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  1. Rolo and Len are both available and have 3 games left this week so thinking of streaming one of them. Thoughts ?
  2. Looking to stream STLS on Tue & Wed. Should I go with Iggy or Taurean Prince ? Iggy won't hurt FG but I'm worried he might get rested
  3. Tyreke or Brogdon ROS ?

    For 9cat h2h. Iffy on Brogdons inconsistent minutes but Tyreke could get rested down the stretch ?
  4. Zubac or Alan Williams ?

    Trying to figure out who will get more opportunity ROS here. Need a boost in REBS
  5. I lean towards Johnson for the sll around production. Harris will be more consistent though
  6. No.1 Waiver on Nurkic ?

    Playoffs in 2 weeks and the wire is usually pretty bare so I'm not sure if I'll have another chance to use it on a good pickup. 12 team h2h. PG - Westbrook, Kemba, Collison SG - KCP, RJax SF - Batum, Marvin PF - Porzingis, Dirk, WCS C - Pau, Capela, Zubac
  7. 12team h2h here. Im lagging behind in steals and a 2 for 1 would also open up a streamer spot. I'm set with Assists already with Westbrook, Kemba,Batum
  8. H2H punting FG here. Who has the better ROS ? Have Levert right now but worried about the random rest days
  9. 9cat 12team h2h. Punting FT here so I need to be careful with FG. Worried DLo killing me in that category CP3, Conley, TJ E Gordon, Shumpert, Batum, Crowder Drummond, C Zeller DJ, Rolo, Hernangomez
  10. 9cat 12team h2h. Punting FT here. Thinking Brogdon is my drop. CP3, Conley, TJ E Gordon, Shumpert, Brogdon Batum, Crowder Drummond, C Zeller DJ, Rolo
  11. Both guys are trending in opposite directions right now but Shump might take a backseat later on when JR comes back. Mo's BLKS are nice though. Any thoughts ? Also looking at Brogdon as a potential drop
  12. Ingram or Levert ROS ?

    I'm thinking Ingram has more upside but Levert will eventually get more playing time & opportunities. Thoughts ?
  13. 12 team h2h punting PTS and FT here. Thinking it might be time to drop Harrell with Capela back soon. PG - CP3, Conley, Brogdon SG - Batum, Gordon, SF - Crowder, Harkless PF - Cody Zeller, Harrell C - DJ, Drummond, Rolo
  14. 12 team h2h punt FT and PTS here. Thinking Mills is my drop ? PG - CP3, Conley, Collison, Mills SG - Batum, Gordon SF - Crowder, Harkless PF - Drummond, Capela C - DJ, Rolo
  15. Who's my drop for JR ?

    12 team h2h punt fg and to here. Deciding to drop either Nurk, Biyombo, Powell PG - Westbrook, Kemba, Reggie, Collison SG - KCP, JRich SF - Batum, Morris PF - Porzingis, Pau, Powell C - Nurkic, Biyombo