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  1. Rank these guys! WHIR 100

    Parker, Portis, Huerter, Cody, Marvin
  2. Kenrich or Huerter ROS ?

    Which one for ROS ? 9 cat H2H
  3. Drop Lamb for Isaac ?

    10 team H2H Punt assist. Have AD on the team so might end up punting pts if he is shut down for the year
  4. Worth it with Oladipps injiry ? H2H Punt assist
  5. For a punt assist team. Both give similar lines - who to keep ROS ?
  6. Rate my team WHIR 100%

    If Covington is still on the wire then drop Anderson for him ASAP
  7. 9-Cat H2H. Punt assist. I think I need one more big for rebounding: PG - Bledsoe, G Hill SG - Ingles, Hield, Fournier SF- Butler, Prince, Ariza, J Lamb PF - AD, RHJ C - Gobert, Ayton
  8. Would you draft Wall or Holiday?

    Wall if you Punt FG% and TO%. Jrue for any other build
  9. I'd like Jrue for your team but if you insist on trading him then do Jrue+Horford for Oladipo