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  1. I'd go Corbin. Everyone has a few bad starts
  2. I don't think it's terrible, but I wouldn't be giving up on Nola quite yet
  3. Curious for some thoughts on this one. 12 team points, where pitching is a lil difficult to come by. I have an offer of my Tatis for his Paddack on the table. I'd expect the initial reactions would be to tell me to keep Tatis, but I'm absolutely loaded at SS both now and in the future- Tatis, Polanco, Trea, plus Wander Franco and Royce Lewis stashed on my minors. So I can definitely absorb the hit (it's actually difficult having those 3 since they eat up my SS and 2 flex slots every day). And, I could use some pitching help. I've also considered countering to see if he would take Trea instead. Thoughts? Leave a link and I'll help out in your thread if you'd like
  4. What's the best place to cleanly see when bulk guys are going to be pitching? Specifically Beeks, I know he's on today, but sometimes it's really difficult to see when he's scheduled and I've missed out a few times
  5. 12 team points, keep 20 of 30 each year, plus 10 of 10 prospects. I feel like my team is solid, but I haven't gotten many breaks this year, and I'm about to lose to one of the worst teams in the league to drop me down to 4-6. There's just not much working for me this year and I'm not sure what the right thing to do is. The roster- C- Gary Sanchez, Mitch Garver 1B- Matt Olson, CJ Cron 2B- Michael Chavis (1B, 3B), Robinson Cano 3B- Kris Bryant (OF), Manny Machado (SS), Miguel Sano SS- Jorge Polanco, Marwin Gonzalez (everything) OF- Aaron Judge, Mitch Haniger, David Peralta, Jay Bruce, Hunter Pence DH- Nelson Cruz SP- Luis Severino, James Paxton, Madison Bumgarner, Shane Bieber, Jake Odorizzi, Joe Musgrove, Jeff Samardzija, Mike Leake, Michael Pineda, Sandy Alcantara, Carlos Carrasco, Michael Kopech RP- Kenley Jansen, Ryan Pressly, Wade Davis, Zack Britton Prospects- Jo Adell, Yordan Alvarez, Vidal Brujan, Stephen Gonsalves, Brusdar Graterol, Nate Pearson, Keibert Ruiz, Brady Singer, Touki Toussaint, Colton Welker Idk, I feel like I have a solid squad for the current and future, but it's just not working Judge and Severino being out all year have really hurt. Would it be the worst idea to try accept defeat this year and to sell off a few of my older guys (thinking mainly Cruz, Paxton, Bum, Odorizzi) for some younger guys? I wouldn't be selling for super young guys since for now I think I could be a contender next year. Thinking maybe trying to get some guys like Luzardo, Mize, Urias that have some real talent and could contribute soon but aren't quite ready just yet. But I'm not sure what to do with this group
  6. 12 team points, keep 20 of 30 each year. I feel that I have a strong squad, but my week to week results vary so much. I'm 3-4 right now, and in 2 of my 3 wins I've finished top 2 in points for the week, but in 3 of my 4 losses, I've finished in bottom 3 in points for the week. Injuries sure haven't helped, but I do still feel like my team is better than it's showing. Any thoughts on how to help stabilize things? Here's what I'm sitting at- C- Gary Sanchez, Mitch Garver (IL) 1B- Matt Olson, CJ Cron 2B- Robinson Cano, Michael Chavis (3B) 3B- Manny Machado (SS), Miguel Sano, Eduardo Escobar (SS) SS- Jorge Polanco OF- Aaron Judge (IL), David Peralta, Trey Mancini (1B), Brandon Nimmo (IL), Hunter Pence DH- Nelson Cruz (IL) SP- Clayton Kershaw, Carlos Carrasco, Luis Severino (IL), James Paxton (IL), Madison Bumgarner, Joe Musgrove, Shane Bieber, Jake Odorizzi, Danny Duffy, Jeff Samardzija, Daniel Mengden, Mike Leake, Michael Kopech (IL) RP- Kenley Jansen, Wade Davis (IL), Ryan Pressly, Zack Britton Is it as simple as being patient and hoping Judge, Paxton, Cruz, etc come back off the IL soon? Or should I be making some big changes? I could likely make a trade centering around Kershaw and Kris Bryant, but pitching is hard to come by in this league and I'm a little hesitant to trade any of my top guys (though Kersh is aging and Bryant's looked strong after some questions heading into the year) Leave a link and I'll help you out with your questions
  7. I love Bauer this year and predict a serious run at the Cy. All over him at his price
