubac will be a better rebounder, but LA is playing well and they only need him to play 18 minutes a game. Basically Zubac for Rebounds or Collins for 3s (Maybe PTS?). Minutes are the only other separation as I suspect Collins will get ~22-25 where Zubac will get ~18-20. All other stats look to be a wash. Edit: That being said, I'd probably just end up streaming the spot. I am currently streaming 3 spots due to the Nurkic injury and am prioritizing players with B2B games.