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  1. What are we thinking for ROS potential in PPR? High-end WR2 (at worst)? I'm thinking about dealing John Brown and Miles Sanders for him.
  2. Reinforcing what others have said already, I'd go Drake, Williams, and Burkhead! I personally don't trust any of the other options.
  3. So, my league is a little weird: 8 pt rushing TDs, 6 pt receiving TDs, 0.25 pts per rush, 8 point 100+ rushing yard bonus, 3 point 100+ receiving yard bonus, and 1.5 pts per every 10 receiving yards. With that being said, I need to pick 3 out of these 6 (1 needs to be a WR): Jamaal Williams, Alfred Morris, Mike Davis, AJ Green, Demaryius Thomas, and Dede Westbrook. Who would you pick? I'm leaning Williams, Alfred Morris and AJ at the moment.
  4. I'd drop Dede. He hasn't even seen the field this year, so he's a huge wildcard. You could switch between Doyle and Brate based on matchups.
  5. I personally would do this. Keenan hasn't been very good, Brees has regressed thanks to their excellent ground game, and Dede is a wildcard. I like Alf Mo in games that the Cowboys are favored (definitely not this week) and Wentz should be a top-3 option ROS. I could care less about Crowder!
  6. I give: AJ Green + Jamaal Williams I receive: Leonard Fournette Full point PPR 8 point bonus for 100+ yards rushing 3 point bonus for 100+ yards receiving 8 point rushing TDs 6 point receiving TDs Other RBs: Kamara, Woodhead, Zeke, Alf Mo, Rod Smith Other WRs: Julio Jones, Demaryius, Corey Davis
  7. Honestly, I think this trade comes down to what you think your chances are for winning your league. Having Hunt as a third-round keeper is pretty damn good, and there's always a chance that Andy Reid realizes how dumb he's been and gives Hunt more chances going forward. However, if you think this trade could give you a legitimate shot at winning this year, go for it. I'd much rather have Gordon + Tate ROS.
  8. I traded away Dion Lewis, Aaron Jones, Ty Montgomery, and Devante Parker and received AJ Green and Danny Woodhead. Full PPR!
  9. Given that the other options on the WW are probably poor for your league, I would say yes. He'll be a potential target monster (8+ per week) for a team that will see plenty of garbage time in certain matchups. I would solely play him based on matchups though.
  10. What the title says! I feel safer dropping Lewis, but maybe you guys have a different take.