  8. Thanks for the help on mine. There's really no reason whatsoever to keep Eloy over Beni- don't do it Tough to say more about who to draft in your league, but with only a handful of keepers, taking Eloy 3rd overall seems like a big overdraft
  9. Thanks for the help on mine. I don't have a problem selling Bell. Hopefully he won't be a 12 HR/year guy any other season in his career, but with the pair of 1Bs you have and Bell's entirely meh season, I'd be comfortable moving him for any of the pitchers you listed
  10. I get 5 keepers in my 12 team points league (25 man roster, price to keep increases by 1 round each year). Pretty set on keeping Berrios (7), Gleyber (16), and Scooter (24). Need to decide who I'm keeping and who I'm trying to trade among the following. Hoskins (4) Paxton (5) Eddie Rosario (10) Mikolas (22) Pitcher are pretty valuable in this league, so I'd like to keep Paxton or Mikolas to ensure I get a decent start of a staff. Paxton is better but wouldn't come at much of a discount, whereas Mikolas is great value but I've seen people question how worthwhile he'll be. Then between Hoskins/Rosario, similar situation. Hoskins is better but not much of a discount, Rosario has solid value but not a steal. Leaning Hoskins here to lock up some stud production. I pick 8th in the draft and will likely try to target Scherzer if he's not kept. I currently don't have a 2nd round pick and can't let the top tier arms all go off the board before I can get one
  11. Don't think that's bad either way, Haniger is solid and I do think Darvish will have a good year. But I'd probably stick with Berrios
  12. Thanks for the help on mine Freeman, Albies, Rendon, Lindor, Soto, Stanton, Machado, Torres, Trea, Sale, Cole, Ohtani, Martinez, Hader, Abreu And Robles, Soroka, Cease, Sixto, and whoever you like best between Puk, Anderson, Paddack
  13. I have already made it known that I'm taking offers on Vlad. I'd love to hold him for obvious reasons, but his trade value is insane right now- totally agree with you, it's laughable not only that someone can offer a guy like Machado, but also that I'm hesitant to accept it! I even had someone else on another forum tell me that they aren't sure if they would trade Vlad for Mookie- it's crazy. I wasn't expecting anyone to make a strong offer for him, that's just not the type of league this is, but wanted to see if I got lucky with something But, fair point on waiting. Still a lot of time before the season. I just feel that Vlad's value is going to go down as soon as he debuts even if he comes out hot, just because it's totally insane how crazy his market is already. So I'm really hoping somebody gives me something crazy before the year starts, but Machado might be the best I get, and in that case it's a tough call... which again is crazy since Manny's a perennial top 10 bat, and only 26 himself
  14. Way off center for everyone else too? Huge downgrade
  15. 12 team points dynasty. I've been rebuilding but have a huge wealth of talent now and I'm ready to start making some playoff runs, probably next year to be realistic. Team currently stands as- C- Sanchez 1B- Jose Martinez, Voit 2B- Dozier 3B- JoRam, Vlad Jr SS- Trea, Hampson OF- Stanton, Robles, Marwin SP- Bauer, Berrios, Bumgarner, Castillo, Whitley, Bieber, Burnes, Musgrove, Bundy, Roark, Fulmer, Keller, Romero, Josh James On my prospect roster, I have stashed away Wander Franco, Royce Lewis, Fernando Tatis Jr, Casey Mize, Gonsalves, Maitan, Franklin Perez Keep 25 of 30 MLB each year, all prospects. Not really worried about that at this point. Also worth noting, I have the first 2 overall picks in the draft this year and will likely end up taking Kirilloff and Luzardo Was offered Machado for my Vlad Jr straight up. Why am I having such a hard time with this? Machado's a perennial top 10ish bat, but Vlad Jr.... man. I'm trying to talk him up to Betts for Vlad and something else, but not sure if he'll bite. I know I shouldn't worry about positional stuff too much with prospects because it changes so much, but I have a ton of long term talent right now at SS with Trea, Tatis, Royce, and Wander, and not nearly as much in the OF Feels like this is tougher than it should be... what should I do? Leave a link and I'll be happy to help you with yours.