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  1. First ship ever after losing in the semis 3 of the last 5 seasons, and fielded this team in 12 league standard: QB: Luck WR: Allen WR: Baldwin RB: McCaffrey RB: Mixon TE: Kelce Flex: Chubb K: Butker DEF: Patriots Notable BN: R. Anderson, Boyd, Rivers
  2. This guy delivered all year as a rock solid WR2.
  3. Hi all, It's semifinal for a big money league and I'm having a hard time deciding who to start between the two. Both guys have had big games this year and both have put up stinkers, so I'm not extremely confident having to start either. Who would you pick in standard scoring?
  4. Would you guys start him over Luck? I have it as a coin toss since both guys are having MVP caliber seasons.
  5. I'm in a similar boat too. I plan on starting Wilson (if Breida is out) over Mack and Drake.
  6. I'm thinking about rolling Wentz over him in the semis. Am I crazy?
  7. He would have likely had a huge game this week given how Giant's offense was playing in the first half. Smh...
  8. Anyone concerned the Giants offense will get steamrolled by the Redskins D? Saquon will be seeing stacked boxes all day and limited red zone looks. I'm thinking of sitting him for Ware.
  9. I'm assuming he's a no-brainier #1 WW claim this week if he's available?
  10. I hope that knee is healed for the playoff run. Vikings are essential in must-win mode going forward. I'm expecting some big games from Diggs.
  11. I have him behind Gurley, CMC, Barkley, Zeke, Conner (assuming he won't miss any games), and Gordon (assuming he's back week 15). He's right up there with Fournette and Mixon as the mid-tier RB1s.
  12. Good call. This reminds me of his huge game versus the Cowboys last year. He was simply unstoppable tonight.