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  1. The Guy is TOP 6 WR in PPR and someone is willing to drop him? I cant with this forum.
  2. I can see Ricky Seals Jones being relevant until Njoku come back
  3. 51 yards,2 TDs 15 att,around 17 points in many leagues and he is not RB1?,keeping selling him high while this beast keep giving me wins
  4. Jarvis Landry didnt put any outstanding game yet,buy low opportunity?
  5. Thats the boom or bust definition,great for Mahomes owners,but a mess with the Sammy,Mecole,DeMarcus mix.It kind give me a Calvin Ridley vibe
  6. I make your words mine,I have no doubt about A.J being the best WR in the team and having so much chances to be a great player,but he wont be with a QB like Mariota,that cant even throw bubble screens
  7. He was awesome but only two targets its a big red light for me and having so Many mouths to feed...I dont know If he can be trusted in a weekly base,although Im curious,he showed some skills and I can see him being the WR2 even when Hill comes back
  8. Breida messed up in the first inter,butter fingers,Jeff Wilson>>all
  9. Mason Rudolph doesnt look like he can throw the ball for over 2 yards,he went twice close to the red zone
  10. Jimmy G negative Mason less than 0 I have both starting,what a day to play fantasy...
  11. Geez,show some love to Graham,0 yards is disgusting
  12. What are the chances of him play the Full season?,Kid looks awesome but Foles have a big contract,Will they bench him for the sixth round super star?,its my only concern,I bought It,Im willing to drop Mariota and have Rudolph and Minshew as my QBs after losing Big Ben,Crazy NFL...
  13. As a Titans fan,I Will be dropping Mariota for Minshew,I cant handle that amount of Low level in my bench,Mariota is infesting my bench,he deserves the Geno Smith award
  14. Just Lost Big Ben in my 20 team league,was able to get Mason in the waiver,big question is,who start this week?