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  1. Tough one as a Blazer fan, but I’d go Jokic...walking triple double right there! Help please? Thanks!
  2. I too think I’d grab Zubac and drop AD...minus it being a keeper drop for please? Thanks!
  3. I too think I’d go with’s so hard to trust a Celtic...that’s where I’d go with with mine? Thanks!!!
  4. I’m trying to get set for finals next week...who has more upside here? I’ve had Zubac and he’s been okay but not great...thanks and leave a link.
  5. Thanks for the help and sorry I didn’t get back to you in time! Hope it worked out...
  6. Hey all, thoughts on Chriss being a fantasy producer? He looked good before the break but we’ve all been down this road!!! Standard scoring except no TO, replaced with DD...keeper league-keep 7-guys I would even consider dropping... Wright, Mem. Holiday, Mem. Layman, Por. Powell, Dal. Waiters, Mia. Thanks and leave a link!
  7. I was wondering the same thing...anybody have thoughts here?
  8. Kleber was picked up, said that earlier in the post.
  9. Don’t get fooled by his Jedi mind tricks...I personally say go with your gut, which I agree with...stay put. Help? Thx!
  10. I really like Markkanen...with the added question mark of how Middleton may be effected by mirotic I’d stay put. Help please with the caveat that maxi was taken...thanks!
  11. Sounds like you answered your own question...I agree Cov is th no brained decision Maxi has been taken...thanks!
  12. I like where Jabari is right now and has looked good early on. I would do that. Help? Maxi has been taken...thanks!
  13. I like White over Ball as with mine? Maxi has been taken...thx!
  14. I too wouldn’t drop ibaka...I like Nance first, then McGee then Faried. Capelas coming back soon...but yes wait before with mine? Maxi has been taken...thx!