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  1. Brown just popped up on the injury report so not sure he is playing. Otherwise I'd choose him. It's windy for the game for Sutton so that could be an issue at times. Do you have a back up if you go with Brown and he doesn't play?
  2. I think you have it set right. Fournette and Lindsey.
  3. I'm leaning towards Ekeler because he may not be running as much with Gordon back, but he gets the pass looks. Titans D has been going down a bit if I remember right. If not him, then Williams would be my next choice.
  4. Ridley I think has a better chance as he won't go against top CB.
  5. I'd give Singletary a shot since going against MIA.
  6. You have some other good WR at the moment so I'd hold out until you know more about his injuries in the long run.
  7. I'm looking to improve WR and want to try a trade. My league doesn't really do trades but worth a shot. Would the following be fair? I'd give up: JuJu, Minn D, and Michel They give me: Brady and Lockett (Their WR: Edelman, Ridley, Kirk, and Stills, and Chubb, Bell, Singletary, Darrell Williams, Ballage as their RB ) *They have Mahomes starting QB.* My Team PPR 12-team QB: J. Brissett RB: T. Gurley, A. Ekeler, S. Michel, A. Jones, M. Brown, J. Williams WR: A. Robinson, Smith-Schuster, D. Moore, Valdes-Scantling TE: G. Kittle D/ST: Vikings, Bills K: J. Tucker Leave a link for help with yours.
  8. Agree with everyone for Howard since he's been getting a bit more work due to Sanders not there yet. Pederson said last week or so that he has no choice but to give Howard the ball more.
  9. I actually like it. But being honest, I've never done the dynasty so I'm not sure in the long run how good it may be.
  10. Yes do it. You can always turn around to another team and try to use one of the RBs to get a WR you want or pick up one off waivers each week.
  11. Only if you want to get more depth at RB and my guess is you probably aren't playing him due to the other WRs.