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  1. Well I am pretty much out of the play ofsss if he sits tomorrow. ibaka 3 games butler 1 game harkless 2 games sataronsky 1 game too many any people out this week for me
  2. not on the report hopefully no late scratch
  3. Even with good schedule I’d you drop dude what’s the point ,,...
  4. I have picked him up hopefully his playing next games !!
  5. Relax ppl you they had 4 games so it’s not so bad still have 2 left for the week
  6. Could be but might not AD is playing unless they shut him down with this injury
  7. Well keeping him for now. IL taken by Jrue ... I have Butler who rested and kawhi could be GTD anytime lol atleast his coming back. I should able to be competitive without him so let see.
  8. If you in playoffs and he’s not coming back and INj rag not there drop ASAP lol