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  1. Hi all, I'm really hurting at the QB position in my 12 man .5PPR league. I've been streaming QBs the last 4 weeks but the position is really scarce in my league and the I've been offered D Watson for two my receivers in Kenny Golladay and Tyler Boyd. I'm pretty strong at this position with Hopkins, McLaurin, Golden Tate, and AJ Green as my other 4 receivers. Would you pull the trigger on this trade?
  2. I'm a Cards fan and I love Chase Edmonds. He's a better runner than DJ at this point and you can expect a similar split going forward. DJ has regressed a bit in terms of speed but he's still of an elite pass catcher and Kliff has really been able to utilize his strengths. I think both guys will produce going forward in this offense, and if anything happens to DJ, this guy easily becomes a league winner.
  3. Hopkins has never really created a ton of separation from corners. He's made his money from having elite ball skills and an insane catch radius.
  4. Top 10 WR if healthy. He was 6th best WR in standard through the first 8 games last year before he got hurt.
  5. Anyone else think we're seeing another passing of the torch with Will Fuller being the WR1 going forward, a la Andre Johnson to Deandre Hopkins in 2015?
  6. Should be a good test to see good Boyd really is.
  7. Well, it finally happened. Started 0-5 for the first time ever after playing fantasy football for over 10 years despite the Eagles defense giving me 35 pts. I didn't think it was possible to wiff so bad on the first 6 picks but here we are. Special thanks to OBJ, Conner, Diggs, Cam, and Hunter Henry.
  8. Luckily, it's CMC. I'm hoping Thompson can return to his 2017 production on this team, but it's unlikely with how much of a mess this team is.
  9. Do we still expect a top 10 wide out once he's healthy? He was certainly trending that way last year before he got hurt.
  10. He's my RB2 so I have no choice but to take the 10 points, but a TD sure would be nice.
  11. I know Cardinals secondary is trash without Pat P, but anyone worried Chandler Jones and Suggs will have a field day with that O-line?
  12. Nice bounce back game. Very close to a 3 TD game.