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  1. Best OF Add *WHIR*

    Thanks for the help in my post. Tough call here, but it's between Kepler and Calhoun for me. Piscotty doesn't have any of my consideration at this point
  2. Simple Trade - Advice?

    Thanks for the help on mine. Overall seems fair, but I think I'd hang onto Matz for now. He's struggled and had injury concerns, but I think he has a much higher ceiling than Bour. Bour isn't anything special, and while he's solid, there's a ton of other solid 1Bs out there too. This isn't a make or break deal or anything, so I think I'd hold Matz and hope he can keep improving. Doesn't have eye opening results yet this year, but he's been solid with good strikeout numbers
  3. Time to make some moves, or just be patient? WHIR

    Thanks guys. I've been guessing holding tight is the right move, but it's still frustrating to not get the results. I will probably be in the market for a solid, safe SP, but I'll probably play the waiting game with everything else for now
  4. Time to make some moves, or just be patient? WHIR

    Yeah SS is definitely an area I'm going to try to improve. I'm on ESPN, and Rizzo doesn't have 2B eligibility there yet, but I do have a lot of depth at 1B, so I've been thinking about trying to move one of those guys for some SP health. Also have been considering moving JD for a nice pitcher, but injuries have put that plan on ice for now. Thanks for the thoughts
  5. Trade help - WHIR

    Tough call, but I think I'd have to go with Quintana right now http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/700426-time-to-make-some-moves-or-just-be-patient-whir/
  6. My team is as follows in a 12 team, H2H points league, keep 20 of 30 each year- C- Cervelli, Zunino (DL) 1B- Rizzo (DL), Matt Olson, Bellinger, Jose Martinez 2B- Altuve, Whit 3B- Beltre, Senzel SS- Peraza, Andrus (DL), Tatis Jr (has to stay on roster or I lose him) OF- JD Martinez, David Peralta, Eaton (DL), Yelich (DL) Have been using Bellinger and JoMart in the OF a lot too SP- Kershaw, Archer, Quintana, Duffy, Manaea, Triggs, Yonny, Kennedy, Samardzija (DL), Ervin (DL), Gohara (DL) RP- Jansen, Morrow, Boxberger, Reed I was a top 4 team all of last year, and didn't make any major changes this offseason. This season though, things have been off to a rough start. 300 points in a week is usually pretty good in this setting, but I've been getting around 200, which isn't very good. Is there any reason to panic here, or should I trust my team and be patient? Injuries have really decimated my offense, but I'll get Rizzo and Yelich back soon, plus Senzel should be up in a few days. Pitching has been pretty iffy this year, as Archer has been meh at best, Quintana inconsistent, and Duffy all around terrible. Samardzija is nearing return which will help, and I'll get a boost in a month or two with Ervin. But right now I feel like there isn't any pitcher other than Kershaw I can really trust. Overall, not sure if I should be trying to make some moves to mix things up, or if I'm doing alright and just need to wait for people to return to form.
  7. Bryant+ for JD Martinez+ or JoRam+? WHIR

    Prospects aren't a huge deal to me here, but Royce is significantly better than Gordon. I don't really care much about Gordon, but Royce would be a really nice addition to my minors squad. I think I'm leaning towards making the deal with JoRam here to make sure I get Bryant and Royce- JoRam and Bryant are pretty close to each other in my book at 3B, but I don't care too much if I lose Davies or Gordon, so getting Royce makes it a net gain for me, I think. I'm also thinking that I would be able to trade JD to another team in a package something like JD and Paxton for Berrios, Strasburg, and maybe a decent bat. That'd be another nice move for my timeline, but I could obviously only do that if I don't move JD here. And then at that point I'd have the pitching depth to look at moving someone like Darvish for another good bat in my timeline. I don't like making trades based on potential opportunity to make other trades as a result, but it's definitely something to consider. Overall, I dunno, just trying to test the waters I guess and make sure I'm not doing anything dumb!
  8. Bryant+ for JD Martinez+ or JoRam+? WHIR

    I know you're just blindly doing your pitchers suck thing, but you clearly didn't read the situation here
  9. Make any FA moves ? WHIR

    I'd stash Sal on the DL if you don't have a decent option at catcher. After that, I'd rank the top FAs in this order- Corbin, Bauer, Haniger, Peralta, Clevinger Probably ditching Duvall and/or Marwin e
  10. Drop Anyone for Corbin?

    There's absolutely no reason to drop Castillo I agree with above poster that Tim Anderson is the guy to cut
  11. His Votto for my Correa WHIR

    I don't think I would, but it's not a quick or easy decision. Makes sense if you think you can win this year, if not, then it doesn't make much sense http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/699771-bryant-for-jd-martinez-or-joram-whir/
  12. Pitching Help WHIR 100%

    Godley, Manaea, Roark, Mahle are the 4 I'd try to add in that order. Make Godley a high #1 priority. Leone and Devenski can go for sure, Gennett probably can as well
  13. Do I pull the trigger? Will help in return

    Grienke side is robbing the other site blind http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/699771-bryant-for-jd-martinez-or-joram-whir/
  14. Pick One for Season

    Conforto, but Martinez is also worth trying to roster if you can